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Welcome to the New West Virginia Your Way Lodging Newsletter

With so many hotels and lodging places across the state using WVyourWay as a concierge service, we thought it was time to create a newsletter tailored just for those in the hospitality business.  Our goal is to help you to help your guests find precisely what they're interested in - and to show off the great state of West Virginia!
We decided to send this first edition to all our customers for a few different reasons.  Regular businesses can, and some already do, also use the site as a concierge service.  We also wanted our other customers to know we are doing more behind the scenes that they may be aware of to help their business.  Lastly, any business, not just lodging businesses can take advantage of our referral program.
Read on and you'll find some helpful hints for your staff, and you might even find out how to make money off us.  The good news is we're going to do all this for free!  You can't beat that.
Bill Hawkins
How Your Staff can Earn $25.00
Help us help you.  Despite many hotels giving us letters urging business to register with us, many business continue to assume your staff knows all about them and can tell your guests about attractions and restaurants in the area, provide phone numbers and give precise directions to every person that asks.  Since that isn't true, and in an effort to help persuade businesses to register with, we are offering you and your staff a chance to make $25.00 for every referral that registers with an annual Enhanced Listing.  In return we'll give your place of lodging a FREE Side-Display Ad for a month, a $49.00 value.

What to Do:

-         Give local businesses our Information Card and tell them where you work and that you are using WVyourWay as a tool for your guests to find their business.

-         Say, "You may want to check the site out and register your business."

-         Send an e-mail to and let us know the name and location of the business you spoke with, along with your name and where you work.

-         We will follow up and register the business.

How You Earn $25.00

-         If the business purchases an annual Enhanced Listing ($299), we will send you $25.00.

-         WVyourWay will mail a check within 10 days of payment.

-         If your business already has an Enhanced Listing we will give the business a free side display ad for one month ($49 value)

Additional Information:

-         We do the talking and you still get the $25!

-         In case of multiple referrals to one business the $25 will be split.

-         Basic Listings, Intermediate Listings, monthly, quarterly billing not eligible.

Front of Information Card
Our Information Card
Use the Information Card pictured here to give to your guests when they ask you a question you either can't answer, or when you don't  have the time to answer. 
When you leave work, put a few in your pocket to give to local businesses you may visit as part of the referral program discussed above.
If you need more Information Cards, send a request to Sherry via e-mail and she will send you however many you need at no cost.
Back of Information Card
Thank you for using the WVyourWay Information Engine.  Our goal is to help you help your guests through enabling them to find precisely what they are interested in while visiting our great state.  If you need our Orientation Kit, Tent Cards, Information Cards, or anything else, let us know and we'll get right on it.
Bill Hawkins
West Virginia Your Way
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How Your Staff can Earn $25.00
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