July 2019



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Four Benefits New Employees Want Today

In today's times, employers are finding that they need to make their workplaces as appealing as possible to recruit and retain employees. In the past, it may have worked reasonably well for a company to advertise for employees, interview candidates, select the best ones, and then tell them what benefits were available.

Today's reality is quite different, with new employees now having certain needs and desires that aren't necessarily the same as those valued by Baby Boomers. Although employers are still interviewing job candidates to find the right person to hire, quality employees are also using the interview process to decide which company is the best fit for them.

This may be even more true in the veterinary industry than in the overall workforce, as the shortage of veterinarians, nurses, and technicians becomes even more acute. Here are insights into four benefits being desired today.

Pressured to Sign?

Pressured to Sign?

Are you feeling the pressure to sign a Letter of Intent, Employee agreement, or a Restrictive Covenant? Before you sign, know what you are getting into! 

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Understanding Your Net Worth

Experts today often discuss the importance of being empowered, and feeling that way can be a key part of living a full and healthy life. But, take a second look at that phrase-being empowered-and you'll see that it actually refers to a passive process, of other people empowering you. We'd like to suggest that, instead, you should empower yourself by understanding what you're truly worth, embracing a philosophy of lifelong learning, and then using that combination to earn more money in the workplace. The following steps can help you achieve those goals.

Social Media: 
Which Platform Works Best for You?
In the technology age, there is a plethora of social media options. Many businesses have an account with each of the various outlets, but do you really need all of them? When does posting become too much for your business and correspondingly annoying to your clients? Do they really want to follow you on every social media platform and see the same thing posted multiple times? Do they want to see bad animal puns every day or would they rather see pertinent information regarding pet health?

Let's break down the differences between the four most popular social media platforms-Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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