VadaTech DAQ Series
April 2017    
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VadaTech DAQ Series
VadaTech DAQ Series™ is a complementary Board Support Package dedicated to A-D and D-A conversion platforms. It provides access to the hardware and acquisition functions from existing tools developed by leading silicon suppliers and computing software developers (Vivado and System Generator for DSP™ from Xilinx, Simulink from MathWorks® from MATLAB®, Qt software development framework, or EPICS).

With the VadaTech DAQ Series™, the ADC and DAC directly interface with the Xilinx FPGA of your choice for initial data processing and transfer to another interface of the FPGA such as the on-board memory and the host CPU which provides two distinct functions. The first is the configuration and control of the acquisition. The second is the access to the data in the host memory and real time data display: 

Using the ADC and DAC performances and density as a starting point for their architecture, our customers can scale the data processing power within our portfolio of Xilinx FPGA (Zynq to VirtexUltraScale) and CPU (Intel Xeon, Haswell, Broadwell). DAQ Series™ is supported from low speed high density DAQ523 including 12 channels ADC @125MHz and dual DAC @250MHz with Kintex-7 FPGA, to the very high speed AMC599 dual ADC @6.4GHz and dual DAC @12GHz.

VadaTech DAQ Series™ full source code is provided for the libraries, sequencer, DMA, Linux driver and GUI, allowing users to easily customize or brand to their own requirements. Contact VadaTech Sales for DAQ Series™ special enhanced functions such as customized DMA, DAQ multi-channel multi-boards coherent acquisition and trigger synchronization, FPGA development support package, spectrum analyzer GUI or integrated platform (CST). 

VadaTech delivers products suitable for harsh environments from land mobile to sub-surface to airborne (including rotary wing).
T hermal profiling, static and dynamic load analysis, and environmental screening can all be applied to ensure the resulting systems meet stringent performance criteria.  Open standards supported include 3U VPX (air- and conduction-cooled) and MTCA.1, .2 and .3 (air-, hybrid- and conduction-cooled).  As the portfolio of proven designs is transitioned to 3U VPX, board layout is executed to support conduction-cooled operation from the start, so ensuring our customers have a route to fully ruggedized product for all their system designs.

With COTS modules available for GPP, multicore processing, FPGA, signal conversion and storage, time to market is reduced for network-centric sensor processing applications such as radar and EW.  Standard conduction cooled chassis are available in various ATR sizes, while semi-custom designs support deployments utilizing platform cooling, such as aircraft air systems or UAV bulkhead as a cold wall.

Other News

This month VadaTech maintained its commitment to exceptional quality by successfully passing the AS9100C audit. In addition to also being compliant to the AS9100D Standard during the latest audit, there were zero nonconformities found after reviewing VadaTech's design, development, product realization and customer satisfaction feedback.

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