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Save the Dates
May 5
May 17-18
May 17
Pastured Broilers and Processing
May 22
UC Ag Expert Talks: Snails and Slugs
May 22-33
UC Davis Wine Grape Irrigation Short Course
Jun 1
Wool Growers Field Day
Jun 7
***SAVE THE DATE***  Facts & Fiction: Livestock's Contribution to Climate Change with Frank Mitloehner, professor of Animal Science and Air Quality Specialist at UCDavis

Hopland Research & Extension Center Spring Events

Plus Partner Events - see below
58th Annual 4-H ChickenQue & Open House THIS WEEKEND!
Sunday, May 5, 2019
Sonoma County Fairgrounds

For 58 years, 4-H members and their families from all over the county have come together, rain or shine, to host the largest single day chicken BBQ west of the Mississippi!  Learn more  

Fun for the Whole Family:
  • Interactive booths featuring 4-H projects, find one that fits your interests!
  • Delicious BBQ chicken meal with fixin's
  • Famous Cake Tables available by the slice or whole cake
  • Drive-thru window to pick up meals and cake!
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Grazing School: Wildfire Vegetation Reduction
Friday & Saturday, May 17 & 18, 2019
SRJC Shone Farm

Join  UCCE Sonoma Extension Advisers  for a two-day, hands-on grazing school provides participants with practical, field-based experience in applying the principles of managed grazing on rangeland. Learn to estimate carrying capacity and graze periods, develop grazing plans and monitoring systems, and discover the benefits of prescribed grazing.

Pastured Poultry and Processing
Friday, May 17,  9am-4pm
SRJC Shone Farm

This workshop is for prospective, beginning, or intermediate farmers interested in raising broiler flocks free-ranged or on pasture .

During this day-long workshop, participants will get familiarized with several aspects of pastured-poultry production. Topics include: husbandry practices, housing, records maintenance, biosecurity, and more.

UC Ag Expert Talks: Snails and Slugs
Wednesday, May 22,  3pm-4pm

One hour webinar will cover overview of snail and slug biology, damage and management with emphasis on brown snail and Italian white snail, and current research on slug biocontrol using nematodes.

CE Units Pending: 
1 DPR hour of 'Other' CE units and 
1 CCA hour of IPM CE units

UC Davis Wine Grape Irrigation Short Course
May 22-23 in Napa

Cooperative Extension specialists and farm advisers, and USDA researchers who will provide an in-depth, comprehensive study of all phases of grapevine irrigation design, implementation, automation, physiological effects and resulting wine composition.
The program is based on the latest information and research and will cover the fundamental principles that form the basis for practical decisions and include Q&A for each session, quality time with instructors and networking opportunities.

Who should attend : New and experienced growers as well as other industry members interested in commercial grape production

Wool Growers Field Day
Saturday, June 1, 10a m-4pm
UC Hopland REC

Calling all Northern California wool growers! Come join the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center to discuss the challenges of raising sheep and goats for fiber, meat and milk, and to learn from experts in areas of:
  • Flock health
  • Organic sheep production
  • Rotational grazing
  • Ranch infrastructure
  • Flock protection
The day will include presentations and small group work, with hands on opportunities and time to share ideas and experiences.

Space is limited, please register early to secure your participation!

Fire Impact and Risk Evaluation "FIRE" survey
Conducted by UC Davis Vet Medicine

Dairy/beef cattle, sheep, goat, pig, equine, llamas, alpacas, bee and other livestock producers welcome to participate!

The "FIRE" survey aims to:
  • Model the economic impact of fire on livestock production in California
  • Quantify the threat and severity of economic losses that fire poses to livestock operations
  • Inform policy makers and provide the foundations for future fire economic assessments, management and emergency response decisions.
Events & Workshops by our Partners:
Shaded Fuel Break Workshop

May 4, Jenner Headlands Preserve

Take a tour of shaded fuel break at Jenner Headlands Preserve, do some hands-on work and learn how shaded fuel breaks reduce fuel loads and provide safer area for firefighters. 

Hosted by Audubon Canyon Ranch's Fire Forward  Program and The Wildlands Conservancy

Learn more about this event and register at:

Farmers Guild/CAFF

  • May 7, 6pm, Sebastopol Grange Hall Public forum asking the question "What would a New Green Deal need to include if it were to address the issues facing family farms and sustainable agriculture?"
  • December 9, Shone Farm: SAVE THE DATE!
    Small Farm Tech Expo showcasing tech (from hand tools to tractor implements to software) specifically designed for smaller-scale and sustainable farming operations. 
Biochar Field Day

May 10, SRJC Shone Farm

Pacific Biochar is hosting a biochar field day.
Topics include:
  • benefits of using biochar in agricultural soils
  • how biochar is made
  • how biochar is used 
  • applying biochar in the field using tractors and commonly available farm equipment 
  • biochar fire demonstration after lunch.  
The workshop will focus on demystifying biochar production and practical applications for farms and vineyards in California.

Learn more about this event and register at:

Impacts of Tillage Management on Soil Health & Moisture

June 19, Kenwood

Join Sonoma RCD for a tour of the multi-year demonstration field trials established in 2017 to look at the impacts of different types of tillage management on soil health and moisture content. 

Topics include ongoing project with the grower, project science adviser, and others involved with the trial.