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When Employees Refuse To Sign Disciplinary Notices
Originally  published in Today's Veterinary Business.

You created disciplinary policies and procedures that are clear, fair and approved by your attorney. You carefully document misconduct and poor performance, and you discuss the acts with all relevant parties.

But then an employee throws a curve ball by refusing to sign a disciplinary notice. You really want the signature as proof of the discipline meeting, so what do you do now?
Here are seven steps to get the signature and help prevent a refusal from happening again. The steps also will help you to protect your veterinary practice when an employee ultimately does not sign a  disciplinary notice.

1. Stay Calm

It isn't unusual for  employees to refuse to sign notices related to disciplinary matters. There are reasonable actions you can take to manage the disciplinary process and protect your practice if the meeting later becomes part of a legal matter. The calmer you can remain, the better.

Jordan Solomon
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Veterinary Business Advisors, Inc. is pleased to welcome attorney Jordan Solomon to the VBA family. Jordan is an experienced transactional attorney with over 25 years' experience. He is a trusted advisor with expertise in buying, selling, merging and dividing businesses; employment contract negotiations, including compensation and benefits structuring; real estate and equipment lease, purchase and sale negotiations; business startup and succession planning; non-compete design, negotiation and settlement; partnership formation, expansion and dissolution; negotiating corporate, private equity and management agreements; and advising clients on a variety of other business and legal matters. Prior to coming to VBA, Jordan has been a Partner and an Associate at large and mid-sized law firms in New York and New Jersey. Jordan earned his Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude, from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and his Bachelor's Degree in Government from Franklin & Marshall College.
In his free time, Jordan likes to play golf, bowl and travel. He also enjoys spending time with his family, friends and especially his two dogs, Jake and Bailey.

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Unionization in the Veterinary Industry

In the summer of 2017, a small group of veterinary personnel formed the National Veterinary Professional Union (NVPU). The members of this grassroots movement are largely from Seattle, and they have prompted plenty of conversation about the benefits of unionizing the profession, as well as the challenges that will likely arise. It should be noted that, in rare instances, unions have already existed in the veterinary industry, but these have been isolated ones under unique circumstances.
More About the NVPU
The organization has been called the brainchild of Morgan VanFleet, a veterinary technician who is leaving the industry to work in nursing. Another technician, Liz Hughston, is serving as the organization's communications director and is listed on the group's website as president. She has pointed out how quickly credentialed staff are leaving the profession, calling the current environment unsustainable and a motivation for unionization.

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