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Veterinary Nurse vs. Technician:
the Pros and the Cons

The Veterinary technician profession has been subjected to variability since birth. Today, it faces a new, and hopefully positive change with discussions about modifying the profession's title to "veterinary nurse". A movement led by the National Association for Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) has illuminated differing opinions between those in and outside of the profession.

The NAVTA has launched the Veterinary Nurse Initiative in an action to unite a single title, set of credential requirements, and scope of practice. This movement would hopefully provide recognition to the profession and elevate its credibility by requiring further education. Like human nurses, differing titles would recognize individual's efforts for further education. To distinguish associate and bachelor's degrees, NAVTA has proposed designating Registered Veterinary Nurse for associate degrees and Bachelor of Sciences in Veterinary Nursing for bachelor's degrees.

Australia and the United Kingdom have already changed the name to "veterinary nurse" with large success. As the movement poses potential in the States, many academic institutions and corporations, have published endorsements for its change; however, the initiative does face fair opposition.

Modern Mentoring:
How Mentoring Has Evolved and 7 Keys to a Good Program
Originally Published for Today's Veterinary Business, October 2018

Although mentoring is not a new concept in the workplace, modern partnerships are not necessarily like those in the past. According to HR Magazine, formal mentoring relationships in previous eras would have typically lasted at least a year. Informal ones? They could last a decade. In today's workforce, though, these relationships are often shorter and more specialty-oriented than before.

Because of this shortened time-frame  and accelerated pace, lines between mentoring and coaching can be blurred. Increasingly, mentors are no longer necessarily higher on a company's organizational chart. In fact, reverse-mentoring now exists, when newer staff members are teaching older, more experienced ones about things such as new technology, social media and crowdsourcing. 

Read on to learn about the seven keys to creating the best possible mentor/mentee relationship.

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AAVSB Membership Approves Practice Act Model Updates Including Telehealth Guidelines

Kansas City, MO (September 19, 2018) -
The American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) is pleased to announce the most recent version of its Practice Act Model as approved by the AAVSB Member Boards at the 2018 AAVSB Annual Meeting & Conference in Washington, DC on September 15, 2018. The Annual Meeting recorded the highest attendance in the AAVSB history with 55 of 62 member jurisdictions represented.

"The Practice Act Model has always been and continues to be a resource for all of the AAVSB Member Boards as it helps them when considering changes to their statutes or regulations," stated Dr. Lila Miller, the chair of the AAVSB Regulatory Policy Task Force charged by the AAVSB Board of Directors with updating the document. She continued, "The Task Force was focused on responding to the current regulatory environment as well as considering how technology could impact veterinary regulation in the future."

The AAVSB Regulatory Policy Task Force addressed changes in technology that allow access to veterinary medical services in-person or by any means of communication.
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