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Conciousness Of Healing

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To all of my dear patients, during the start of this new year, I want to extend my warmest gratitude of having the privilege to treat and get to know you and your families. I want to be able to do my part to make each and every one of you continue your journey to healing and make this coming year your most successful year of your future.
I am putting together mini treatments in the form of these weekly newsletters so that you can have a more complete understanding of all of the facets of health that I believe are an important part of your daily life.
For further information please contact me through Facebook or follow my treatments on Twitter. I look forward to seeing you in the office to show you our latest technology and introduce you to our new addition to our staff.

Dr. Edward Wagner DC
Wagner Holistic Center

The Consciousness of Healing


Seeking healing is the same as pursuing a path of consciousness, a relationship with God, or even an understanding of one's self.  It is a life long process.  Healing takes time and is no different than the farmer who prepares the soil, chooses the seed, sows the seed, waters it with just the right amount of water, and then waits patiently for the harvest day using his time pulling the weeds out. 


Healing isn't easy and it can be messy.  It requires investment, learning, instruction, discipline, courage, patience and determination to maintain the course.  It requires a choice to make decisions to mature in wisdom so one can overcome the temptations of negative pleasure or falling prey to the desire of the quick fix. 


It requires the overcoming of fear, worry and negative expectations.  Even more deeply, it is a journey of clearing and transforming self deprecating and undermining of ones own perceived value, self image, world image, negative unforgiving judgments.  It may be the need to heal how one perceives life itself and the future.  Many see life as their enemy or as an adversary.


Healing must be from the inside out, not the outside in.  This means that the patient is seeking the causes, the chain of events that lead to the symptom complex.  These causes can include injuries in the past of the structural body, past emotional wounds from abuse, deprivation syndromes resulting from a lack of expressions of worthiness from parents, past drug use, past decisions that were made with motives to hurt the honor of a parent.  Other issues could be past dietary habits that have left the body injured metabolically.  Radiation exposure in different locations of the world can have life long consequences.  Some people have a few of these, others have layers upon layers, which can take a long time to heal.  Either way, it is a path that must be taken.


Probably the most difficult person is the one who is inherently strong, who feels very little wrong.  This is the person who never shows symptoms or very little.  Because symptoms are the language of something going wrong, they never believe that they are vulnerable to disease.  Because of this they never seek a real healer who can see thru the armor.  The consequence is that this type of individual is always the one that comes down with a sudden life threatening problem like heart disease or cancer and is bewildered by why it happened to them.  My experience and many healers is that the weak always out live the strong because they seek after understanding and care for themselves, while the strong live in denial and usually think the path that the weak chose to heal is wrong or foolish. 


With today's world being filled with toxins, constant stress, multiple sports that produce injuries, massive information stress, and lack of exposure to nature, it requires a new consciousness to survive.  This new consciousness is to not wait for something to go wrong, but to be checked and balanced often and follow the rules that the conscious healer can offer.  The patient should participate in healing as much as possible in every stress that comes upon them.

By Dr. Edward Wagner DC

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