News from UB Electrical Engineering
News from UB Electrical Engineering
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University at Buffalo Department of Electrical Engineering.

EE is on the rise!

  • $18 million in active research grants and awards
  • A 20 position jump in US News & World Report  specialty rankings 
    (from #77 to #57 of 189 programs - top 29%)
  • Increased academic program enrollment and degree conferrals
A New Gatekeeper for Light
A finding by Professors Edward Furlani and Victor Pogrebnyak  paves the way for devices that switch quickly between transparency and opacity to specific forms of light.   Read more

Living in the '90's? So are Underwater Wireless Networks

Professor Dimitris Pados and a team of researchers are developing hardware and software –everything from modems that work underwater to open-architecture protocols – to address the amount of data that can be reliably transmitted underwater. Of particular interest is merging a relatively new communication platform, software-defined radio, with underwater acoustic modems.   Read more
Student Success! EE has Top NSF Fellowship Honors at UB
Three EE students have been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowship. Kristina Monakhova, Andrea Martinez and Luke Zakrajsek have received this honor in support their pursuit of graduate study in electrical engineering.  EE student Alec Cheney, received Honorable Mention. Read more
Middle Schoolers Immersed in Electrical Engineering
A partnership between EE and the UB Gifted Math Program takes students from theory in the classroom to hands-on experience in the lab.   Read more
Transforming nonlinear optics with metamaterials

Increased bandwidth. Better image processing. More powerful computers.  All are possible due to advancements that scientists are making in the field of nonlinear optics through the use of metamaterials.  Professors Natalia Litchinitser and Jingbo Sun provide a snapshot of nonlinear optics in the journal Science.
Read more

The Space Bulls Ride Again:
UB's Team Competes at NASA
The UB Space Bulls were accepted for the prestigious NASA and NIA RASC-AL Robo-Ops Planetary Rover Competition.   The team, advised by Professors Kevin Burke and Jennifer Zirnheld, designed a rover teleoperated from UB campus, to traverse various terrains at Johnson Space Center.   Read more
New Sensing Technology Could Improve Our Ability to Detect Diseases, Fraudulent Art, Chemical Weapons and More
Professor Qiaoqiang Gan and a team of researchers are developing nanotechnology to make surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy simpler.   Read more