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Successfully Managing Conflict
in your
Veterinary Practice
Originally Published in 
Today's Veterinary Business 
April/May 2019

The reality is that after spending all day with your co-workers, almost every day of the week, conflict is inevitable at your veterinary practice. What is reasonable, though, as well as desirable, is to create a healthy work environment, one where conflicts that arise are managed in a functional way that allows the practice to flourish. From a practical standpoint, managing conflict is part of your job if you're in a supervisory position.
To effectively manage workplace conflict, here are nine strategies to consider.

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Succession Planning 
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Telephone Etiquette in Veterinary Practices
People like to feel as though they're worth your time and attention. It's only human nature, right? When clients or potential clients call your veterinary office, they want to hang up feeling as though their cats and dogs are important to you.
Here are six strategies to help you secure and retain clients through how your practice handles those telephone conversations.

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25th Annual Continuing
 Education Conference
The American Veterinary Medical Law Association (AVMLA) will host its 25th Annual Continuing Education Program August 3-4, 2019 in Washington, DC. The 2019 program includes engaging presentations from leaders in the field of veterinary medical law. To learn more about the AVMLA organization or to register for their conference, please follow the links below.

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