Letter From the Minister

Dear UUCH,

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely fall weather. I wanted to reach out to you with some information about worship and schedules over the next weeks.

This Sunday, November 22nd, is our Thanksgiving and Bread Communion service. Like everything else, this special ritual will be different than in past years. But like our water communion, my hope is that even though it will be different, this will still be a meaningful ritual. As you are settling in for worship in your living rooms, or porches or office spaces, please bring some bread with you. I’ll let you decide what counts as bread, be it toast or bagels, waffles or granola bars. And if bread isn’t part of your regular diet, really any food you like that gives you comfort and sustenance will be a lovely addition to our bread communion. Hope to see you there!

Next Sunday, November 29th, we will be joining with UUs all over Alabama and the gulf coast of Florida for a very special combined service. Ministers, Religious Educators, Musicians and Regional Staff from our area, are working hard to create this combined worship experience. I learned in this process that UUCH is the only church in Alabama that meets at 10:45, everyone else meets at 10. For this service, you have two options. At 10am the service will premiere on YouTube on the Birmingham Church’s YouTube Channel (https://bit.ly/UUCBSundayServices) and you can watch it with other UUs and comment along in the chat. Alternatively, you can choose your own worship time and watch it whenever you want. Because people will be watching at different times, there will not be a UUCH Coffee Chat following the service.

Finally, a note about my hours. I am taking vacation time beginning on Monday the 23rd and extending until the 30th. During that time, I will be out of the office and not responding to emails. If there is an emergency, like a death or a serious hospitalization, I want to know about that and be able to support you. If you put words like “urgent or emergency” in an email to me I will respond quickly. Additionally, my away message will have an emergency phone number for your use.

This Holiday season is complicated in many ways. I wish you all rest, comfort, safety and health as you connect with loved ones in new ways.


Submitted by the Minister
Annual AL Hispanic Association Christmas Dinner/Party

UUCH’s yearly hosting of the annual AL Hispanic Association (AHA) Christmas Dinner and Party has taken on a different form this year due to COVID-19. No big dinner for 100, no brightly decorated fellowship hall and festive tables, no kids on Santa’s lap being given presents, BUT one part hasn’t changed: we are still asking for monetary donations for gift cards for older children and teens. The Hispanic Association provides presents for younger children. Hospitality is coordinating gift baskets of cookies and RE is involved (stay tuned).

Monetary donations will be accepted through Nov 30 by check (note AHA in line item) and online at UUCH.org. Click on the “Donate” button below or on our website, under Connecting, Donate, Give Now, click on “select fund” and scroll down to "Hispanic Association Christmas Party." Let’s brighten up the holidays for our Hispanic neighbors!
Submitted by the Social Justice Committee
This Sunday in Children and Youth
Religious Education (CYRE)
Both CYRE and YOUUTH group will take a break this Sunday, November 22nd. Meetings for both will resume on Sunday, November 29th.

We invite all families to attend the Multigenerational Bread Communion worship service instead. Keep up-to-date on our CYRE Family Facebook group. Email Harper Goodman at DRE@uuch.org for more information. We look forward to being with you again. Enjoy your holiday!
Registration for the new year in CYRE is still open!

Please use the link below to register your children and youth. Whether you've registered in the previous year or are brand new, we'd love to include you in our joyful and welcoming community of all ages. If you'd like more information about the CYRE Program, please contact acting DRE Harper Goodman.
Submitted by the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee
UUCH Young Adults Group
If you're interested in getting involved with UUCH's young adult group,
we invite you to reach out to us.

For questions or more information, please contact Nicole and Shalin.
Submitted by the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee
Little Food Pantry

Our outdoor food pantry is being heavily used, with an estimated 12 visitors per day, both families and homeless individuals. YOU can help keep it stocked by signing up.

Suggested food items: Soups, canned tuna and chicken, Vienna sausages, mac & cheese, cereals, grits, oil, canned vegetables, pork & beans, canned tomato items, spaghetti sauce, pasta, hamburger helper (etc), canned spaghetti & meatballs (etc), peanut butter, peanuts, sugar, oatmeal packets, fruit cups, pancake mix you get the idea!! In cooler weather: onions, potatoes (split the bag), carrots, cabbage. Folks have expressed their gratitude.
Submitted by the Social Justice Committee
Cookies for AHA Families
Holiday Cookie Baskets
Thursday, December 3rd
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

We will be providing 26 cookie baskets for the UUCH/Alabama Hispanic Association Christmas event. Please sign up on the Sign-up Genius below to bring three (3) dozen cookies (wrapped in groups of 4) to UUCH on December 3, 2020. Jessica Schulz will be there from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. to accept the cookies.

Date: 12/03/2020 (Thursday)
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Location: UUCH, 3921 Broadmor Road, Huntsville, AL 35810

If you have questions, contact the Hospitality Committee at Hospitality@uuch.org.


Submitted by the Hospitality Committee
Office Hours Next Week
Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, the office will be closed/offline next Thursday and Friday. Also, the newsletter will be finalized a little earlier than normal but published at the normal time on Thursday. Enjoy the holiday!

Submitted by Office Admin
Donating by Text or Online
To give a plate offering to UUCH from your mobile device, text the amount (without dollar sign) to 833-559-0257, and follow the instructions. Text giving is by debit or credit card only.
Like our other online and mobile giving options, this option is through Vanco, is secure, and has a good option for "plate" donations.
To give from your bank account, you can still use the UUCH website or the GivePlus+ mobile app.
Submitted by the Finance Committee
"Living In the Bubble of Now"
Angela Arnold & Salaama Journey
November 15, 2020

Did you miss our virtual worship service on Sunday?
Want a midweek re-watch?

Fear not, you can click here to see the recording.

Remember, the building is closed,
but CHURCH is open!

Submitted by the Worship Committee
COVID-19 Relief Funds Available

Funds are available for members of the congregation who have been negatively impacted financially by COVID-19.

If you are a member of UUCH and have financial needs caused by the pandemic, please contact Board President John Schulz or a member of the Care Committee.
Submitted by the Board
Care List
This Sunday at our Circle of Candles:

Kathy Fisher lit a candle of sorrow: Friday was Daddy's birthday. I carry him with me always. And, lit a candle of joy: Yesterday was my first grandson's birthday. He's away from family in basic training.

Paul and Bridgit lit a candle of joy: Stunning fall and stunning pictures of fall. Also, lit a candle of concern: COVID-19 numbers are up with the holidays are just around the corner. And, a candle of gratitude: Thanks to all who made this a blessing for our Sunday.

Gail and Howard Williams lit a candle of concern: Our friend Dan and his wife have been diagnosed with COVID-19; please send well wishes their way.

Greeter - Pam Korb lit a candle of concern: My brother and sister-in-law in Nashville were diagnosed with COVID-19 early this week. Please send them good thoughts as they deal with fever, body aches, and fatigue.

Heather Kyemba lit a candle of joy: Looking forward to walking through the Galaxy of Lights with friends this evening. Also, a candle of concern: We hope Erin's surgery goes well.

Susan Coddington lit a candle of concern: Continue sending love, light, and healing thoughts to Erin Reid and Pam Siegler. We love you both!

The Delaceys lit a candle of joy: Deb and Suzey are SO happy/sad today, Ana turns 18 years old. Time — slow down!!! HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, ANA!!! We love you, our goofy, talented, hilarious, brilliant girl. And, this photo is the view from our front door. Come see us!!! We'd love to share it with you!

Cheri Smith lit a candle of gratitude: Thank you for all who called and helped.

Salaama lit a candle of gratitude: Thank you to the Care Committee for sending a card to us while we were sick. :)

Jennifer Pinkley lit a candle of gratitude: I'm so thankful to be starting a fully remote job tomorrow after months of working in a crowded office.

Becky Adams lit a candle of concern: Love to everyone who is in the process of healing, big and small...
Upcoming Events

Please note that all meetings, worship services, and gatherings will be held online until further notice. Please check our Facebook page and website for updated information and links.
Sunday, November 22
Worship Service
Rev. Jaimie Dingus / Multigenerational
10:45 a.m.

Wednesday, November 25
Susan's Happy Hour
5:00 p.m.
Meeting ID:
847 8458 5916

Choir Practice
7:00 p.m.
Meeting ID:
910 8283 2653

Thursday, November 26

Sunday, November 29
9:30 a.m.

All Alabama Multi Congregation Service
10:45 a.m.

4:30 p.m.

Rev. Jaimie Dingus

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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment.
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Office Administrator

Holly Hinkle

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