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Utica United Methodist Church 
August 8th, 2018
Sunday, August 12th Worship Celebration

This Sunday, August 12th, and continuing through August 26th, weather permitting, our Sunday Morning 
Worship Celebrations will be held at 9:00 AM in the Outdoor Sanctuary.  Our worship schedule is as follows:

8:45 AM   Praise Band Practice 
9:00 AM   Worship Celebration
            Nursery (Kindergarten and Younger)
    10:00 AM   Adult Sunday School
August 12th Willing Servants
Refreshments:    Melissa Owens
Greeters:           Melissa Owens
Nursery:            Marlana Baker
Back up:            Margaret Bowman
August 19th Willing Servants
Refreshments:    NEED VOLUNTEERS
Greeters:            NEED VOLUNTEERS
Nursery:             Diane Simmons
Back up:             Karen Shomaker
Committee Meeting Schedule 
As we begin making plans for the coming year, please familiarize yourself with our meeting schedule and make plans to attend any meetings of committees of which you may be a member. 

10:00 AM-Worship Committee Meeting
5:00 PM-Education Committee Meeting
7:30 PM-Finance Committee Meeting
8:00 PM-Administrative Council Meeting
10:00 AM-Greeting-Media-Sound Meeting
10:00 AM-SPRC Committee Potluck Meeting
7:00 PM-Nomination & Leadership Meeting
Adult Sunday School Class Study
When we find a great vacation spot, we tell someone.  When we eat at a great restaurant, we tell someone.  When we watch a great movie or read a great book, we tell someone.  When we get a great deal on a car, appliance or know about a great sale, we tell someone.  Why do we hesitate to share the greatest news in all the world, the "Good News" about Jesus Christ?!
On August 5, 2018, we began the study of two short books:
"Tell Someone" by Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California.
"Turning Everyday Conversations Into Gospel Conversations" by lead Pastor Jimmy Scroggins of Family Church and assistant Pastor Steve Wright of Family Church in Florida.
Come learn with us some simple, practical ways to share your personal story and the "Good News" of Jesus with the people God has placed in your path every day!
Note from our Trustees
Regarding our church building's security.  If you find yourself the only person left in the church and you don't know how to set the alarms, please call Jim Shomaker at 740/892-3542 or Mark Smith at 740-507-3484.  It is important that we use the alarm system to protect the gifts the Lord has provided.  Thank you!
Is This Bible Yours?
Last month, a brown leather bound Bible was left in the outdoor sanctuary.  If you are missing your Bible, please contact the office to retrieve it.  Thank you.

Twelve Months of Giving


The Events Committee is continuing Twelve Month of Giving, sponsoring and collecting items for Utica's food pantry.  Each month the pantry volunteers let us know what is most needed.  Please place your donations in the bin upstairs or downstairs by the door.  We will collect your donations at the church and deliver them to the pantry.

Items Needed for the Month of August:
Tuna and Varieties of Canned Soups
  Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.  Hebrews 13:16
Community Back-to-School Dinner
Your help is needed immediately after worship today to get the signs put up in the church yard and to be placed in the community to remind the community of the dinner.  If you can help please meet in Wesley Hall.  Thanks
Here are the School Supply Lists for those items to be included in our book bags given to school kids at our Community Dinner on Saturday, August 19th.  Please start your shopping now and bring your donations in to the church prior to August 17th.  Please remember that we also need shoes for the school kids who attend our dinner so don't forget to pick up shoes to donate while you're out shopping.  We also have copies of these lists on the table at the rear of the Sanctuary:


The following is needed for all grades per student:
Age appropriate book bag
24 count packages of Crayola crayons (2-4)
Large box of tissues
Yellow #2 pencils (12-24)
Plastic two-pocket folder for music
Plastic plan colored two-pocket folders in blue, red, purple, yellow, and green
Pair of good scissors
Pink block pearl erasers (2-4)
8 oz. bottle of handsanitizer
Zip gallon storage bags
Zip sandwich bags
Spiral wide-ruled notebooks (red and green in color) x 4
Glue sticks (6-12)
Expo dry erase markers (2-4)
Index cards (any size) 100-200
Large container of Clorox/Lysol wipes
School box
Plastic zippered pencil pouch with three-hole punch to go in binder

Grade Specific:
First grade:      1 inch three-ring binder with outer plastic pocket x 1
Second grade:  bottle of Elmer's glue
                       1 inch three-ring binder with outer plastic pocket x 1
Third grade:     Wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper
                       1.5 inch three-ring binder x 1
Fourth grade:    1 box of 12 colored pencils
                       Two-inch binders x 3
                       Three subject spiral note book x 2 
                       One package post-it notes
                       Highlighter x 4
Fifth Grade:       1.5 inch three-ring binder in each color:  red, green, purple
                       2 250 sheet package of wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper


Pair of five-inch scissors
Set of five-tab dividers
3 x 5 lined index cards, 100 count
Black composition notebook
Package of Crayola crayons
Colored Pencils
Wide-rule loose leaf paper
Dry erase Expo markers
Box or #2 lead pencls
Blue or black pens (no gel)
Two pocket folders
Clorox/Lysol sipes
Glue sticks

Grade specific:
6th Grade:     Eraser caps
                    One-inch three-ring binder
                    Two-inch three ring binder
7th Grade:     Combination lock for phys ed
                    Two-inch three ring binder x2
1.5 -inch three ring binder x2
Package of sticky notes
Spiral note book x 1
Calculator TI-30C II S
Handheld pencil sharpener
8th Grade:     Combination lock for phys ed
                    One-inch three ring binder x4
1.5 -inch three ring binder x1
Calculator TI-30C II S
We Need Help from Willing Servants for our Worship Celebrations

We are looking for volunteers to serve refreshments and/or great your fellow worshipers for the following dates:

Sunday, August 19            Refreshments                          Greeters
Sunday, September 2        Refreshments
Sunday, November 25       Refreshments
Sunday, December 16       Refreshments                          Greeters
Sunday, December 23       Refreshments
Sunday, December 30       Refreshments                          Greeters

If you are able to help on any of these dates, please send an email or make a phone call to the office to let us know which dates you can help.
Moments with Mark #195
You are watching your favorite sports team, cheering your heart out.  You are singing along with your favorite music artists at a concert. You are jumping up and down cheering on your kid at one of their activities.  Now, it's Sunday, and church is a little boring and mundane in comparison.  Where's the excitement for Jesus?
The word excitement means to be stirred or thrilled.  The state of being emotionally worked up, the feeling of active and cheerful joy. Does this describe the way you feel about Jesus and your faith?
What if when the worship team takes their places up front on Sunday, we get up on our feet cheering for them?  The Pastor starts down the aisle and all hands are out for a high five, and when he gets up to preach, we lean forward in our seats in anticipation of the message.  What if?
What if we just couldn't wait to tell others about Jesus and what he has done in our lives? "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice (jump for joy)!" (Phil. 4:4 NIV with emphasis added)  God has done so much for us!  Let's get excited about that!  Our excitement will make others want to know what we have.  What if we were so excited about our faith we just had to take praise and worship breaks throughout the day?  Stop and praise Him!  Can I get an amen?!

                                                                      Mark McDaniel
From the Office
Our regular office hours are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  To submit information for Heartbeats or the bulletin, please deliver copy ready items to the office by hand or email no later than 1:00 pm on Wednesday of each week.

Mary Lou Dixon, Administrative Assistant
Utica United Methodist Church
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