April 2019



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Rules of Engagement:
The Leading Role of Women

To be successful in the workforce today, and throughout your life, you must successfully engage with people from the beginning to the end of each day. Often, it's with people whose viewpoints don't always match your own. And, when viewpoints don't match but you need to resolve the differences, it's crucial to be able to effectively negotiate with the other parties to create a mutually-agreeable solution.

Quality negotiation skills are vital in situations such as receiving a job offer of interest, asking your boss for a raise or to otherwise boost workplace benefits, or when an organization to which you belong is making decisions that will impact people's lives.

Traditionally, women have been more reluctant to negotiate than men, which means they have disproportionately suffered from the costs associated with not negotiating. Even today, there is a frequently-noted "confidence gap" between the genders, with one study showing that only 7 percent of women attempted to negotiate their salaries, whereas 57 percent of the men did.

Women are as competent as men in the workforce, with global studies by Goldman Sachs and Columbia University demonstrating that companies employing women actually outperform their competitors on every measure of profitability. So, the issue is confidence, not competency - but, because confidence is a critical component of success, this article will share information about how women can successfully engage and negotiate with others to receive what they deserve.

Your Circus, Your Monkeys
Your Circus, Your Monkeys
In This Issue
Staff Training:
Teaching, Motivating and Developing Your Team
In the past, some companies offered staff training at two times only: when someone was new to the company and when a problem arose that they wanted to correct. The value of training is so much greater than orientation and problem solving, and today's companies are more likely to utilize a form of ongoing education, allowing practices to build much more motivated, educated and proactive teams.

Read on to learn ways to create a staff training program that truly adds value to your practice and genuinely teaches, motivates and develops your team.

VBA Extern
Lance Brody 
Lance Brody is a 4th year student at the VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Over the years, he has worked at multiple veterinary hospitals gaining clinical skills and business knowledge. He really enjoys small animal surgery and emergency medicine. In veterinary school, Lance has been a member of the Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) during all 4 years. He enjoys the business aspect of veterinary medicine and hopes to own multiple practices in the near future. His areas of interest include practice management, practice acquisition, and contract negotiations. Lance graduates in May 2019 and has a job waiting for him in Maryland. In Lance's free time, he enjoys paintball, bowling, and spending time with his wife and cat.

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