July 2011
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Pain : What Is Making You Ache?
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What Is Making You Ache?


Pain is a symptom of obstructed energy flow, whether it be acupuncture meridians, nerve conductance, lymphatic circulation, blood circulation, cellular communication, or connective tissue communication.  It is the job of a healer, practitioner, therapist, yoga teacher, nutritionist, psychologist, energy worker, or spiritual healer to correct the energy obstruction or imbalance.  It is the responsibility of the sufferer to seek the truth of the underlying cause of the condition, or to change that part of his/her lifestyle which is involved, whether it be the wrong exercise system, not enough exercise, wrong diet, inadequate supplementation, negative attitudes, or not having the willingness to release old emotional traumas.


No matter where ones pain is, it can be related either directly or indirectly back to the spine.  The foundation for every treatment should be directed to the spine first.  Next, the interrelationship of the extremities to the spinal structure must be balanced.  Past injuries, no matter how long ago, can cause this.  The third phase is to analyze and correct organ/gland/blood disharmonies and dysfunctions so that the internal and external bodies function together in harmony.  Fourth, the energetic body which includes the acupuncture meridians, muscle emotional complexes, muscle emotional complexes, chi or life force strength, and the chakras must be brought into alignment.  It is here that we find past emotional traumas, post traumatic stress syndromes, losses and disappointments.  Also, the cause of negative addictions, hopelessness, and depression will be linked to these areas. 


Treatment is dependant upon what is found.  It may require chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture or Chinese medicine, emotional release treatments using essential oils, cold laser treatments, diet and supplement, exercise recommendations, or spiritual guidance.


We are the healing center of the future, for we cover every aspect of what the body, mind, and soul needs to come to an understanding of what is the foundation of the symptomotology.


In addition to the above specific treatment applications, it must be emphasized that chemical bombardment from skin care products and toothpaste can lead to tissue toxicity, which result in chronicity of pain and inflammation.  Therefore it is essential to use products that do not contain toxic components, especially synthetic essential oils.  The best products are Young Living shampoos, conditioners, skin moisturizers, soaps, toothpastes, all of which contain therapeutic grade essential oils. 


Call Sandra and she can set up an account for you to order items that will replace the toxic ones.


There are certain foods which cause or aggravate pain syndromes.  It is best to eliminate these from the diet:

Pork or any meat from pork

Cured meats also called deli meats

            Too many nuts

            Shrimp and shellfish

            Corn products, especially anything with

high fructose corn syrup

            Acid fruits like oranges, grapefruit,

kiwi, strawberries and plums.

            Spinach, arugula, kale, chard

            Too much garlic and onions

            French fries and onion rings

            Too much turkey and chicken

            Peanuts, peanut butter


If you or any family member or friend have any pain or functional disorders, don't put it off.  Let us figure it out and get it fixed.  Call for an appointment and make a commitment to get to the bottom of it, without doubt and restraint.


Dr. Edward Wagner DC

We hope you are finding this information usefull and it brings you healing. Please contact us so that we can further assist you on your personal healing.




Wishing you strength and success!

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