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February 1, 2013

Hello Friends....2013 started strong with a record January.  "Thank You," for the total team effort that produced a good report of Souls Saved, Bibles Distributed, Devotions Mailed, Web Hits, Bibles Downloaded, Audio Bibles Accessed, and Online Bible Accessed.  Thanks again, for everyone who Prayed, Supplied Funds,  Made Visits, Answered Emails, Placed Phone Calls, Provided Bibles, Delivered Bibles, and Shared the Gospel. Your labor is not in vain as I receive mail every day of souls being saved and lives being changed. Let us be encouraged to press to the mark of continuing in the Lord, to do His Will, and His Work in these last days.  
God and Money...
What would happen if Christians Obeyed Scripture?

       As we start the new year our Online Church Services have focused on a series called "The Sermon on the Amount" which has gone into detail on Biblical Principles on tithing and giving to the Church.
In our series we learned that "God does not need our Money " but rather our stewardship is a reflection on "Our heart as it relates to the Lord" as the Bible quotes in Matthew 6: 21, "
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." In a related article I read in a Christian Publication the topic of Money and the Church was there before me again giving some shocking statistics. After a huge survey it said the 3% of "those who identify themselves as Christians" actually tithe and only 25% of those who "claim to be Christians and go to Church regularly" tithe. Wow....this shocked me for our family has tithed for ages. I do remember struggling to tithe when we where first married and funds were so tight so our family had to Purpose to Tithe. When we did the Lord took the 90% and made it do more than the 100% ever could. My motivation was obedience and that the tithe belonged to the Lord. I even heard a preacher say at a revival, "I hope you locked your car doors outside tonight. Some of these folks don't tithe and if they steal from God they will surly steal from you." Now this was said in jest but it does hold some truth. It did make me think what would happen if everyone obeyed Scripture? The Church would have 4 times the budget they have now to: "Be the Church". There would meat in the house of God to replace the Government welfare system and Biblically rehabilitate sinners to righteousness. Churches would be fully staffed for evangelism and discipleship and the Church would be stronger and better equipped to do His Will locally. Missions could be funded and the Gospel would reach the 4 corners of the Globe. It made me think of our Ministry and if we had 4 times the budget then... I wouldn't have to spend over 1/2 my time raising funds to just keep the utilities paid. I could build an automated system to reach BILLIONS with the gospel verses the millions we have been blessed to reach. There would be funding to translate the Bible into the nearly 2000 languages that don't even have a full Bible in their tongue. The potential of our simple obedience would turn this world upside down for Jesus-Christ. The truth is that He would return to us more than we could ever give. I am asking all to examine your heart when it comes to giving. Please give your tithe to your local Church (God will bless you) Churches please search your heart and give to Missions, this Work, Benevolence, and the complete work of Christ with accountability to the Body. Lets reach the world with the Gospel and WE CAN if every Christian simply obeys Scripture.
Thank You for all your Support
Together we will reach the World with the Gospel


David Burnette
United States Bible Society, Inc.

January Results


339,286 Web Hits
339 Souls Saved
7,276 Bibles Distributed
1,000 Tracts Distributed
411,909 Devotions E.M
13,287 Subscribers E.M.
69.62% Distribution %


Ministry Results


4,735,819 Web Hits
10,842 Souls Saved
211,155 Bibles Dist.
2,043,400 Tracts Dist.
13,411,909 DevotionEM


Ministry Finances


$ 000 Salaries
$ 687 Building Mort.
$ 267 Insurance-Build.
$ 113 Insurance- Veh.
$ 220 Phone
$ 551 Power
$ 127 Water
$   87 Natural Gas
$   39 Alarm Service
$ 143 Internet Service
$   53 Server-Internet
$ 150 Server-Email
$ 220 Fuel
$ 2657 Total 
$   305 Donations
$(2352) Balence
$ 2352 My Donation
Ministry $ Need


We are simply trusting the Lord to meet our needs.
We ask that all would Pray and ask the Lord if He would have you be a part of this work. 

We also continue to need partners to help us meet our financial budget. 
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Prayer Requests
1) For us to reach the Lost with the Gospel.

2) To evangelize the sinner.


3) Disciple the saints.


4) That all the free Bible request would be fulfilled.


5) That we would meet our financial needs


6) To Build our

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