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Ports Initiative Vision - People living near ports across the country will breathe cleaner air and live better lives as a result of bold steps taken through a collaboration of industry, government and communities to improve environmental performance and increase economic prosperity.
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September 2016 (Vol. 1, Ed. 2)
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  • Recommendations for Ports Program Approved

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 National Port Strategy Assessment Released
Reducing Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases at U.S. Ports

On September 22, EPA released the National Port Strategy Assessment.   This national scale assessment examines current and future emissions from a variety of diesel sources operating in port areas, and explores the potential range of available strategies to reduce emissions from port-related trucks, locomotives, cargo handling equipment, harbor craft, and ocean-going vessels.
The assessment has several key findings noted below.  The report as well as an executive summary and report appendices are available at National Port Strategy Assessment

Key Findings
  • Port-related diesel emissions impact public health and the climate 
  • Progress is already happening, but more emission reductions are possible 
  • We can reduce emissions with effective strategies that are currently available
  • Replace older, dirtier diesel vehicles and equipment first
  • Carbon dioxide continues to increase, but effective strategies are available 
  • Reduction potential varies across mobile source sectors
  • Effective strategies are available for every type and size of port
  • More focus is needed to reduce port-related emissions
 Workgroup Recommendations for Ports Program
On September 7, the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC) voted unanimously to send recommendations from the Ports Initiative Workgroup on to EPA regarding the development of an EPA-led voluntary initiative to address environmental performance at ports.  The recommendations reflect two years of thoughtful deliberation among experts and are available on the CAAAC website.