Field Update: Ukraine
Over that last several months, we have been inundated with news related to Ukraine. While some of these stories have the potential to steer the directions of political campaigns and elections, the news that WE are blessed to report has far more significant implications. The news you are about to read has the potential to steer the eternal direction of the youth of an entire country!
New Passion for Ukraine
This spring, Randy Riggins, ROYS International President, traveled to Kyiv to coach our Ukraine team as Christina Oleksyuk became our new Director in Ukraine. During that week, our Ukraine team also hosted a National Youth Leaders Conference, where 150 youth leaders from all over Ukraine were trained in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry . God used those moments to re-ignite a new passion and re-launch a new focus toward reaching the younger generation for Christ in that war-weary country .
Participants at the National Conference in February
From Contagious Compassion to Passionate Prayer
Lena is a new youth leader in a small town in the Dnipro Region of Ukraine, where both poverty and drugs are on the rise. During the National Conference, Lena caught a vision for the youth in her town. Just as Jesus looked out over the crowd (Matthew 9) with great compassion, Lena felt compassion for the hopeless teenagers who were living addicted and depressed in her region of the country. Lena invited our Ukraine JFYM leadership team to come to her church and host a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum. Thirty-seven youth leaders from a variety of churches attended the event. Following that Forum, Lena began to assemble her new leadership team. Today, the teens in her church are actively involved in gathering together in groups of three, three times a week, to pray for three of their friends. Stay tuned for the rest of the story!
Lena and the JFYM Forum at her Church
From Implementation to Multiplication
Vitaliy is an Eagle Leader in Ukraine. Since becoming an Eagle Leader three years ago and implementing the paradigm of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in his church, he has experienced the student ministry double in size. He has been actively coaching other churches in JFYM (two churches this year). Vitaliy also speaks often to other churches on building a philosophy of youth ministry using the JFYM model. Last week, Vitaliy held a JFYM conference in the city of Odessa, where he taught those who attended how to have youth ministries that effectively evangelize and disciple the youth of their region. 
Vitaliy – Ukraine Eagle Leader
From One Generation to the Next
Sasha – Youth Leader in Ukraine
Ten years ago, Sasha was a 13 year old on her church's leadership team.   That leadership team was led by a youth leader who was implementing Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry . Today, Sasha is the youth leader of that church, and she and her leadership team attended our National Conference in February. Since January, her team has taught Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry to 40 people in 9 churches. Two of those churches have signed up to begin ongoing training beginning on
November 9.
From One Country to the Next
At a camp led by Reach Out's National Team in Ukraine, God stirred up a passion in Regina to see the youth in her own country of Uzbekistan find salvation in Christ. Then, this fall Alyona, one of our Ukrainian Eagle Leaders, went to Ternopil Missionary Institute (TMI). She taught JFYM to the students there, where Regina sat as one of the youth leaders taking that class. Through Reach Out, God not only ignited the passion in Regina to reach the youth of her country but also gave her the tools necessary to accomplish that mission. Now, Regina is planning to return to Uzbekistan and help her home church with all that she has learned.
Alyona, Regina, and the Class at TMI
Your prayers and gifts provide the resources Reach Out needs
to support Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in Ukraine… from one life to the next .

Thank you.