Issue 2
Summer 2017
Applying theory and innovation to solve real world challenges and enable our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations.
The state's creative economy has a $17 billion impact per year
Boston Globe: New report gives snapshot 
of region's creative economy
The New England Foundation for the Arts commissioned our Economic and Public Policy Research group to assess the current scale and long-term trends of New England's creative economy. Among the report's key findings: the region's creative economy employs nearly 310,000 people who earn a total of $17 billion per year, and it
also has a 20 percent higher prevalence of artists in its employment base compared to the U.S. Read the full report.
Online Courses for Credit Recovery in High Schools: Effectiveness and Promising Practices

Online credit recovery shows promise in helping those students who are not yet successful in school to graduate. However, there is still much we do not yet know on how to effectively implement these courses to ensure that all students are prepared for life after graduating. A new report by the Institute's Applied Research & Program Evaluation group released by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation adds to a growing body of research that can help educators determine how to best implement these approaches.
New England Head Start training group a major contributor to annual meeting

In early May, the New England Head Start Association (NEHSA) held their annual meeting in Breton Woods, New Hampshire. The meeting was organized by the Association in collaboration with the New Hampshire Head Start Directors with the support of the Institute's New England Head Start Training & Technical Assistance group.

The meeting's theme was "Pathways to Resilience: Supporting the Progress of Young Children and their Families"

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Massachusetts town-by-town populations
Mass. city/town population stats from our Population Estimates Program
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International groups descend on Amherst for classes and culture

Each summer for over 10 years, the UMass Civic Initiative has hosted multiple groups of international faculty, students and professionals for multi-week programs. This summer kicked off with groups from Pakistan and Argentina starting their programs in entrepreneurship and public policy, respectively. Groups made up of Iraqi and Pakistani college students and international professors will soon arrive for classes and cultural events.

Learn more about the UMass Civic Initiative.
MassBenchmarks - Spring 2017

The Massachusetts economy, young adult employment, and the estimated costs of extending paid family and medical leave, and more are highlighted in the most recent issue of  MassBenchmarks. 

MassBenchmarks is an economic journal that presents timely information concerning the performance of and prospects for the Massachusetts economy, including economic analyses of key industries that make up the economic base of the state.

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Save The Date: The Massachusetts STEM Summit

On November 11, the annual statewide gathering of the STEM community will convene in Worcester for the 14th year in a row. Planning is underway and exhibit and session proposals are now being reviewed! 

Visit the STEM Summit website and sign up to receive updates.
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