February 2018



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How #MeToo Affects You, Too
The #MeToo movement started last fall with claims of sexual harassment and rape against movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Before long, dark shadows were cast over other powerful men - from entertainment personalities Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Russell Simmons and James Franco to politicians Al Franken and Roy Moore.

Although any accusation typically gets more publicity when a celebrity is involved, sexual misconduct occurs in all walks of life. What will you do - and should you do - as a veterinary practice owner or manager if an employee lodges harassment claims? What if the employee joins the #MeToo movement and goes onto social media to name names at your hospital?

If your team has a sexual harasser, your practice may be one complaint away from a disaster. How should your practice respond to the multilayered issue of sexual harassment? Do you know how to respond to complaints and proactively protect your practice?
Knowledge Is Power

First, take a good, hard look at your hospital's sexual harassment training program and be honest with yourself. What is the quality of the program and how much effort do you put into it? If the program isn't as well thought out and implemented as it could be and should be, you're not alone, but improving it must be a priority. The training must pay more than lip service to the issue and must not be only a way to limit your liability if or when a complaint occurs.

Mysteries of Fair Compensation 2017 Update

It would be so simple if practice owners could open a fortune cookie for each one of their employees and find the method by which to fairly compensate them. While there are commonly accepted methods of compensation, their implementation in veterinary practices varies because different entrepreneurs have different business goals. Also, "fairness" is a relative term that introduces variability into an equation that might otherwise be consistent from practice to practice. This article describes the factors that practice owners should consider when determining compensation for veterinarians and paraprofessional staff. Part I of this article discusses the use of financial benchmarks while Part II explores how motivational theory can inform compensation decisions.

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AVMA Council 
January 2018 

With many states allowing medicinal marijuana use in humans and some allowing recreational use as well, the AVMA believes it is important for members to understand both the legal status of marijuana and the risks that the drug can pose to animals.

A new document for AVMA members provides comprehensive background information that will help veterinarians understand the legal aspects of cannabis use in animals, field questions from and advise clients who are interested in marijuana treatments for pets, and identify pets exposed to toxic amounts of marijuana.

"Cannabis: What Veterinarians Need to Know" addresses a broad range of topics, including the following:
  • The legal status of medicinal marijuana in veterinary medicine.
  • How cannabinoids function.
  • Marijuana risks to pets.
  • Clinical signs and treatment of acute marijuana toxicosis.
  • Effects of chronic marijuana exposure.
Available on the "Cannabis Use and Pets" page of the AVMA website, the document is the first in a series of cannabis-related materials that the AVMA is developing as a resource for members. Future tools will include information on medicinal marijuana in pets and educational materials that veterinarians can share directly with clients.

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