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Ports Initiative Vision - People living near ports across the country will breathe cleaner air and live better lives as a result of bold steps taken through a collaboration of industry, government and communities to improve environmental performance and increase economic prosperity.
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August 2016 (Vol. 1 Ed. 1)
 Welcome to the Ports Initiative Newsletter!  

I'm proud to announce the first edition of the U.S. EPA's Ports Initiative Newsletter. This newsletter highlights activities and events of the Ports Initiative and has links to other useful information. The newsletter will be sent to you every other month. We hope you find the newsletter informative. Please add to your address book and let us know your thoughts.  

Karl Simon, Director of the Transportation and Climate Division, U.S. EPA

Newsletter Highlights
 Updated Ports Initiative Website Launched
On July 19, we launched a redesigned Ports Initiative website. It has the latest information, news and resources for ports and near-port communities.  
PEV EPA Partners with Port of Everglades 
EPA is partnering with Florida's leading container port, Broward County's Port Everglades (PEV), to coordinate research and modeling covering port-related operations, technologies, and growth scenarios.  Through this partnership, EPA and PEV are working together to develop baseline and future year emission inventories and to evaluate various effective technology and operational strategy scenarios for seaports.  This collaborative effort should also inform future methods, lessons learned, and practical examples to share with other ports, related agencies, and stakeholders.
PortsToolsPorts Primer Released for Public Comment

This Draft Ports Primer for Communities  is an interactive tool and reference document that characterizes the port industry sector including environmental and community health impacts associated with port activities. It provides information to help community members participate effectively in the decision-making process. The tool increases community understanding of: 
  • The role of ports
  • How ports can impact local land use and Economic trends and the environment
  • Tools and resources used successfully in communities

Open for public comment and pilot testing sign-up through August 31, 2016.


Community Action Roadmap Tool Available
The Draft Community Action Roadmap is an implementation companion for the Draft Ports Primer for Communities.  It provides a step-by-step process to help near-port communities engage in port decisions that may impact local land use, environmental health and quality of life.

Open for public comment and pilot testing sign-up through August 31, 2016.
 Environmental Justice Primer for Ports Released
The Draft Ports Environmental Justice Primer is d esigned to help the port industry sector understand the perspectives, priorities, and challenges often unique to near-port communities with Environmental Justice (EJ) concerns.
In addition to orienting the port sector to EJ considerations, this resource is structured to provide step-by-step guidance for improving the effectiveness of port and community engagement in addressing concerns of nearby residential communities.

Open for public comment and pilot testing sign-up through August 31, 2016.