United States Bible Society, Inc.

October 1, 2012

Thank you, for the total team effort that again produced
another record month of web hits and Bibles distributed since we started 7 years ago. Thanks again, for everyone who Prayed, Supplied Funds,  Made Visits, Answered Emails, Placed Phone Calls, Provided Bibles, Delivered Bibles, and Shared the Gospel. Your labor is not in vain as I receive mail every day of souls being saved and lives being changed. Let us be encouraged seeing the lives being reached and changed to press to the mark of continuing in the Lord to do His Will and His Work in these last days.  
Life is Fragile
Handle with Prayer.... 

I was saddened this month as two of my friends went to be home with the Lord. My Pastor said (about the life of a Christian) that when we are  born we cry and everyone else smiles and when we pass into eternity we smile and everyone else cries. After shedding a few tears I am reminded me of how fragile life is and - just like a vapor - it is here today and gone tomorrow. Through death we see how powerless we are and the ultimate control and power of our Lord. My heart rejoices at the fact that God loves us, He cares for us, and he answers our prayers according to His will for our lives. Our God delights in meeting our needs just as we do in meeting the needs of our own children. Our Heavenly Fathers Will is that everyone would come to Christ for Salvation. Knowing this fact, we see the need to pray for our lost friends and relatives that the Lord would convict them of their sins bringing them to place of salvation. We should also pray for our needs and the needs of others. George Muller would pray to have his needs for the orphanage met daily. It was said at times the children would sit at the table and give thanks for food that they didn't have to see the Lord burden others to deliver food at that exact time. In making application we are reminded of the need of Prayer and a Prayer Life. In a day of "believe in yourself" we need to reject this philosophy, acknowledge our Lord and Savior, and remember Life is Fragile - Handle with Prayer. 
Thank You for all your Support
Together we will reach the World with the Gospel


David Burnette
United States Bible Society, Inc.

September's Results


347,862 Web Hits
340 Souls Saved
4,981 Bibles Distributed
1,001 Tracts Distributed
690,155 Devotions E.M
23.066 Subscribers E.M.
46.66% Distribution %


Ministry Results


3,386,244 Web Hits
9,307 Souls Saved
179,970 Bibles Dist.
1,839,855 Tracts Dist.
11,632,512 DevotionEM


Ministry Finances


$ 000 Salaries
$ 687 Building Mort.
$ 450 A.C. Repairs
$ 267 Insurance-Build.
$ 113 Insurance- Veh.
$ 220 Phone
$ 642 Power
$ 127 Water
$   87 Natural Gas
$   39 Alarm Service
$ 143 Internet Service
$   53 Server-Internet
$ 150 Server-Email
$ 220 Fuel
$ 3198 Total 
$   700  Donations
$(2498) Balence
$  2498 My Donation
Ministry $ Need


We are simply trusting the Lord to meet our needs.
We ask that all would Pray and ask the Lord if He would have you be a part of this work. 

We also continue to need partners to help us meet our financial budget. 
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Prayer Requests
1) For us to reach the Lost with the Gospel.

2) To evangelize the sinner.

3) Disciple the saints.

4) That all the free Bible request would be fulfilled.

5) That we would meet our financial needs

6) To Start our Automation Program.




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