Open Mic Party This Saturday!

Calling all musicians, storytellers, and other entertainers! Aren't we all missing those fun open mic events we used to have in our Fellowship Hall? You bet we are! This will be the next best thing, but we need everyone's help and participation. On Saturday, March 6, at 6:30 p.m., we will have a virtual Open Mic Party on Zoom to celebrate our beloved community and to kick off our annual budget drive. Performers, contact Tim Miller at to sign up or if you'd like to do a test of your Zoom setup. Performers of all ages and ranges of abilities are welcome!

Submitted by the Music & Stewardship Committees
Call for Submissions

Dear UUCH, on Sunday, March 14th we are recognizing a year of life under the pandemic. In our service titled "Lessons and Losses", we will reflect on the changes, challenges, and chances of this year. During the service, I am hoping to create two videos, one sharing things we have learned over this year, and one lifting up those people we have lost.

If you are able please send me a short 30-second video of yourself sharing a lesson from this year. Lessons could be a new skill or hobbies like baking or woodworking, or a new practice or perspective, or some wisdom you are taking away from this year. For losses, if you have lost someone you love to COVID-19, please send me their picture and their name to be included in a moment of memory for all those we have lost. Feel free to submit both videos. All submissions can be sent to Rev. Jaimie at

Submitted by the Minister
2021-22 Annual Budget Drive (ABD) Underway!

You should be receiving your ABD packet in the mail this coming week.  Please take the time to read the letter from Rev. Jaimie Dingus, as well as our recap of UUCH’s past year in “The Light’s Ahead – Let’s Make it Brighter” brochure.  

As Rev. Jaimie says, “We want to Build Back Better.” We’ve met the past year’s challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic surviving as a “virtual” congregation, and now we get to focus our energy on creating a thriving hybrid virtual/in-person congregation in the 2021-22 church year. This next step for UUCH is dependent not only on your financial generosity but also on your contributions of time to our church community. Accordingly, the ABD packet also contains a Time and Talent Survey for you to identify, “What areas of service interest you and bring you joy?”.

No matter who you are or what you are able to offer, sustaining our church community, comes down to gifts of Time and Money, and it’s never been easier to part with the latter with the online and mail-in options featured in this year’s ABD packet. Throughout this month, you will hear me and others provide personal testimony as to Why We Give. I hope you are inspired to give as generously as you are able to support the mission and vision of our beloved community.

Submitted by Stewardship Committee Chair Daniel McKitrick
UUCH Board Report February 24, 2021

The Board approved their goals for the remainder of the 2020/2021 church year:
  • Goals related to COVID-19:
  • Review the UUCH COVID-19 Policy monthly, update as new information is available, and publish updates to the congregation.
  • Monitor spiritual, physical, organizational, and social needs of the church during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Identify ways for greater communication between ministry groups, and with members who may be isolated.
  • Identify and encourage creative ways for church fellowship and stewardship to be maintained while following the church’s COVID-19 policy.
  • Complete the review and approval of the UUCH Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Complete the renovation of the church sanctuary.
  • Support the Nominating Committee’s efforts to provide leadership development with a goal of ending the year with fully-staffed committees (chairs and a functional number of committee members).
  • Identify and resource the areas of ministries that need additional support so that we continue to have active social justice and religious education programs across all age groups.

The Board also approved the following committee members and chairs:
  • Salaama Robinson, Nominating Committee (member to fulfill vacancy)
  • Willie Robinson, Social Justice co-chair
  • Naja Shabazz, Social Justice co-chair
  • Tim and Teresa Miller are serving as point people for the new interim music director.

In other business, the Board discussed the upcoming Annual Budget Drive that will kick off March 6th. They also continue to review the new Policies and Procedures Manual and will meet again on Sunday, March 14th to continue the process.

The UUCH Covid Policy was reviewed again, and the Board reaffirmed that it is still appropriate for our current situation. While the Board recognizes that it may be some time before we can regather in person, it is preparing for a future time when adjustments may be made to our policy by studying UUA reopening guidelines, objective public health measures in our area, policies from other UU Churches, and how all this fits with our UUCH values and the interdependent web of our community.

Submitted by the Board
Share-The-Plate Sunday

Sunday, March 7, thru Saturday, March 13 our plate partner is Community Free Clinic of Huntsville, a public non-profit organization providing quality free healthcare, education, and medications to thousands of people in Madison County without health care benefits. The goals and objectives of the CFC are to improve the quality of life of those with few health options through medical treatment and health education. Local physicians donate their time to see patients who have no health insurance and who cannot otherwise afford to be seen by a doctor. The clinic is a volunteer-driven organization. A dispensary is located on-site where prescriptions are filled as needed for patients’ treatment. Nominated for STP by the Social Justice Committee.

We do not yet have a plate partner for April-June. Members and friends of the congregation may nominate future STP partners through the chair of a UUCH committee or directly to Social Justice. Each proposed partner should be a 501(c)(3) community service organization.

Submitted by the Social Justice Committee
Little Food Pantry

Help keep our outdoor food pantry filled. It’s fun, feels good, and we are Doing Unto Others. Sign up here!
Submitted by the Social Justice Committee
Donating by Text or Online
To give a plate offering to UUCH from your mobile device, text the amount (without dollar sign) to 833-559-0257, and follow the instructions. Text giving is by debit or credit card only.
To give from your bank account, you can still use the UUCH website or the GivePlus+ mobile app.

Like our other online and mobile giving options, this option is through Vanco, is secure, and has a good option for "plate" donations.
Submitted by the Finance Committee
"Bring Your Heart Along"
Rev. Jaimie Dingus
February 28, 2021

Did you miss our virtual worship service on Sunday? Want a midweek re-watch?

Fear not, you can visit here to watch the recording.

Remember, the building is closed,
but CHURCH is open!

Submitted by the Worship Committee
COVID-19 Relief Funds Available

Funds are available for members of the congregation who have been negatively impacted financially by COVID-19.

If you are a member of UUCH and have financial needs caused by the pandemic, please contact Board President John Schulz or a member of the Care Committee.
Submitted by the Board
Care List
This Sunday at our Circle of Candles:

Brad, Pam & Sarah Korb lit a candle of joy: Pam and Brad are very happy to be with Sarah in North Carolina this weekend!

Harper Goodman (she/they) lit a candle of gratitude: You all are too kind! I love my community, thank you <3

The Delaceys lit a candle of joy: Time spent with dear friends who heal my brain and my heart. Also, watching Ritchie’s siblings become true fans of Ritchie’s guitar playing and singing. We are so fortunate.

Rachel Brewer lit a candle of joy: Our sweet, hilarious new puppy Posey :).

Bullis Family (Elsie) lit a candle of joy: We are going to the beach today and before that, we are going to play ping pong.

Diana Richey lit a candle of joy: I'm a UU from Manassas, Virginia, here with you today for the first time. I live here in Huntsville now. So happy to be with you all this morning!

LaDawn Edwards lit a candle of sorrow: An older dear friend died of a heart attack on Wednesday. Hayne Shumate loved music, dogs, history, and witty conversation. I miss him every day.

Kathy Fisher lit a candle of concern: My brother-in-law is on the way to the ER with a terrible case of cellulitis. A candle of joy: My North Carolina grandson turned 17 last week. And, a candle of gratitude: Love to Pam Siegler for her beautiful music ministry these past 7 years!

Bullis Family (Tim) lit a candle of joy: Being with my girls here in CA while I work. And sorrow: Sad that so many don't have the means to see the world's beautiful places.

Shalin Mody (he/him) lit a candle of joy: As of yesterday my Mom is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and my Sister has one more to go. Also, generally glad hospitalizations and positivity rates are going down. <3

Bullis Family (Elsie) lit a candle of joy: Excited to be in CA near LA. The hotel we are in is amazing. There are 3 fire pits in the whole hotel. And, there is a ping pong table, a giant chess game, a pool, and a hot tub.

Patti McKee lit a candle of gratitude: Thanks to Harper for the wonderful lesson on centering ourselves. Wonderful!

Gail Williams lit a candle of gratitude: For the food pantry for March! Thanks to everyone.

Many candles of joy, gratitude, and best wishes to Pam Siegler:
Paul and Bridgit: Best Wishes to Pam as she retires. It has been a true pleasure knowing her. I have learned from her "Be the Change." The Delaceys: The ministry that Pam has brought us, the memories and skills she will leave with us as she marches onward. Tim Miller: We also would like to thank Pam for these years of music ministry together, and our best wishes in her new endeavors! Nancy Finley: Deep appreciation to Pam Siegler for the joyful and meaningful music she brought us over the years. Angela Arnold (she/her): Love and joy to Pam as she spreads her music and heart through the world. Betsy Applegate: Joy in Pam's ministry and fresh wonder to her she retires as Music Director for whatever is next in her life. Patti McKee: Thank you, Pam, for giving so much of yourself and teaching us SO MUCH! We will miss you more than you can imagine... Much love to you. Jessica and John Schulz: We love you Pam! We're going to miss you so much! Harper Goodman (she/they): Love you Pam, SO much! Vally: Congratulations Pam and best wishes always from Foss and Vally. Hugs and love. Jack Long: Thank you Pam! Rachel Brewer :): Congratulations Pam! Happy Trails! Kathy Fisher: Pam, I tried and tried, but just couldn’t make a video without crying, so I did Spirit of Life for you. You have been a beautiful source of inspiration and a friend to me, and I love you. Blessed be, Dear Heart! Willie Robinson: Fair winds and following seas to you Pam. Jo Broussard: Pam, we appreciate your grace, wisdom, and beautiful gifts of music to us as a congregation. A song goes in your heart! Love, Jo & Jeanne. Denise (she/her) & Monica (she/her): Congratulations Pam! Happy Trails on this next chapter of your journey! Great experiences lie ahead for you.

From Pam... Very blessed by all of you.
Upcoming Events

Please note that all meetings, worship services, and gatherings will be held online until further notice. Please check our Facebook page and website for updated information and links

Thursday, March 4
Soul Circle Small Group Ministry- Group B
6:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 6
Open Mic Party!
6:30 p.m.

Sunday, March 7
Share-The-Plate Week Begins

9:30 a.m.

Worship Service
Rev. Jaimie Dingus
10:45 a.m.

Social Justice Committee
2:00 p.m.

Monday, March 8
Hospitality Committee
6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 10
Soul Circle Small Group Ministry- Group C
1:00 p.m.

Susan's Happy Hour
5:00 p.m.

Choir Practice
7:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 11
Worship Committee
5:30 p.m.

Stewardship Committee
7:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 13
Share-The-Plate Week Ends

Sunday, March 14
9:30 a.m.

Worship Service
Rev. Jaimie Dingus
10:45 a.m.

4:30 p.m.
Rev. Jaimie Dingus

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