April 2021
Brick Family Donates 37.2 Acre Conservation Easement

The Township Board of Supervisors on April 6, 2021 gratefully accepted a donation of a conservation easement over 37.2 acres on Mt. Eyre Road from Edgar W. Brick, Trustee of the Edgar W. Brick Revocable Trust.

A conservation easement is one way for private landowners to protect their land from future development while leaving it in private ownership. A conservation easement is a legal and binding agreement recorded with a property's deed and thereby applies to all future owners.

Nearly 40 percent of Upper Makefield's land is permanently preserved, allowing gorgeous views for all to enjoy our unique hills and farmlands along the Delaware River in Bucks County.

Upper Makefield welcomes the opportunity to acquire real property and conservation easements over real property for the future benefit of our residents.
Upper Makefield Website Earns Communications Award

The Township's website earned kudos from the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors in their annual Citizen Communication Contest. The award recognizes how well information is presented and accessed. We update the website routinely, so we encourage you to make it your first source for all things Upper Makefield.

Stop the Spread
It's Time to Seek and Destroy Spotted Lanternfly Eggs

They sure look pretty with their red wings and white spots, but the invasive Spotted Lanternfly is multiplying again this year throughout Bucks County, with egg masses in clusters of 30-50 eggs overwintering on trees and flat surfaces.

While you may hate finding dozens of emergent lanternflies crawling on your windshield in the coming months, the threat is greater to our environment. Mature lanterflies chow down on 70 different plant species, with a preference for grapevines and maple, walnut, birch and willow trees.

The best time to cut the population is while egg masses are still on trees. They look like a gray smear of mud with a waxy covering. While the egg masses may be on trees, they can also be found on any solid, flat surface, like stones and outdoor furniture. You can scrape the egg masses into a plastic bag, add a bit of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer, smoosh the eggs inside the bag and dispose it. Simply scraping the egg masses to the ground will not work.

Examples of lanternfly circle traps can be found at both Brownsburg Park and Lookout Park. Penn State has many resources and tips for reducing and managing lanterflies. See link below.
2021 Road Projects Approved

Upper Makefield's 2021 road program is underway. Street sweeping in residential areas began April 26 to clear debris and excess winter anti-skid materials, and the Board of Supervisors awarded this year's road paving project at their meeting on April 20. The $539,595 bid was awarded to Bray Brothers and includes the roads listed below.

  • Canal Run West, from Kings Grant to Canal Run East
  • Canal Run East
  • Liberty Place
  • Independence Place
  • Militia Place
  • Declaration Place
  • Thompson Mill Road, from Street Road to 286 Thompson Mill
  • Bowmans Drive West
  • Bowmans Drive East
  • Brooks Bend
  • Brownsburg Road East, from 95 Brownsburg Rd. to 140 Brownsburg Rd.
  • Upper Makefield Firehouse
  • Terrell Drive, including re-installation of speed humps
Please Report Potholes

If you find yourself navigating a pothole, please call it in!
Where you report it depends on whether it’s a state, local or private road. Here is a list of state roads located within Upper Makefield:
  • Dolington Road
  • Pineville Road
  • Route 32
  • Route 532
  • Route 232
  • Stoopville Road
  • Street Road from Lurgan Road to Solebury Township Line
  • Taylorsville Road

Whom to Call

  • Call PennDOT at 1-800-FIX-ROAD or 215-345-6060 to report a pothole on a state road.
  • Call Upper Makefield Public Works at 215-968-3314 to report a pothole on a Township-owned road.
  • Call your Homeowners Association to report a pothole in your community.
Tree Grants

As you consider planting new trees on your property this spring, apply now for a grant of up to $975 for planting up to 12 trees per year. As the image shows, strategic placement of trees saves energy costs and can improve your property value 15 percent or more.

All property owners are eligible to apply for reimbursement up to $50/tree, $25/tree for planting and $6/tree for tree protection. The UMTree Grant program covers Pennsylvania native trees only.

Funding for both programs comes from developer fees paid to the Township and not from taxpayer dollars. Details are included on the application.

Saturday, May 8 - Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event
  • Upper Bucks Tech School, 3115 Ridge Road, Perkasie.
  • 9:00 a.m. Rain or Shine. Registration required. Details.

June 7-19 - The 38th Annual Bucks County Senior Games
  • Last day to register is May 10. Register online at or call 267-880-5700. Events include virtual games, bocce, trivia, pickleball and more.
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