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Selling Your Practice?
How to Transition 
Your Team

Whether an owner is transitioning a practice to an associate, colleague or corporate entity, the process of onboarding  can be complex. This article  outlines the medical, financial and staff transition steps to follow, post-sale, along with the challenges each presents. Although mergers and acquisitions (M&As) typically begin with high hopes of success, not all do succeed. Most failures are attributed to operational, financial and/or customer relations problems. Click the link below to learn what steps practice owners can take to help their team transition.

Hiring an Associate?
It's a Buyer's Market
but those Offers Must Make Sense

Reprinted with Permission from Leslie Mamalis at Summit Veterinary Advisors
On August 8, 2018, there were 2,403 job postings for veterinarians on the Veterinary Career Network. Hiring an associate doctor is rarely easy, but currently the demand for associates far outweighs the supply. While experienced associates can command good salaries and benefits, we see new graduates negotiating generous compensation packages of their own. The shortage of veterinarians looking for new positions, the expansion of corporate veterinary practices and the availability of corporate level benefits serve to increase compensation packages offered to new hires. These packages often include higher starting salaries, signing bonuses, more paid time off, moving expenses, help with student loan repayment and come without requirements for on call or emergency coverage. This phenomenon is not occurring only in the major metropolitan areas; it is happening throughout the country.

Succession Plan

Succession Plan

In This Issue
Effective Change Management Strategies 

Originally Published in 
Today's Veterinary Business
August 2018

Although plenty of businesses talk about change, and although many of them devote significant time to change management, too many efforts are still failing. An article in HR Magazine titled "Why Change Efforts Fail" analyzes why this is happening and offers suggestions to help make your next change management strategies take root.

Read more about the article and learn some tips to help prevent change initiatives from failing by clicking the link to below.


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