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What Were Your New Year's Resolutions?
There's still time to settle those conflicts.

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Many of us commit to starting off the year the right way with wonderful new years resolutions.

75% of people last one week after making new years resolutions. 40% last six months and only 19% last past a year.
Here are some of the personal excuses:
I can't afford the gym
I have children
I do not have time to eat healthy
I'm busy with work
I'm just too tired
 fat people

Work excuses:
No time  for training
Retreats are too costly
Wishing and hoping the conflict will go away
Ignoring the conflict
Assuming the team will finally come together
Improved well being, healthier, exercising, getting more rest or finding time to help the children with homework, are not going to just happen.
Problems and conflicts in the workplace won't just go away either.  They escalate and can be very costly:
Stress, frustration, and anxiety
Loss of sleep
Strained relationships
Workplace violence/bullying
Grievances and litigation
Employee turnover
Loss of productivity/wasted time
Increased customer/client complaints
Injury/ Accidents
Disability claims
Sick leave

Unresolved conflict represents the largest reducible cost in many businesses, yet it remains largely unrecognized. 
Dan Dana, 'The Conflict Doctor'
Whether it's your children, a personal health goal or workplace conflict, there is still time this year to get on top of those concerns.   Meet with your support system or leadership team. The fall is the season for revisiting goals and getting back on it ...before the hoildays...
H U M P T I M E!!!!!!!


     Characteristics of Adult Bully Targets

By Resa Witt


Adult bullies target their victims in many of the same way children who bully do. While many people think that bullying only occurs amongst children, it can also happen in the workplace among adults. No matter what the age of a bully, they are opportunistic and tend to prey on people they perceive as a threat or that they dislike because of differences. Adult bullies almost always bully others continuously and when one target leaves, quickly pick another. The following traits are common in adult bullying victims and usually make the bully feel insecure or threatened. Adult bullying can be more of a challenge to handle because it is harder to recognize and not as widely accepted as the bullying that occurs with children.

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Bullying Forum, Coral Springs

 Warning Signs of Bullying 
Torn, damaged or missing clothing
Unexplained bruises
Does not bring classmates, peers home
Not wanting to go to school
Poor appetite
Headaches, stomach pains
Anxious, distressed, unhappy
Unexpected mood shifts, outbursts of temper
Longer, illogical route to school
Sleeping/eating problems
Needs extra money (for bully)
Lost of interest in school
Talks of suicide (or attempts)

Focal Point by Althis Ellis
An excellent read for senior citizens or if you have a senior in your life!

Wingspan Seminars specializes in conflict.  We provide training to create safer learning and working environments while strengthening relationships. Through the use of prevention and intervention techniques, the monetary and health related costs of conflict is diminished. See our website for the related costs of conflict.


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