How can you fit all that on an AMC?
June 2016    
Product News
3 MOSA FPGA carriers - 25 FMCs
VadaTech has released three new FMC carrier boards in different MOSA (Modular Open System Architecture) form factors, all featuring the Xilinx Virtex-7 690T, for applications with advanced data acquisition and digital signal processing requirements:
  • The PCI516 is a PCI Express (PCIe) add-in card
  • The VPX516 is a 3U VPX board
  • The AMC516 is an AdvancedMC (AMC) module
Paired with VadaTech's 25 FMCs, these carriers are an ideal solution for radar processing, SIGINT/EW, and command and control applications as it's easy to integrate I/O cards with A/D, D/A, networking capabilities and more.  MOSA platforms also enable integration of proprietary FMC I/O and reduce the development time for technology refresh or new deployments.

These new boards are optimized for the implementation of complex FPGA algorithms with high throughput requirements. The wide memory channels supporting the FPGA allow for large buffer sizes to be stored during processing as well as for queuing the data to the host.

The MOSA FPGA carriers are available in a range of temperature and shock/vibration specifications. VadaTech also provides BSP support and example code to support your system integration.

Paul Kuepfer, Sales and Marketing Vice President, VadaTech, said: "While VadaTech is fully committed to providing MicroTCA and PCI Express product into commercial, research and defense applications, we recognize that for some customers - especially those with military and aerospace applications - VPX is a corporate mandate for deployed systems. By providing designs in PCIe, AMC and VPX, we will offer a straight-forward migration route between the standards. Design re-use across the form factors will allow us to amortize development over larger volumes than other defense-centric COTS providers."

View VPX516
How can you fit all that on an AMC?

Several VadaTech AMC cards can accommodate an FMC module, including those that are already packed with powerful technology, such as the AMC595 , which is based on the Virtex UltraScaleā„¢ XCVU440 FPGA in FLGA2892 package with an on-board PowerPC P2040. How can you add an FMC to such an already mighty module and keep enough space between components?
We offer a modified height connector as option G on our FMC datasheets, which solves the problem. Customers can select the standard height FMC connector or one which offers the mated height of 17.5 mm on any VadaTech FMC module.  
Combining the UltraScale FPGA and PowerPC processor with one of VadaTech's data acquisition, networking or RF FMCs means these AMCs pack a pretty powerful punch!

VadaTech Wins JPL/NASA Supplier Award
Earlier this year, VadaTech was honored to receive a supplier award from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory or JPL, the leading U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system. JPL globally deployed systems based on VadaTech's standard MTCA chassis, MCH, FPGA and FMC products. The award gave special thanks and recognition among JPL's multiple suppliers for VadaTech's technical expertise, value-for-money, quality and delivery performance.

Saeed Karamooz, CEO of VadaTech, who received the award from Dr. Charles Elachi from JPL at an awards ceremony, said, "This is a proud moment for VadaTech and it would have not happened without dedication from each and every one of our fantastic employees." 

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