January 2016
Accurate and rapid detection and assessment of tsunamis in the open ocean is critical for predicting how they will impact distant coastlines, enabling appropriate mitigation efforts. SOEST researchers, funded by NOAA and partnering with Matson , Maersk Line and the World Ocean Council , are using commercial ships operating in the North Pacific to construct a network of GPS-equipped ships that act as open-ocean tide gauges. This new approach offers an innovative, cost-effective way of acquiring many more observations to augment the current detection networks.

For more than 100 years, marine biologists have sought an understanding of how the minute larvae of marine invertebrate animals-cast out into the vast ocean-find and settle in the right ecological settings for survival, growth and reproduction. A grant, totaling more than $870,000, from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to UH will support research to understand the mechanisms by which marine biofilm bacteria --bacteria that live in slime films on the surfaces of all objects submerged in the sea -- induce that settling and transformation.

Honolulu Cookie Company and the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) have partnered to save stranded whales and dolphins in Hawaii. The Company will donate part of the proceeds from the sale of its Whale Collection cookies to support HIMB's Marine Mammal Stranding Research and Rescue Initiative. Every box of Honolulu Cookie Company's Whale Collection cookies will include a special insert explaining HIMB's Marine Mammal Stranding Research and Rescue Initiative. Visit whale.soest.hawaii.edu or call (808) 236-7401 for more information.
Researchers at UHM  developed an array of highly innovative experiments to allow scientists to safely test first-aid measures used for box jellyfish stings-from folk tales, like urine, to state-of-the-art technologies developed for the military. The results from the team's rigorous testing demonstrate that tried-and-true methods, including vinegar and hot water immersion, really do work on Hawaiian box jellyfish ( Alatina alata ) stings. Further, the study shows that a new therapeutic, Sting No More™ , developed by  Angel Yanagihara  ( PBRC JABSOM ) with Department of Defense funding, inhibits the venom directly.

SOEST was celebrated by the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority ( HTA ), Meet Hawaiʻi and the State's tourism industry leaders as the ʻElele Organization of the Year (2015) for its outstanding work in helping to bring potentially more than $100 million in convention business to the state. 
"The University of Hawaiʻi School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology has played an integral role in securing convention business for the state," said Randy Baldemor, chief operating officer for HTA. "We greatly appreciate their efforts and look forward to continued partnership in the coming years."

SOEST hosts Workshop on Mission Concepts for Marine Debris Sensing
This month, SOEST hosted a NASA-sponsored " Workshop on Mission Concepts for Marine Debris Sensing ." The three-day workshop reviewed existing and emerging technologies that have the potential to remotely survey the state of marine debris in the ocean and on land. The workshop brought together oceanographers, technologists, and experts in marine debris. An important outcome of the workshop is expected to be a white paper that will be circulated among NASA and other relevant organizations and that could lay the foundation for possible future NASA missions focusing on marine debris.

SOEST lost a dear friend, and the world a great scientist and adventurer, with the death of Dr. John Rooney, in a recreational  diving accident in Hawaii on January 16, 2016. Prior to graduate school in Hawaii, John served as an officer in the United States Navy. John earned his MS and PhD at SOEST, and led the NOAA Coral Reef Ecosystem Program's Ecospatial Information Team (formerly known as the Benthic Habitat Mapping Team) as a member of JIMAR. John was an outstanding and well-respected scientist, a trusted and loyal shipmate and friend, and a devoted husband and father. A Memorial Education Fund has been established in John's honor to help support his wonderful and loving wife Cassy Bowman Rooney and their beloved 10-year old son Dylan. Specifically, donated funds will be deposited into the 529 Education Fund that John and Cassy jointly established to ensure that young Dylan will be afforded an opportunity to follow his dreams (as well as John's and Cassy's dreams) of a college education. He will be sorely missed by all who had the honor and pleasure to know him and work with him.
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