Tile Calendar View Launches 

The Tile Calendar View lets you display your events and images in tiles, arrayed in columns. The tiles can have fixed heights, forming a consistent grid - or variable heights, dynamically positioned within the vertical columns on the page. The new view is designed for optimal display on phones and tablets, with the number of columns automatically changing to fit the available space. For more information, go to the help topic:  Tile Calendar View

Top left calendar: Internal demo calendar, with default settings.
                            Bottom right calendar: Sample events with fixed-size tiles and images
Redesigned Event Actions

We have redesigned the Event Actions web app with touch-friendly responsive design for mobile and desktop environments, including personalized accounts for calendar visitors allowing them to save and manage the events they care about.
This major enhancement covers all areas of calendar visitor interaction including event actions, event registration, calendar subscriptions and event submission. Visitors can sign in using Facebook, Google, Windows Live or Single Sign-On accounts and see a personalized list of events they have interacted with or submitted.
This update, available since August 2015, is something we encourage all customers to investigate and transition to before the upgrade becomes a requirement.

How does the new Event Actions improve the event actions experience?
The New Event Actions improves the event actions experience in many ways, including improving the event actions environment for your visitors who interact with your calendars, and by offering more efficient actions allowing the user to save preferences and personal information to their web app profiles. To see how other areas have improved, click on the links below:
The four links below provide a video overview of the new features and the upgrade process.

Attendee Check-In Form

The Event Attendees  page lets event organizers view and check-in attendees that have registered for events .  This is mobile responsive so you can use it on your smart phone or tablet at the event. Organizers assigned to an event can be a Trumba account holder or anyone with a Facebook, Google, or Windows Live account. For more information, see the help topic: 

How organizers perform check-in for the event
Organizers view event registrants and their guests, and perform check-in on the day of the event, on the Event Attendees page. Organizers can access the Event Attendees page either from the link they receive in the introduction email, or from their My Events page, and must sign in with their same email address, using a supported email account type.

For information about specific check-in activities, organizers can use the help available from the Event Attendees  page, including popup help and an FAQ containing full instructions for the organizers who are running check in for the event. See the screenshot below (from a fictional Trumba University calendar) for where to find this content on the page:

Featured Client
Cleveland Public Square

People have been asking us about social media integration. Like how to merge their events into their Facebook page. Here our featured client, Cleveland Public Square, demonstrates their result. Simply, they used a free version of Woobox (which includes promotional content - have a look HERE) and then created a custom tab on their Facebook page. Voila!
We've also heard of other clients using an RSS feed and using DLVR.it or Hootsuite, as those are other popular third-party tools that will take an RSS feed to populate a Facebook page with events.

Check out the full experience HERE