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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Veterinary Technicians?

Improving the bottom line of a practice is typically an ongoing endeavor - and it's important that, as you create opportunities for enhanced revenues, you also continue to brainstorm ways to become more efficient in your practice. One excellent way to do this: use your veterinary technicians more effectively.
When technicians are used efficiently to assist in treating, preventing and/or managing disease and/or injury in animals, more of the veterinarians' time is freed up to generate revenue. And, through more streamlined processes, technicians continue to play a key role in preserving a higher net income. Here is just one example: when technicians communicate directly with clients, their use of layperson language is typically easy to understand - which helps with client retention. Plus, practices that use technicians effectively in a professional environment tend to retain staff, as well - which also adds to client satisfaction and reduces costs associated with staff turnover.
Although there is no one "right" way to structure a practice and technician duties, there are methods proven to be successful, and this article takes a look at them.

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Eight Strategies for Strong Leaders
" . . . leadership 'remains the No. 1 talent issue facing organizations around the world,' with 86% of respondents to the survey rating it 'urgent' or 'important.' However, the fact that only 13% say they do an excellent job of developing leaders at all levels means that this area has the largest 'readiness gap.'" ( Forbes.com/Deloitte University Press )
It's hard to dispute that strong leadership is important, so how can this readiness gap be filled in? Here are eight strategies from Monday Morning Leadership by David Cottrell.

In This Issue

In honor of National Veterinary Technician Week, we have created this fun quiz!  We hope you laugh a little while recognizing just how valuable veterinary technicians are to your practice!

Are you tough enough to be a Veterinary Technician?

Special thank you to our friends Lynn Johnson, LVT, RVT and Rebecca Rose, CVT for their guidance. 
Pharmaceutical-Related Dangers for Equines  

As a horse owner and/or trainer, you know the expenses involved in the upkeep of equine animals, not the least of which is medical care. It's only natural to brainstorm about ways to cut costs and you may ask yourself these questions, among others:

 -Should I price shop at Internet-based pharmacies?
 -Should I investigate getting less expensive formulations of these drugs online or through a compounding pharmacy?
 -Is there any real advantage to FDA-approved drugs that I get through my veterinarian?

If you've found yourself going through these thought processes - and even following through and using, say, Internet-based pharmacies - then it's crucial that you read this article to have a better understanding of the:

-shortcomings of Internet pharmacies
-dangers of inappropriate compounding
-quality processes that FDA-approved drugs undergo
-liability for trainers and/or barn owners if an injury occurs under your care and you chose a poor quality source of medication    
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