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Workplace Gossip - How to Control the Rumors
"Maria's skirt is awfully short, isn't it? And she sure doesn't have the figure to pull that off!"
"You're not going to believe what I heard about our new client . . ."
"Did you hear who is getting divorced? You're not going to believe what happened!"
"We're not getting bonuses this year because of what happened between Fred and Susan."
"Did you hear why Martin got that raise? And did you hear how much it was?"
Statements like this are heard in workplaces around the country, including veterinarian offices, with victims of gossip being managers, coworkers, clients - and anyone else the gossiper runs across during his or her day. While gossip can contain kernels of truth, stories shared are often blown out of proportion, and are sometimes completely false.
When people who work at a veterinarian's office gossip, and the manager doesn't effectively address the situation, the workplace quickly becomes toxic. Some managers don't address the gossip because they are turning a blind eye (or, more accurately, ear!) to what employees are doing. And, unfortunately, sometimes the managers are active participants in the gossiping, which makes the situation even worse.

Originally Published in Today's Veterinary Business, April 2018

Put Some Thought
into Personality Assessments
It can be tempting to consider an extraverted person as a "good" employee and an introverted one as less attractive. In reality, people all along the spectrum can make outstanding employees.

Workplace culture in a veterinary practice is significantly influenced by the personalities of the people who work there. So, it makes good sense to gain a clear understanding of personality assessments and how they can benefit a practice.

In 2015, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) published an in-depth piece about personality tests and their value in the workplace. The writer noted that as many as 60 percent of workers must now take workplace assessment tests, either as part of the hiring process or for career development purposes.

Originally Published in Today's Veterinary Business, Feb. 2018

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"Danielle was raised in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Her passion for veterinary medicine started in kindergarten when she first discovered her love for horses. This passion lead her to start her own farm care business when she was 12-years-old and develop connections that grew her small and large animal veterinary experiences. Danielle received her bachelor's degree in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at Penn State where she also studied the nutrition's role in stillborn calves in the diary and meat industries. During her time at Penn State, Danielle spent her free time riding for the Penn State Equestrian Team, working for the Penn State Veterinary Extension, and studying in Southern France to become conversationalist in the language. Danielle is now a fourth-year veterinary student at the University of Pennsylvania with intentions to graduate in 2019 as a small animal general practitioner. Her affinity for entrepreneurship has grown from her farm care business to a goal for practice ownership, which she has developed through involvement with the Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) and other school financial, management, and legal electives. Just recently she was honored to be selected as the Simmons Educational Fund Business Aptitude Award recipient for the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of veterinary studies, Danielle enjoys spending time with her family, riding her horse, Jazmine, and participating in many outdoor activities."

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