Attention Developers!
JSON Feeds Are Now Supported in Trumba!

Trumba now generates JSON* feeds (in addition to RSS, XML, ICS, and CSV) and the response has been very positive. 

*JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs and array data types (or any other serializable value.) T ry appending your Trumba hosted view calendar URL with ".json." For example,

Example JSON output for an event on the Trumba University calendar:

For more information, go to  Customize Calendar Feeds.

TIP: You can now include a prompt of your choice *inside* the search
box, plus, apply a label, custom Go button, and other options. For example:

For more information, go to Search Spuds.


Event Preview is Here!

Have you ever wanted to preview the detail page for a new or updated event before you save it?

You can now click the Preview button at the bottom of the Add Event and Edit Event forms to see a preview of the detail page for the event. (Note, the preview button appears only for events that are on a published calendar.) And of course, if you change your mind, you can always cancel without saving the current changes.


You can update the event information and preview the results as often as needed prior to saving the event. If the event is published in more than one publication through mix-ins, or also shows on settings, you can choose which publication to use at the top of the form. For example:

For more information, go to  Add Events.

Featured Level Filter on the List Calendar Email View

With the List calendar email view, you can now limit the events included with your calendar email to just featured events. Plus, you can specify which levels of featured events to include (if you have multiple levels).

For more information, go to   Customize the List Calendar Email View.

Featured Client
Julia L Butterfield Memorial Library

The Julia L. Butterfield Memorial Library is one of many of our clients that has been using the new Tile calendar view. Extensive customization options within this calendar view allow for custom date icons, event images, event registration, round corners, drop shadows, and more! It makes for one very cool looking calendar:

For more information on how to, go to  Feature Events for Higher Visibility.