June 2023 | Volume 19, Issue 6

Notable and Newsworthy

Daniel Williams, MD has been featured in a New York Times article "Yearning to be a Father, but Still Waiting". The article can be found here.

Dr. Williams was also featured in a Wisconsin Public Radio interview titled "What is infertility like for men". That interview can be listened to here.

Walid Farhat, MD received the 2023 Wear Teaching Award in recognition of

outstanding Urology resident education.

Urology resident Arighno Das, MD received the 2023 Ira Sisk Award in recognition of outstanding performance on the resident In-Service Exam. 

Urology resident Ali Ghasemzadeh, MD received the Urology Outstanding Resident Educator Award for excellence in medical student teaching.

Sarah McAchran, MD recently gave a lecture on Women's Complex Care at UW Health's new Eastpark Clinic. The video can be viewed here.

WInnovations Podcast

To listen to our latest WInnovations podcast featuring Dr. David Jarrard, click here.

Summer Research Update

This summer, the Department of Urology has six student scholars in the UW SMPH Shapiro Summer Research Program. The programs consists of 8-10 weeks of mentored research conducted by student awardees between M1 and M2 years. The students working on research with Urology faculty this summer include:

Alexa Rose: Alexa is working on a project with Dr. Richards engaging with patients to identify gaps in education prior to cystectomy.  


Mark Hermann: Under the mentorship of Dr. Abel, Mark is comparing clinical outcomes in high risk renal cell carcinoma using tumor immune profiles.

Aiman Shafiq:  Aiman is working with Dr. Abel, exploring patient-reported barriers to obtaining genetic counseling in early onset renal carcinoma.


Kenyana Tyiska: Kenyana is working with Dr. Shapiro, studying risk factors for progression after complete metastasectomy in renal cell carcinoma.


Amanda Torres-Arroyo: Amanda is visiting from Ponce Health Sciences University and working with Drs. Abel and Lubner.

Emily Schmitt: Emily is working on a project with Dr. Jarrard, examining the role of histone modifying enzymes in prostate cancer cell survival after androgen deprivation therapy.

Drs. Vinaya Bhatia and Kyle Richards were each selected among other faculty applicants to mentor an undergraduate student in a summer research project as part of the UW-Madison Summer Program for Undergraduate Urology Research (SPUUR).

Dr. Bhatia and her summer mentee, Sebastian Haske, are developing a pilot tool for clinical care planning of children with hypospadias. The tool will be scrutinized in a Delphi consensus process in order to identify the most important patient priorities.

Dr. Richards is engaging his mentee, Taviah Levenson, in a health services project focused on bladder cancer. Specifically, the team will engage patients who have undergone cystectomy for bladder cancer in focus groups in order to identify patient centered perioperative educational strategies.

Men's Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month. Men’s Health Month provides us an opportunity to raise awareness of a variety of health issues that affect men and boys, particularly prostate and testicular cancer, among other health conditions. Encouraging healthy lifestyles, preventative care practices, regular physicals, and self testicular exams, can help combat these diseases.

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