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Building our Community Together 

It has always been clear to me that building a great community requires meaningful input from the residents who make up that community and in Richmond Hill we recognize this fact. The sub title of our Strategic Plan is "Richmond Hill - Where People Come Together to Build our Community". 

Council and our staff have reached out in the past to seek participation and input from citizens and are doing so presently. There are a number of initiatives underway, and a few about to begin, that will seek resident feedback. Contained in this e newsletter is information about how citizens can get involved in a number of these presently occurring and upcoming opportunities. 

For example, Richmond Hill Planning Staff and Council are beginning a process to review our Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw. This process has been titled Zone Richmond Hill. Input will be sought from the public related to this review which will ultimately lead to a new set of city wide zoning bylaws. Beginning shortly, and running roughly parallel to this process, will be a review of Richmond Hill's Official Plan. The Official Plan process will begin in the New Year and I will be sure to report on opportunities for public input during that process in this e newsletter.

Our Parks Planning Staff is also currently reviewing plans for the revitalization of the Town Park in Ward 2 (behind the Elgin Barrow Arena). This is one of the original community parks in Richmond Hill, and in the past it served as the meeting place for many important Richmond Hill events including the Spring Fair. It was also the home ball park for the Championship Richmond Hill Dynes baseball teams. A public meeting will be held in November on the future revitalization of this important community space.

Our Environment Services staff have embarked on a comprehensive set of actions related to Richmond Hill's response to Climate Change. This project is called Resilient Richmond Hill. Resilient Richmond Hill officially kicked off its public outreach phase at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts in early November. Information about this kick off event and how you can become involved is also contained below.

Winter has arrived earlier than most of us would prefer in Richmond Hill. However, given the reality of winter I wanted to update citizens on some important information related to Winter Snow Clearing Operations. Outlined below are changes to some rules and procedures related to the new Snow Windrow Clearing program approved by Council. It has always been important that residents understand rules such as parking regulations during a snow event, so that our Operations staff are not inhibited in their ability to effectively clear snow from the sidewalks, the roadway, and now the end of your driveway. There are also a number of other changes related to the new Snow Windrow clearing program that people need to know. All of this information is included below.

Finally, below are details of a meeting that I will be hosting in December to discuss a potential development application for a 12 storey building proposed at the north west corner of Brookside Road and Yonge Street. This area of the Ward has seen many development applications in the recent past, and this application is a new one to add to this list of buildings being proposed for the area. I would encourage residents to come out to this meeting, hear about the proposal, and express their views to the applicant, staff and myself.

Each year Council embarks on one of its many important tasks, the approval of Budgets. Council debates and passes two related but separate budgets each year in Richmond Hill. One budget is the Capital Budget which primarily deals with building infrastructure and facilities that we need to run our community. The other is the Operating Budget which deals with the day to day operations of the municipality. 

In the case of both budgets, it is important to remember that while budgets are often big, complex, and daunting number filled documents, they are simply a fiscal reflection of the community's needs and values and outline how we must invest to meet these needs and build a great community in the process. 

These budgets outline how we will invest in items such as community centres and recreational programs, parks, open spaces and libraries that enrich our lives, fire and emergency services that we count on in times of need, and the the maintenance of roads, sewers, water delivery, and waste collection that are needed everyday but are sometimes taken for granted. All of these investments, and many more are foundational and need to be maintained into the future. 

Budget deliberations always include challenges related to keeping these investments up to date but sustainable, efficient, and relevant to our citizens, while also keeping the tax rate, that primarily pays for these investments, at an acceptable level for the community. Given the recent direction given to staff by Council to keep any increases to the Operating Budget to a maximum of 1%, I have no doubt there will be a significant number of difficult, often complicated and multifaceted decisions that Council will need to be make. 

So far in the overall budget process, Council has passed the Tariff and Fee Structure that will set out rates for "user pay" services in our community. Council has also discussed the Capital Budget and made recommendations for approval to the Council meeting scheduled for December 18th. The Operating Budget deliberations will begin on November 26th and will likely conclude in the winter with the ultimate approval of this budget.

For more information on this process please see below and also visit a well written summary of the budget process to date in the Liberal Newspaper at  https://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/9666078-richmond-hill-eyes-1-cap-on-property-tax-increase-in-2020/

As always, I welcome your input during this important process. 

David West 
Ward 4 Councillor Richmond Hill
Cell 416-346-3090
Office 905-771-2480

Banner Photo - Guess what this banner photo is - the answer, and a short article about it will be in the December e newsletter. (I'll give you a hint - the photo was taken in York Region but not in Richmond Hill)
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Councillor Highlights 

1.  Stop Bullying Day - Blue Shirt Day 
October marked international month to raise awareness to stop bullying at work.  We observed this event on Fri d ay, October 18, by raising the flag at the City of Richmond Hill - the first town to declare Stop Bullying Day - Blue Shirt day since 2010.  The blue flag, which is the colour for communication, was raised.  Proper communication is important to solve any problems at work.

2. York Region Official Plan Review Vision 2051
In preparation for the Region of York's Official Plan update, called Vision 2051, local councillors from the nine municipalities in York were invited to the Regional Council Chambers to hear from two experts about the future of cities and urban planning. Nik Badminton, a futurist specializing in trends that impact communities, and Joe Berridge, an Urban Planner and author of the Perfect City, were the experts presenting their ideas on the future of Canadian Cities. These two gentlemen offered an interesting presentation that touched on a myriad of issues that cities face currently, and in the future.
There are many components that must converge to make cities great. Among those discussed were arts and culture, heritage built assets, libraries, parks, recreation programs, and the existence of universities.The challenges of Climate Change and energy use, as well as the related economic opportunities that the development of new green technologies represent, as well as future innovations in transportation technology and future needs related to urban form. In both presentations the important point was made that York Region is building for today but also for the future.
It was also pointed out that about one half of the economic activity in Canada happens in cities in Canada, and the GTHA accounts for about half of this half. It is clearly important that York Region, including Richmond Hill gets this planning exercise right. This is important, for not only for our citizens, but also for the wider population of our country. 

Richmond Hill is also beginning a process to update our own Official Plan and I look forward to engaging with citizens to hear from them as we move through this process. I will be reporting progress on this important process in my e newsletter soon.

3. Richmond Hill Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2019
Josh Binstock
Richmond Hill recently honoured a number of deserving inductees into the Richmond Hill Sports Hall of Fame. People such as:
Blaine Angus an NHL Referee,  Bill Armstrong an NHL Hockey Player and Stanley Cup winning St. Louis Blues Assistant General Manager, 
Tommy Griffiths a Toronto Argonauts Football Player,  Josh Binstock an Olympic Beach Volley Ball player,  and the late Ed Santi a Sports Builder for his many contributions to amateur sport in Richmond Hill,.

All of these individuals were honoured for their accomplishments and contribution back to their hometown of Richmond Hill.
As the various inductees spoke, it was interesting how many spoke of the value of growing up in Richmond Hill and the fond memories that they carry as they compete around the world!
The class of 2019 joins a growing and impressive group of past inductees who have accomplished great things in sport with their career starting in  our community. For more information about the Sports Hall of Fame please visit  www.richmondhill.ca/en/things-to-do/Sports-Hall-of-Fame.aspx

Bill Armstrong

4. Hispanic Heritage Month
One of many talented performers
Norma Trivino - Organizer of the event
October was declared Hispanic Heritage Month in Richmond Hill. 

Thanks to Richmond Hill  Norma Trivino  for hosting a celebration of Hispanic, art, music, dance and culture at Cosmo Music. We are lucky in our community to have the Hispanic culture, and many others, to enrich our lives.

5.  Break the Silence for Yellow Brick House
On October 2, citizens from across York Region came to Break the Silence toward ending violence against women and their children in our community. Yellow Brick House hosted their second annual Break the Silence fundraiser and walk. As an organization, Yellow Brick House has been providing Emergency Shelter and counselling for victims of domestic violence for many years. Today's event was hosted by the boys and faculty of St. Andrews College. As Yellow Brick House Executive Director  Lorris Herenda  said "the young people in attendance today are the leaders of tomorrow and will speak the language of equality". 

It was great to be joined by a number of other York Region Councillors including  Rachel Gilliland  and John Gallo from Aurora, Mayor Taylor from Newmarket, and Deputy Mayor Hamilton from Markham.

5.  Remembrance Day
I can think of no better opportunity to reflect on what is important in our lives and the life of our community than the Annual Remembrance Day Services at our Richmond Hill Cenotaph. Together with the community we expressed our thankfulness for the service of the brave men and women who fought for (and continue to fight for) our freedom and democracy. We honour and thank them and their families for their sacrifice. Lest We Forget.

6.  The Climate Crisis and Municipal Leadership
Climate Change is clearly an important issue that is presently being discussed at all levels of government in Ontario across Canada. Earlier this year I presented a Member Motion to Richmond Hill Council to declare a Climate Emergency in Richmond Hill and join a growing list of other municipalities in Ontario that have taken this action as a first step that would lead to further real action. Unfortunately the motion was deferred with a staff report scheduled to come back to Council early next year. Hamilton Council was recently successful in declaring a Climate Emergency and is now looking at taking further steps to address Climate Change and its impacts in their community.
I was able to attend a meeting hosted by Hamilton Councillors Wilson, Farr, Nann and Danko for residents of Hamilton, entitled The Climate Crisis and Municipal Leadership. The event featured a frank presentation by Diane Saxe, the former Environmental Commissioner for Ontario, and a panel discussion with Hamiltonians about the work that Hamilton is about to embark upon to respond to Climate Change in their community, and to work towards transitioning Hamilton to a lower carbon community.
I always find it interesting to see the similarities and differences between communities and I also find it interesting to learn from the experience in other municipalities. I look forward to seeing a report back from our Environmental Staff on what Richmond Hill is already doing, and can further accomplish in this regard. I also look forward to using learning from across the province to make further actions a reality in Richmond Hill.

7. Richmond Hill Launches Community Engagement Phase of Resilient Richmond Hill
A good crowd came out to the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts to help launch our Climate Change Initiative called Resilient Richmond Hill. This ongoing initiative will help Richmond Hill deal with the impacts of Climate Change as well as work towards making our community more carbon neutral. The audience heard from our Environment staff about Resilient Richmond Hill but was also treated to a screening of the award winning film Anthropocene : The Human Epoch. The Canadian film maker Jennifer Baichwal was on hand to answer questions after the film screening.  For more information and details on how you can be involved visit  www.richmondhill.ca/en/find-or-learn-about/Climate-Change.aspx  

8. Richmond Hill Innovators of the Year Awards
Congratulations  to four leading Richmond Hill Companies for being the first award recipients of the Richmond Hill Innovators of the Year Award. Amico is a medical healthcare products company, Edsby is an educational software company , iSign media is a public security software creator, and Opus1 Solutions is a digitized energy delivery solutions company working in the field of renewable energy and towards a decarbonized planet. In their acceptance speeches, all the recipients spoke of the great value of locating in Richmond Hill.  Congratulations  to all the winners!
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Richmond Hill Council News
1.  Congratulations to the 2019 Young Entrepreneur of the Year!
Richmond Hill resident and owner of LocalStudent, Alex Ryzer, received the William F. Bell Young Entrepreneur Award for 2019. Mr. Ryzer was selected for his hard work and success through the Summer Company program supported by the City of Richmond Hill, which helps students, ages 15-29, learn how to run their own business. His company connected homeowners who needed services such as lawn mowing, dog walking and window cleaning, with students from their community willing to work. Through the Summer Company program, Mr. Ryzer received mentorship, accessed networks of business owners and gained website creation, problem solving and leadership skills. As a result of his efforts, his clients and sales grew. In the company's first year, Mr. Ryzer was able to hire a manager and web developer, franchised LocalStudent and received funding from VPI Working Solutions.

2. Richmond Hill Continues Investment in Recreational Facilities
Council approved the addition of an artificial turf surface for the portable bocce ball courts at Richmond Green. Understanding that recreation is an important aspect to the lives our residents, the City is committed to continuous improvement and maintenance of our facilities. The artificial turf being added to the portable courts will be funded from the Infrastructure Repair and Replacement Reserve in the amount of $26,000 plus taxes.  In the last couple of years Council approved the budget for the creation of these Bocce Courts at Richmond Green at a cost of about $30,000.

3.  Regional Government Review Announcement
For a many months now a number of municipalities in Ontario, including those in York Region, have been going through a process imposed by the province to determine if any structural changes or amalgamations would occur to the Region of York and its 9 municipalities. It has been recently announced that at the end of this extensive process put forward by the Provincial Government that it has been concluded that no changes will occur. For more information on this outcome please see the press release released by the province.

4. Richmond Hill Council Sets Maximum 1% Tax Increase
Richmond Hill Council reaffirmed its commitment to limiting a tax increase to one per cent in 2020 at a recent Budget Committee of the Whole meeting.

Staff have been working to meet the one per cent target since it was first identified in June. The City is looking for additional savings through process improvements, reorganization and technology updates and increased revenue through user fees. In addition, the 2020 operating budget will include no new staff positions.

It is important to remember that of the total property tax Richmond Hill residents pay, only 27% of this is levied by the City of Richmond Hill. The majority of the total tax is levied (approximately 49%) by the Region of York and the remainder is levied by the school boards. Both of these organizations set their own budget. It is my understanding that the Region of York will not be imposing a similar cap to their budget this year, so while Richmond Hill's increase will be capped at 1%, the total impact on the taxes paid by an individual residents will likely be higher than 1%.

5.  New Oak Ridges Library opened November 12
The City of Richmond Hill is excited to announce that the new Oak Ridges Library is opening to the public on Tuesday, November 12th. 

The new Oak Ridges Library is a civic landmark that reflects the natural elements and local history of the community, and its design has been inspired by its surroundings.  An official grand opening event will be planned for early in the new year.  Click  here for more information or  here to visit the Richmond Hill Public Library Website.

6. Richmond Hill's Capital Budget Approved at Committee of the Whole
As mentioned in the opening section to this e newsletter, the Capital Budget was discussed at a recent Budget Committee of the Whole meeting and sent to the Council Meeting on December 18th for approval. 

The 2020 capital budget will focus on managing and renewing City assets and infrastructure to support a vibrant, sustainable municipality. Significant projects worth more than $1 million in the 2020 draft capital budget include:
* Road Overlay Program (asphalt repair) $4,300,000
* Beaver Creek Storm Pond A Construction $3,561,600
* Operations Centre - Roof Replacement $1,900,000
* Mitchell Storm Pond Construction $1,581,900
* Lake to Lake Trail Intersection Improvements (Phase 3) $1,515,800
* Ed Sackfield Arena - Slab Replacement $1,400,000
* Powell and Wright Road Rehabilitation $1,296,800
* Lennox Local Park Construction $1,188,400

As per the capital budget strategy set by Council, use of tax-supported reserve funds is limited to $14 million in 2020 to maintain the health of Richmond Hill's reserve funds while Council continues with the Capital Sustainability Committee review process. Richmond Hill's capital budget is also funded through development charges and grants including federal gas tax.

For more information please visit https://www.richmondhill.ca/en/find-or-learn-about/Budget.aspxFor the staff report related to the Capital Budget, the proposal to build a new Bocce Facility or my motion to upgrade a tennis court complex in Ward 4 visit https://pub-richmondhill.escribemeetings.com/Meeting.aspx?Id=bf18e41e-9a3f-46fd-9a4e-ac7294dd2502&Agenda=Agenda&lang=English&Item=8  and click on the links to the individual reports and documents.

7. Council Considers the recently adopted Real Estate Open House Sign Bylaw
I the spring of last year I proposed a motion to limit and control the Real Estate Open House Signs that seem to pop up in our Community. I worked with the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) to craft a bylaw that would meet the industry needs and the public expectations around these signs. Council passed this motion for a trial period but made a change that would disallow any Agent name or contact information on the signs effectively making them generic with only the address and time of the Open House. I did not agree with this change as it was made clear to us by TREB that generic signs are not legal due to provincial laws governing the Real Estate Industry that require the agent hosting the Open House and the contact information for that agent to be clearly identified on the signs. A staff report outlining a recommendation that Council adopt the originally proposed bylaw was put on the agenda for the November 6th Committee of the Whole Meeting but was pulled off the agenda by staff a few days before the meeting. At the Council meeting on November 20th a memo from staff will be considered by Council that staff needs more time to study the issue. I do not believe this relatively simple issue requires more study. It seems clear that some simple but clear changes to the bylaw would work to solve the problem by balancing the ability for agents to legally comply with local and provincial regulations and also allow our bylaw staff to easily identify signs that are illegal and to whom they belong. For an interesting article published about this issue please visit 

8. Council Revisits Changes to Council and Committee of the Whole Meeting Times
For the third time in the past year Council will be considering a time change to Richmond Hill's Council and Committee of the Whole meeting times and frequency. I continue to believe that the current system of meeting at 9:30AM does not adequately serve the majority of the residents who may, from time to time, need to attend a meeting to speak about an important issue in our community. I have heard from a number of residents, as Council has experimented with various daytime meeting schedules, that the original system whereby Committee of the Whole meetings began at 4:30 and Council meetings were scheduled for 7:30 the week following the Committee of the Whole meetings, was an optimal balance for the needs of the community. This schedule was in place for many years previous to this term of Council and it was proven to give working residents a chance to attend a meeting late in the day and another chance to attend a Council meeting in the evening. It would be my preference to re-adopt these meeting times because I believe it would help to better promote citizen engagement. If you have thoughts on this matter that you would like to convey to myself or my Council colleagues please do so before the November 20th Council Meeting. 

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Ward 4 Development Applications

There are a number of development applications active in Ward 4 that continue to generate significant interest from residents.  This newsletter section is intended to keep everyone informed and updated about the status of these applications. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all active development applications in the ward, but a brief synopsis of select applications. Please feel free to contact me at  david.west@richmondhill.ca  if you have questions about applications described below or questions about an application that is not included here. 

1.  Residents' Meeting regarding 11130 Yonge Street and 12030 Yonge Street
A meeting will be held on Thursday, December 12 from 7 - 9 p.m. at Elgin West Community Centre f or residents to learn about a proposal to build a 15 s torey building on the north west corner of Brookside Road and Yonge St. The applicant will have an opportunity at the meeting to present details of his proposed development and there will also be an opportunity for interested residents to give feedback and input to the applicant, our Planning Staff and myself. I would encourage any area residents to attend this meeting.

2.  Dogliola Development Inc. and Campo Ridge Home Corp.
An application has been received (details contained below) related to lands at 10898 and 10922 Yonge Street (near Canyon Hill Avenue and Yonge Street). The application is for 4 towers ranging from 25 to 29 storeys. I will be hosting a Residents' Meeting about this application in the near future. Stay tuned to next month's e newsletter for the announcement of a meeting date to discuss this application. If you have comments or questions about this application in the mean time please feel free to contact me.

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City-wide Snow Windrow Removal Service

Earlier this year, Council approved an expanded snow windrow clearing service for all local, residential driveways.  A snow windrow is the pile of snow left at the bottom of a driveway after a snowplow has cleared the road.
Starting with the first significant snowfall this winter, plows will remove one car's width of the snow windrow so you have a path to your street.
To ensure the success of this program, we need your help. Please...

Don't park on the street or over the sidewalk when it's snowing or before snow is expected. This applies even if you have a temporary parking permit. Keep the roads clear for plows and emergency vehicles - or you will be ticketed and/or towed.

1. On waste collection days, place your garbage, blue boxes and green bins one meter from the curb on the right side of your driveway (if you're facing the house). This will allow the plow to remove the snow windrow without disturbing your waste bins.


2. Don't park near the bottom of your driveway. Windrow clearing can only happen if there is at least four feet of clearance between the road and your vehicle.  


If you previously received our snow windrow clearing service, you do not need to apply again. You'll automatically receive this service.

Visit RichmondHill.ca/WinterUpdates for more information and to track our plows online.

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Winter Maintenance Update - What you need to Know

Please Note:  Beginning November 7, a Winter Maintenance Update button is on the  Richmondhill.ca homepage. This takes you directly to the  Snow Removal News and Notices  page which contains information about winter maintenance operations, snow windrow clearing operations and parking regulations. This page is updated regularly in the event of a winter storm. To receive updates on Winter Maintenance Activities automatically, click the "Receive email updates" link at the bottom of the webpage.
This page also includes a link to the Track my Plow application, RHPlows which displays the current and recent locations of plows in Richmond Hill. Please note that the system is on a 10-minute delay.

Through the winter months, the City staff will be using a number of communication tools to share information about winter maintenance activities. This includes social media, media relations and the Richmondhill.ca website.

For specific inquiries about winter maintenance activities, please contact Access Richmond Hill at 905-771-8800 or by email to access@richmondhill.ca. During winter events when the snow windrow service is activated, Access Richmond Hill will extend phone service to 8 p.m. during weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends.
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Zone Richmond Hill

The City of Richmond Hill is undertaking a comprehensive review of all the in force Zoning By-laws. It is the intent that the Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review will culminate in one document that will establish "as-of-right" permissions for all properties in the City and enable residents and landowners to develop their lands in a predictable and consistent manner. The new Zoning By-law will:
  • Conform to the policies and provisions of the City's Official Plan ;
  • Provide for a consistent and predictable approach to similar land uses on a City-wide basis;
  • Reflect modern development trends and standards
  • Provide for appropriate protection for stable neighbourhoods and sensitive areas; and
  • Provide for ease of administration and increased accessibility to the public in a readily available and easily understood web-based format.
Zoning By-laws affect all properties in Richmond Hill and ensure that development occurs in a responsible and predictable manner

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Town Park Master Plan

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StanD UP for 360kids

It was in the fall of 2016 when Stan Daneman launched his first "hot chocolate and coats" campaign for 360˚kids. A support centre for at-risk or homeless youths, 360˚kids offers employment, housing and healthcare services across three facilities in York Region as well as various outreach programs within the community. Each day, 300 to 500 youths in crisis situations turn to 360˚kids for stability and safety - an open door, a hot meal, and someone to listen.

Troubled by the knowledge that the number of homeless youths on any given night well outweighs the number of available shelter beds, Stan's initial idea was simple; he wanted to ensure kids in need had access to something warm on a cold winter's night.
In his first year, he collected 8,070 items for 360˚kids.
Building on the momentum of his campaign in its second year, Stan expanded donation requests to include warm clothing, hygiene products and non-perishable food. The 10,960 items collected helped provide for the 4,300 youths who access 360˚kids' services each year, allowing the organization to focus funds on valuable housing, employment, wellness and educational programing.

Through his work with 360˚kids, Stan's aim was to help at-risk youths feel they matter, know their community cares, and stand tall. He believed wholeheartedly that when our kids feel supported, they're more likely to stay in school, preserving positive relationships with peers and educational mentors as they look towards their futures.

Stan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the spring of 2018. A testament to his kindness and determination, he was adamant his illness would not hold him back... and Stan completed his third drive, collecting 10,300 items for 360˚kids.
Though he passed away in January 2019, Stan's simple yet powerful message lives on: when we support our youth, we invest in a brighter future. And now that task turns to us, so we ask that you please give generously in helping us StanD Up for 360˚kids!

The Daneman Family - Anita, Taryn, Lauren and Jeff

The Liberal recently wrote an article on this campaign to help homeless kids.  To read it please click here
Ways to donate

1. Purchase a digital gift card from your preferred grocery store (e.g., Walmart, Loblaws, Costco, etc.) and email details to standfor360@gmail.com.
2. Collect items for donation on behalf of your organization and contact us to arrange a pick-up.
3. Visit our donation drop-off box at Milliken Mills Community Centre from October 23, 2019 to December 1, 2019.
4. Join us for one of our "brown bag" days at Jim's No Frills in Richmond Hill on November 2nd and 9th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Campaign closes on December 1, 2019 - please ensure all donations are recieved by this date!


● Canned tuna/salmon/turkey
● Boxes of cereal
● Canned soup
● Peanut butter, jam, Nutella
● Canned vegetables
● Pasta sauce
● Boxes of instant oatmeal
● Ramen noodles/instant noodles
● Kraft Dinner microwaveable cups
● Canned stews and pasta
● Condiments
● Hot chocolate, tea bags, instant coffee
● On-the-go snacks (granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, cookies, fruit cups, trail mix, popcorn, etc.)

Hygiene and Clothing Items (new only, in package)

● White T-shirts and undershirts
● Socks and underwear (white athletic and sport socks preferred)
● Shaving cream, deodorant, hair brushes
● Feminine hygiene products
● Laundry detergent (pods please)
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2020 Richmond Hill Arts Awards

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Community and Cultural Grant Program
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Great Things To See And Do Around Town

Looking for interesting things to do this month in our Community? Look no further - below is a listing of various community events that I would like to promote on behalf of the various organizers                                                                                                              

TRCA Fall Events

FALL 2019
Sunday October 6
9 AM - 4:30 PM
LOCATION:         Delmanor Retirement Residence
                           80 Elgin Mills Road E.Richmond Hill, ON  L4C 0L3
                           Lunch included courtesy of Delmanor Retirement Residence
Saturday December 7
9AM - 4:30 PM
LOCATION:          Richmond Hill United Church
                            10201 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B2
COST:                     $195.00 per person. Includes MHFA manual
One in five people will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. As a result, this course was developed to help people provide initial support to someone who may be developing a mental health problem or is experiencing a mental health crisis. This 12 hour course teaches mental health first aid skills.

MHFA training will teach the participants to:
  • Recognize the symptoms of mental health problems
  • Provide initial help
  • Guide a person toward appropriate professional help
  • Provide help to prevent the mental health problem from becoming more serious
  • Reduce stigma towards those experiencing mental health problems
Who should attend?
Everyone can benefit from MHFA Canada training - members of the general public, teachers, health services providers, university students, emergency workers, frontline workers who deal with the public, volunteers, human resource professionals, employers, community groups.

To Register Contact:  Susan Kagan - kagan_51@hotmail.com or by calling 416-458-0326

Richmond Hill Historical Society
The Dam Busters
November 18 - 7:30 pm
Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church

Speaker: Ted Barris, Journalist and Author
Noted a uthor and journalist Ted Barris returns to the Richmond Hill Historical Society for a third time to talk about his latest book The Dam Busters: Canadian Airmen and the Secret Raid Against Nazi Germany. Ted is an engaging and entertaining speaker who is always a favourite with our group.   Please note that there will be a $10 admission fee for this event for all attendees


Chorus York
Music Workshop
December 10

Chorus York - Celebrate the Season
It all started four years ago when Chorus York presented its first concert, a program of traditional Christmas music, with arrangements coming from a British heritage. For the next two seasons, the Fall concert revolved around the theme of Top Hats & Tunes, with melodies from the world of musical theatre. In addition to the Fall concert, the last two seasons have included a Valentine's themed evening in February, a Spring concert in May, and a collaborative concert with the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra in June. Along with a growth in musical skills, Chorus York also experienced a growth in membership during those years, expanding from a handful of singers to almost 30 members.
This season, the group has returned to its roots, with a smaller, focused ensemble of dedicated musicians, who are creating the best sound the choir has produced since its inception. The opening concert for Season Four 2019 is once again a Christmas program, which will set the trend for the next few seasons.

For anyone looking for a musical introduction to the Christmas season, be sure to plan on attending Chorus York's Celebrate the Season on November 30 at 8 p.m., in Richmond Hill, or in Thornhill at 3 p.m. on December 1st. Further details can be found on the choir website  www.chorusyork.ca or by calling 905-884-7922.

Chorus York - Romantic Melodies
February 14

Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra
Sounds of the Season 
December 14

For tickets visit rhpo.ca/tickets or call 905-787-9911

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Ward 4 Community Corner - Your Shot

Beautiful Fall Night Shots taken at  Mill Pond Park

Photos courtesy of Michelle Penrose-Sinclair

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Medical Corps Insignia
From the City of Richmond Hill Collection
Courtesy of: Catherine Hoadley                                   
November is the month to remember those who went off to fight in World War I and/or World War II. Not every soldier went overseas to fight, some were there to try and save the wounded soldiers. The members of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps was one such unit during World War II. One of four arm badges that were never used, this badge belonged to G. Hoadley who lived in Gormley.

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