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Issue:  Winter 2018

Eighth  Annual  STARS Event

VRABE Congratulates staff member Tom Curran, site administrator of Bacon Academy, and Rebecca Markham, CDP student at RHS who were VOCAL award recipients. Recognition took place on Thursday, November 30th at the Hartford Public Library.

Regional Director Andy Rockett with 
student recipient Rebecca Markham
Rebecca Markham, RHS Student

Rebecca Markhan & Tom Curran - 2nd and 3rd  from left (VRABE student and staff member)
Voices of Connecticut Adult Learners (VOCAL)  is an organization for adult learners who did not get the chance to complete school when they were younger and are now going back to school to better themselves. VOCAL members share their knowledge and experience as adult learners to inspire others and make a difference. They hope to get careers in many different areas to ensure a brighter future for themselves, their children and the community.
Mission: The mission of VOCAL is to advocate, promote, and establish a community of adult learner leaders
Vision: There exists a system for student voice and leadership in adult education

Pottery Handbuilding and Throwing taught by Sally Robinson

The participants below are enjoying the joy of creating with clay! This course introduces foundation skills as students produce a variety of pieces.  The Spring 2018 Continuing Education registration begins January 25.  Pottery classes begin February 20th.



Wethersfield ESL Program Celebrates the Holiday Season!

ESL classes at the Wethersfield site enjoyed eating together, Mariachi entertainment, singing, laughter and great conversation throughout the evening.  

Submitted  by: Irene Bobriwnyk, ESL Teacher, Wethersfield High School

Santa made a cameo appearance at the E O Smith's ESL class end of the semester party. Santa told the class that his message was love and respect for all religions, genders, and countries, and how happy he was to find such a special place where so many come together in peace.

Submitted by: Marion Bissonnette, ESL Coordinator, E.O. Smith

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Andy Rockett

Hi Folks,

What a great time of year for us all to reflect upon those things great and small for which we feel grateful! Here at VRABE, we have the best of all worlds - an incredibly supportive and caring group of co-workers, all willing to help in time of need; a noble mission in supporting those striving to improve their lives; and most of all, students that we admire, respect and grow close to! VRABE is much like a large, extended family, and we're so happy to be part of it.

Enjoy your holiday season, and thank you for being part of VRABE.


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