This Sunday in Children and Youth
Religious Education (CYRE)
Our first day of Fall VIRTUUAL CYRE will be Sunday, September 13. We hope you can attend!

Sunday morning VIRTUUAL CYRE will meet weekly at 9:45-10:30 AM through Zoom. Rev. Jaimie, our new minister, will attend our first session on 9/13 and many other sessions throughout the year. Lessons will explore our Soul Matters themes, so families can have rich activities on the same topics as Virtual Worship. Morning RE serves all our children, youth, and families, with special activities for ages 4-12 in particular. This will be interactive, fun, creative connecting with each other.

Afternoon YOUUTH group will be at 4:30-6 PM through Zoom and will also start on 9/13. Grades 7-12 will meet twice a month for deep conversation on Soul Matter themes, games, action, and more.

We'd like to invite you to REGISTER your family at this time by following this link: or the click the 'Register Here' button below.

We'd also like to invite you to complete a short FAMILY QUESTIONNAIRE that invites your input into CYRE ministry and activities for the year. Follow this link:
Please watch your email and our CYRE Family Facebook page for more information, including Zoom links to our activities. We have plans for family outreach actions and social events like our annual Halloween Party!

Welcome back, and welcome for the first time!
Registration for the new year in CYRE is now open!

Please use the link below to register your children and youth. Whether you've registered in the previous year or are brand new, we'd love to include you in our joyful and welcoming community of all ages. If you'd like more information about the CYRE Program, please contact DRE Erin Reid or CYRE Assistant Harper Goodman.
Submitted by the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee

UUCH Young Adults Group
If you're interested in getting involved with UUCH's young adult group,
we invite you to reach out to us.

For questions or more information, please contact Nicole and Shalin.
Submitted by the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee
Are You Ready to Become a Member?

If you’ve been attending UUCH long enough to know that this church community feels like your spiritual home, you may be ready to take the next step and become a member of this congregation.

In early October, Rev. Jaimie will welcome new members as they “sign the book” and officially join our church. New members will be recognized during a virtual Sunday service. Due to Covid safety guidelines, we plan to use recorded moments from socially-distanced, individual sessions for each new member where they will sign the membership book and be welcomed to UUCH.

If you are ready to become a member or would like to find out more about the process, please contact Pam Korb as soon as possible, but no later than September 30th.

Because we are a democratic community, members are collectively vested with responsibility for the congregation. Members may vote at all congregational meetings, be elected to the governing Board, be appointed as committee chairs, and participate in all activities of the congregation. Because we are a covenanted congregation, members have certain responsibilities to the congregation and to each other. These responsibilities are best fulfilled by:
  • Regular attendance at worship
  • Voting at congregational meetings
  • Making financial contributions
  • Contributing time and talent
  • Spiritual growth and development

Submitted by the Membership Committee
Care for Ilene Sparks
Our beloved member, Ilene Sparks, suffered a stroke several days ago. She has been hospitalized but will be released to Marshall Manor in Guntersville any day now. We know she loves to get cards. Her 99th birthday is also this month, Sept 22nd. Her address at Marshall Manor is:

Ilene Sparks
3120 North St.
Room 101 West
Guntersville, AL 35976
Submitted by the Care Committee
Donating by Text or Online
To give a plate offering to UUCH from your mobile device, text the amount (without dollar sign) to 833-559-0257, and follow the instructions. Text giving is by debit or credit card only.
Like our other online and mobile giving options, this is through Vanco, is secure, and has a good option for "plate" donations. 
To give from your bank account, you can still use the UUCH website or the GivePlus+ mobile app.
Submitted by the Finance Committee

COVID-19 Relief Funds Available
Funds are available for members of the congregation who have been negatively impacted financially by COVID-19.
If you are a member of UUCH and have financial needs caused by the pandemic, please contact Board President John Schulz or a member of the Care Committee.
Submitted by the Board
Our Little Food Pantry Needs You
Our outdoor food pantry is being heavily used, with an estimated 12 visitors per day, both families and homeless individuals. YOU can help keep it stocked by signing up below. Remember to place vegetables in zip lock bags so that they do not leak if spoiling.

Current requested items:
  • blankets
  • sunblock
  • bug spray
  • wipes
  • dog food
  • school supplies
  • soap & shampoo
  • deodorant & other hygiene items
Submitted by the Social Justice Committee
Scavenger Hunt?

The Hospitality Committee has been brainstorming ways for our church family to stay connected. One idea is to have a scavenger hunt. Before this idea gets too far down the path, we would like to know the level of interest.

There are two types we are considering. One would be a set of clues for a team to find objects around the Huntsville area. The other would be the same concept but you would receive your clues one at a time from different church members' homes, the clues being left on the front porch or somewhere outside for you to pick up and then wave hello to the member as you get your clue. Obviously, for this to work, we need members willing to be the host clue families. If you would like to participate in any fashion with these ideas, please email me, Teri Thomas via the Hospitality Committee.

Submitted by the Hospitality Committee

Worship Service Recording
Rev. Jaimie Dingus
"These Gathered Waters"
September 6, 2020

Did you miss out virtual worship service last Sunday?
Want a midweek re-watch?

Fear not, you can click here to see the recording.

Remember, the building is closed,
but CHURCH is open!

Submitted by the Worship Committee
Care List
This Sunday at our Circle of Candles:

Paul De Moor lit a candle of joy: can't tell you how glad we are to have a settled minister.

Vickie and Malcolm lit a candle of joy: Happy birthday to Bryan Walls!

Paul De Moor lit a candle of concern: must leave early today after sermon for another ZOOM meeting with Paul's family.

Angela Arnold (she/her) lit a candle of joy: that my neighbor Renee Beckham is joining us today! And my BFF Rita Scholes from Ohio, who has been joining us every week.

Becky Adams (she/her) lit a candle of joy: it was so wonderful to have the Choir back together on Wednesday! Welcome home, everybody!!

Heather Kyemba lit a candle of joy: happy birthday, Brian! Torin and his Dad went biking today and made it all the way to Big Spring Park.

Rachael Scheib lit a candle of joy: to have experienced a wonderful vacation in Maine. I return to Alabama to this wonderful congregation full of warmth.

Jackie McKenzie lit a candle of joy: I found out the baby I'm carrying for a family in Spain is a boy! They are planning to name him Arturo. 😁

The Korb Family lit a candle of joy: Brad and Pam are in North Carolina enjoying spending the weekend with Sarah and are happy to be watching the service together.

George Fletcher lit a candle of concern: my mom has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. She is in a nursing home in Baldwin County. No symptoms so far.

Susan Coddington lit a candle of sorrow: my dad’s first cousin, Buddy Esslinger, died last Friday peacefully. He was a very supportive cousin who always did what he could to get the family together. He will be missed.

Jo Broussard lit a candle of concern: Jeanne's little brother Tim of New Orleans is in his first week of active COVID.

Shalin Mody lit a candles of joy: I'm getting some good rest over a 4 day weekend-- notable reduction in stress, anxiety (and savings--thanks Costco? :-P). It's my sister's birthday today. Rev. Jaimie's first service as our new minister! :-)

Kristen Ogwaro lit a candle of joy: also happy to see Rev. Ruth and those from Tuscaloosa.

Renee B. lit a candle of thanks: thank you neighbor Angela for the invitation to join Rev. Jaimie’s first service. And, prayers for a world transformed by peace and love.
Upcoming Events

Please note that all meetings, worship services, and gatherings will be held online until further notice. Please check our Facebook page and website for updated information and links.

Sun. September 13
9:45 a.m.

Worship Service
Rev. Jaimie Dingus
10:45 a.m.
Meeting ID:
229 305 601

(7th-12th grades)
4:30 p.m.

Tues. Septemer 15
Staff Meeting
10:00 a.m.

Council Meeting
6:30 p.m.

Wed. September 16
Susan's Happy Hour
5:00 p.m.
Meeting ID:
847 8458 5916

Choir Practice
7:00 p.m.
Meeting ID:
910 8283 2653

Thu. September 17
Worship Committee
5:30 p.m.

Sun. September 20
9:45 a.m.

Worship Service
10:45 a.m.

Social Circle
(Group D)
2:00 p..m.

Rev. Jaimie Dingus

Office Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment.
UUCH 2020-21
Board Members
John Schulz
 Vice President:
Nick Wilbourn

Nancy Finley

Bob Locklear

Suzey Delacey
Jack Long
Bryan Walls

Rev. Jaimie Dingus

Do you have an agenda item for the Board? 
The Board respectfully requests that all agenda items for the meeting be submitted to Board President John Schulz via email no later than one week prior to the meeting (i.e. the Tuesday before). The next board meeting is scheduled
for Tues, Sept. 15th.
Office Administrator

Holly Hinkle

Main Office Hours:
9:30 am-1:30 pm
*Please email office if you need building access.

For more info on any event, contact the church office or visit our website.
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