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Urban Ed Announces New Licensing and Plans to Expand Course Offerings
Urban Ed is proud to announce that it has achieved accreditation as a post-secondary education institution with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). Before granting this status, OSSE's Higher Education Licensure Commission thoroughly assessed the quality of Urban Ed's educational programs. It also evaluated Urban Ed's business practices and compliance with laws and regulations.
The new licensing is part of Urban Ed's strategic growth plan and will help the organization significantly scale up its work for the unemployed and the employers in our region. To achieve this vision over the next four years, Urban Ed will embark on a major expansion of its flagship IT training program thanks to initial investments from JP Morgan Chase and the Meyer Foundation.
Rather than following a single track, students will be able to select from six IT career pathways, including high-demand domains such as computer support, networking, cybersecurity, and programming. The number of certification tracks students can pursue will increase from two to twelve, with new courses in CompTIA, Cisco, Linux, HDI, Axelos, and others. Urban Ed will also begin providing online courses in the same subject areas helping those already working to have flexibility in securing new or additional IT training.
Urban Ed's expanded program will operate under the new name of STEMAcad, with its course catalog available in the late fall.
"Being a part of the OSSE family of institutions is very exciting for Urban Ed, as well as the community in general," says Violet Browne, Urban Ed's Career Coach and Manager of Administration. "Our new STEMAcad will continue to build and enhance the pool of minority talent that our region so desperately needs."
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