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We're excited to announce that our employees have again chosen DAV as our 2016 charity.  Throughout the year, we hold several fundraising employee events - such as our recent homemade soup event - to raise money .  In 2015, we were able to donate over $1,000!  
To learn more about DAV and their dedication to empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity, visit their website:

Directorâ„¢ is a cloud-based, multi-site management system for car wash operators and enterprises who incorporate car washes into their business model. Director connects Unitec payment stations in a centralized fashion to report sales, transactional and trending data, manage sites from a centrally hosted location and launch timely marketing programs.

Unitec is currently working on beta deployment for Director with several customers.  General availability and launch will occur at the end of March.  For more information or to express interest in this product and receive pricing information, please visit the Director section of our website.
Product Release
Line Conditioner & Surge Suppressor
(List Price $995; P/N SA3053)

The line conditioner and advanced surge suppressor is recommended for all payment stations to reduce electrical noise and power surges coming into the power of the unit. This option, for all AC-powered payment stations, can reduce down-time caused by power surges or electrical spikes.

Product Information:
The unit is a low frequency tuned power inductor that passes 60 Hz power and rejects fast moving voltage spikes. The output is protected by surge suppression for any spikes that get by the low frequency tuned power transformer. The unit contains no MOV devices so it does not wear over time after multiple surges.
The device has a 10-year warranty, installs in the equipment room and is mounted into a NEMA 12 enclosure.
Microsoft Support
Microsoft has announced extended support for Windows XPe has ended.

What does this mean for Unitec users?
PCI compliance requires computer systems to be promptly updated as security vulnerabilities are identified. Car wash operators who continue to operate with Windows XPe-based products will no longer have access to these updates and their PCI compliance and system security will be at risk. Additionally, products that operate on XPe will be limited to the use of older versions of product software (Sierra version 1.63 or earlier). These software versions are no longer supported and users will no longer have access to bug fixes or feature updates. 

To ensure your payment systems are secure and PCI compliance is unaffected, we advise moving from XPe to the Windows POSREADY7 Operating System.  This upgrade, which may also include hardware updates, allows products to operate on the latest versions of production software while providing users with support and access to feature updates. 

The parts required for this upgrade will vary by product model and configuration. To determine what upgrades are required for your system, please go to our Operating Systems landing page.  If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Support Department.
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March 10
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