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Issues to Negotiate
in Practice

When you're offered a job at a veterinary practice, it's important to get as much information as possible about the specifics. You'll typically be offered a certain wage, often along with benefits such as health insurance, retirement benefits, vacation time and the like. But the offer may not mention workplace flexibility and other perks that can have a significant impact on your job - and so it's crucial to negotiate all of the key elements of the offer.

Many people feel uncomfortable when negotiating a work package, but gaining the ability to negotiate well help you to be more successful at work long after you've begun a particular job. As a part of a veterinary practice team, you may need to negotiate with vendors, and with challenging clients - and almost certainly there will be times that you need to negotiate with your employer about a raise, a revised benefits package, and evolving workplace perks and policies.

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In This Issue
Associate Contracts 
for Corporate Consolidators

As the presence of corporate consolidators in the veterinary field increases, it has become even more important to understand what to look for when negotiating an associate contract with a corporate practice. Generally speaking, corporations can have a significant edge in negotiations because they can cause you to believe that their contracts are non-negotiable. They may, for example, say the following: "This is our contract for everyone."  In reality, everything is negotiable, and it's your value that allows you to negotiate your own contract.

While it's true you may have less negotiating power with a corporation than with a private practice, you will have more legal protection under the employment laws with a corporation. Ideally, all contracts should be reviewed by an attorney or translator experienced in reviewing veterinary employment agreements, because contracts are intended to prevent miscommunications in the future. Below are some key points to consider when negotiating a contract with a corporate consolidator ("CC").

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