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Optimizing Millennial Success
Millennials are on track to be the most educated group of people entering the workforce in history. They have been defined as "ambitious high-achievers"and, as such, it was speculated that employers would appreciate these hard workers entering the workforce. However, the Millennials' transition into the workforce has not been as smooth as it was predicted, and misunderstandings between groups from different generations have allowed for the untapped potential from Millennials to be wasted. There are various characteristics of Millennials that when understood and properly managed by employers, can create a happy working environment for all generations.

VBA Extern: Stephanie Rey
Stephanie Rey is a 3rd year student at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine. She is interested in using her time at VBA to broaden her knowledge on ethical and malpractice issues, as well as practice ownership and contract negotiation, as she believes these issues will be relevant throughout her entire professional career. She is pursuing a career as a small animal general practitioner and hopes to one day own a practice on Long Island. She also has a special interest in small animal dentistry, acupuncture and behavioral modification. During her free time, Stephanie enjoys traveling, hiking and scuba diving with family and friends.
Out of Control Employees

VBA Out of Control Employees

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No Social Media Policy?
Get One Posthaste

Originally Published in
Today's Veterinary Business
December 2018 
Use of the internet, particularly social media, can be a double-edged sword, especially in the workplace. On the plus side, it can be a wonderful vehicle for marketing your practice and otherwise connecting with clients and potential clients. On the darker side, what happens when an employee posts content that can have a negative impact on the practice? Should you respond? If so, how should you respond? If a post is offensive, do you have the option of disciplining, even firing, that employee?
Because people in general are so openly sharing thoughts and opinions on social media, it's not surprising that many experts believe that terminations based on employees posting inappropriate content will continue to increase. Handling this type of issue at your practice can be challenging for your human resource team, given that this is a fairly new type of problem to tackle - but, finding the right approach is crucial, given that just one post has the potential to blow up into a public relations and human resource disaster.

VBA Extern: Jennifer Rose
Jennifer Rose is a 4th year student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is the student representative for the Public Education and Marketing Committee of the WVMA. Her interests include client education, developing profitable practices, navigating the landscape of corporate takeovers and managing employees efficiently. She hopes that these interests will be put to use after graduation at a small or mixed animal practice. When not studying, Jen enjoys cooking, traveling, boating, reading and spending time with her family.

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