*This Fuel our Flame logo is original artwork by Charlotte Root, designed to support the 2019 Stewardship campaign for the Unitarian Church of Montpelier Vermont. We made a mistake and used this image for our campaign without their permission. They have very generously permitted us to continue using this beautiful image for our Budget Drive. This slip-up is a good reminder of how easy it is to make mistakes in our digital world, and how valuable it is to be in covenantal relationships with other congregations who respond to our mistakes with grace and compassion! Thank you to Charlotte Root and UCMVT!

2021-2022 Annual Budget Drive (ABD) Still Underway!

Thank you to the 43 Giving Units who took the time to respond by return mail or online to the ABD mailing earlier this month; we have reached nearly 58% of our ABD financial goal with your pledges for the coming church year. Three of you newly pledged, and three of you notified us you will no longer be part of our UUCH community for the new church year, change being the one constant we have borne witness to these past twelve months as a “virtual” congregation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time, talent, and money: the vitality of UUCH relies on each of these gifts. If you have not pledged your planned financial contribution to the church, please, do so now, either with the link above or by returning your completed pledge form and Time and Talent Survey in the mail.  

Work, family, health, spiritual growth and development all compete for attention. Investing five minutes of your time now to pledge can help our church’s committees and Board do the necessary work of prioritizing costs for what must be done for us to return to onsite Sunday services in the coming church year. Those priorities must be reflected in the annual church budget that the Board will present to our congregation in June for approval. Whichever ways you choose to continue nurturing your own spiritual growth while investing in your UUCH community, please, let us know soon.

Submitted by Stewardship Committee
Flower Communion
Easter Sunday, April 4

Friends, it is a UUCH tradition to celebrate Flower Communion on Easter Sunday. This year on Sunday, April 4th, we will have two ways to participate in the Flower Communion. First please send in a photo of yourself holding a flower to be included in a flower communion slideshow. Photos should be sent to Minister@uuch.org and can be submitted until Thursday, April 1st.

Second, Rev. Jaimie and Erin are hosting a Drive-Thru Flower Communion. After the service between 12:30 PM 2:00 PM, drive by the UUCH building to get a flower and if you are able, drop off a food donation for the Little Free Food Pantry. There will also be special Easter Baskets for children in the CYRE program. We can't wait to see you in person and share the beauty of Flower Communion!

Submitted by the Minister
Save the Date!
UUCH Virtual Town Hall Meeting April 8th, 2021
Topic“Regathering in Person When COVID-19 Subsides”

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us, with hope we begin to look ahead to days when stages of regathering in person will be possible. The UUCH Board recognizes that there are many complicated issues to be considered around the safe reopening in a way that honors public health, our responsibility to each other, and our covenant. We are studying guidelines from the UUA, policies of other churches, local COVID-19 data, and recommendations from the CDC. It is important, however, that all the congregation has the opportunity to be involved in the imagining of how we might phase in our in-person programming, and what elements of our mission and values must be considered.

To that end, the UUCH Board is hosting an online Town Hall to discuss these issues. Please save the date, Thursday, April 8th at 6:30 PM, and join us in this important conversation.

Submitted by the Board
Share the Plate Need

We do not yet have a plate partner for April-June. Members and friends of the congregation may nominate future STP partners through the chair of a UUCH committee or directly to Social Justice. Each proposed partner should be a 501(c)(3) community service organization.

Submitted by the Social Justice Committee

If you’ve been attending UUCH long enough to know that this church community feels like your spiritual home, you may be ready to take the next step and become a member of this congregation. In late April, Rev. Jaimie plans to welcome new members as they “sign the book” and officially join our church. New members will be recognized during a virtual Sunday service. Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, we plan to use recorded moments from socially-distanced, individual sessions for each new member where they will sign the membership book and be welcomed to UUCH.

If you are ready to become a member or would like to find out more about the process, please contact Pam Korb as soon as possible, but no later than April 20th (click here).

Because we are a democratic community, members are collectively vested with responsibility for the congregation. Members may vote at all congregational meetings, be elected to the governing Board, be appointed as committee chairs, and participate in all activities of the congregation. Because we are a covenanted congregation, members have certain responsibilities to the congregation and each other. These responsibilities are best fulfilled by:
  • Regular attendance at worship
  • Voting at congregational meetings
  • Making financial contributions
  • Contributing time and talent
  • Spiritual growth and development

Submitted by the Membership Committee
Community Garden: Calling all gardeners! (Master to novice)

To provide fresh food for the UUCH Little Food Pantry, we are expanding the initial garden we started last year. We have materials to build three raised beds that will allow us to grow a greater quantity and wider variety of vegetables. There are several opportunities for you to help with this project to reduce hunger in the community and our congregation.

  1. Building the raised beds can be done in a couple of hours by a few people.
  2. Planting seedlings or seeds can also be done in a couple of hours.
  3. In the comfort of your own home, though, you can also help by starting the seedlings for planting. In addition to tomatoes and peppers, seedlings of broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and other vegetables are wanted.
  4. There are opportunities to help with the garden throughout the growing season: harvesting, watering, and generally maintaining the garden. Scheduling will be through Signup Genius.

Spring has now officially arrived and this is the time to get the garden growing. Raised bed construction is planned for Saturday, April 3, starting at 10:00 AM. The rain date is Sunday, April 4 at 2:00 PM.

For more information, and to sign up to assist, contact LaDawn Edwards at sapphirestar@live.com.

Submitted by the Property Committee
Little Food Pantry

Help keep our outdoor food pantry filled. It’s fun, feels good, and we are Doing Unto Others. Sign up here!
Submitted by the Social Justice Committee
Donating by Text or Online
By Text:
To give a plate offering to UUCH from your mobile device, text the amount (without dollar sign) to 833-559-0257, and follow the instructions. Text giving is by debit or credit card only.
To give from your bank account, you can still use the UUCH website or the GivePlus+ mobile app.

Like our other online and mobile giving options, this option is through Vanco, is secure, and has a good option for "plate" donations.
Submitted by the Finance Committee
“Sweat the Small Stuff”
Nicole Jacobson
March 21, 2021

Did you miss our virtual worship service on Sunday? Want a midweek re-watch?

Fear not, you can visit here to watch the recording.

Remember, the building is closed,
but CHURCH is open!

Submitted by the Worship Committee
COVID-19 Relief Funds Available

Funds are available for members of the congregation who have been negatively impacted financially by COVID-19.

If you are a member of UUCH and have financial needs caused by the pandemic, please contact Board President John Schulz or a member of the Care Committee.
Submitted by the Board
Care List
This Sunday at our Circle of Candles:

Paul and Bridgit lit a candle of joy: Paul has received his first vaccine shot. Yeah!!!

Nick Wilbourn (He/Him) lit a candle of joy: As our nation continues to grapple with many important social and economic issues, it was a comfort for me and Zac to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this week. I see a light at the end of this "unprecedented" tunnel.

Kathy Fisher lit a candle of joy: My daughter got her first vaccination last week, and I get my second one this week! Road trips coming soon!

Barbara Hitt lit a candle of sorrow: A candle of sorrow for the lives lost through hate in Atlanta.

Willie Robinson lit a candle of sorrow: The constant loss of life by violence, especially to hate, has to stop. Humanity is precious and sacred; however, not all of us feel that. It pains my heart to hear that eight Asian American lives were taken. Eight mothers, grandmothers, daughters, wives, friends, people...

Angela Arnold (she/her) lit a candle of joy: Joy unbounded for vaccines, and all of the world’s healthcare professionals. I received my 1st vaccine this week as well.

Jessica Schulz lit a candle of joy: Our friends Mary and Ralph are visiting us from San Diego!

Kathryn Heath lit a candle of concern: For those who might have missed their annual health screenings during the pandemic. Don't forget to reschedule these important tests.

Tim and Dawn Bullis lit a candle of joy: I got a (hare) cut, Elsie.

Shalin Mody (he/him) lit a candle of joy: so many people I know are getting or are signed up for a COVID-19 vaccination shot...
Upcoming Events

Please note that all meetings, worship services, and gatherings will be held online until further notice. Please check our Facebook page and website for updated information and links

Thursday, March 25
Worship Committee Meeting
5:30 PM

Sunday, March 28
9:30 AM

Worship Service
Rev. Jaimie Dingus
10:45 AM

YOUUTH Group Meeting
4:30 PM

Wednesday, March 31
Susan's Happy Hour
5:00 PM

Choir Practice
7:00 PM

Thursday, April 1
Personnel Meeting
2:30 PM

Worship Committee Meeting
5:30 PM

Soul Circle Ministry Meeting - Group B
6:00 PM

Saturday, April 3
Raised Flower Bed Construction
10:00 AM

Easter Sunday, April 4
9:30 AM

Worship Service
Rev. Jaimie Dingus
10:45 AM

Flower Communion
12:30 PM
Rev. Jaimie Dingus

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