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A shiny smile, clean teeth and an expression of true love from my human... results from a recent visit to my veterinary doctor.

Not that I'm ever too excited by the appearance of the carrier. Who can know what is in store for me when that comes out of the closet? My preference is to travel in my harness and leash but my human seems to think my safety is her top priority. The carrier also provides protection from the horrible interlopers I might encounter going in and out at the doctor's office. It is no fun when you run into one of those obnoxious dogs. Of course, I've never run into any dog that was not obnoxious or at least didn't smell horribly!

Now that I'm back home I can get back to the important things in a cat's daily activities. You know, critical things like a quick snack of crunchies, quality time with new toy, laying about on the sofa next to the window watching the birds and trying to capture a few rays (or is it watching the rays and trying to capture the birds?) and, as always, getting the attention I deserve from my human.
Oh, the rough life of an misunderstood housecat... 

Memo to humans:
Routine oral exams with recommended teeth cleanings are an important part of a pet's overall health. The buildup of plaque, tartar and development of gingivitis along with other oral disease issues can lead to more serious health problems. Many veterinary hospitals provide special promotions during February to encourage better dental health for pets.

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I f a cat spoke, it would say things like, 
"Hey I don't see 
the problem here.

-Roy Blount, Jr.
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn -Funded Research ~ February 2017
Have A Heart and Spare Some Change

Valentine's Day is almost here. We celebrate with those we love, including our fur kids, who love us unconditionally. It is also a time to remember those loving, wonderful memories of our fur angels taken by FIP. We wish with all our hearts that they were here to celebrate this special holiday with us.

Through your support of the Bria Fund, important FIP research is underway. Every year we gain important knowledge needed to diagnose and treat FIP and to develop an effective vaccine to prevent FIP. 

If you are still using real money, do you save coins in a jar? 
Would you consider collecting change for a month and donating it to the Bria Fund? If you don't collect change, a donation of $10 or more would help so much. You can donate via credit card through Winn's new direct Bria Fund donation page link.

Or you can donate through our main donation page where you select a Specific Purpose or Fund and choose the Bria Fund.

A Movie About A Kitten and FIP
A couple, who are actors, have completed a movie about the loss of their kitten, Aeris, to FIP (feline infectious peritonitis).

Paul, Aly and new kitten Kairi

Paul Castro, Jr. and Aly Miller produced a movie honoring Aeris while also highlighting this fatal disease in cats, especially young cats.

As Steve Dale, a long-time Winn board member, quotes, " With the movie, will come awareness, which may save lives. And, with awareness, perhaps more dollars to fund research, which is what is needed most." Steve has written an blog article about this effort.

Winn's Bria Fund, through gifts by dedicated cat lovers, has supported much of what is we know about FIP. Susan Gingrich, the founder of the Bria Fund, is enthusiastic about Paul and Aly's efforts to deliver a powerful message about this devastating disease in cats to a wider audience. The fight against FIP is ongoing and cats need us to support them.

Consider a Valentine's Day Gift From The Heart

Valentine's Day, along with many other occasions, is a purrfect time to recognize a special veterinarian or veterinary technician with the purrfect gift of appreciation.

Winn Feline Foundation offers a Honor Your Veterinarian and Honor a Technician program where the honoree receives a framed certificate acknowledging their dedication to the care of cats while helping Winn find answers to diseases that plague our cat companions.

Winn Symposium Registration is Open

Registration to the 2017 Winn Symposium is now open.

Our speaker is one of the foremost experts on FIP, Dr. Niels Pedersen, and the 2 hour symposium on June 29th in Chicago will be dedicated to current information about FIP. We expect a large crowd so it is recommended to register early.

Cat with research papers
Scholarships for Veterinary Students Available 

Winn has partnered with the American Assn. of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) to offer two scholarships to veterinary students with an interest in feline medicine or clinical research. Information can be found here .

In addition, Winn partners with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation to provide another similar scholarship. Information regarding applying is located here.
Planned Giving Tip for February

One often overlooked source of charitable deductions is giving through an employer's payroll plan.  These plans are easy and convenient, which may also make them easy to forget.  

Be sure to include these contributions which may be found on your pay stub, form W-2 or other document furnished by your employer.  These need not be sent in with your tax return but should be retained for your records along with the pledge card that shows the name of the charity.  

For federal workers you may make donations to the Winn Feline Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign (#10321).

For any questions, please contact

Honored Donors for January 2017
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Jerri Matthews Dr. Meghan Romito Dr. Arnold Plotnick
San Diego Cat Fanciers Frank Rowley John Hume
Lorraine Shelton Bob/Dr. Vicki Thayer Ahren Froehlich-Simmons
Diamond State Cat Club Garrett Snyder Dr. Larissa Taylor
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Diane Jacobs Betty White April Arquin
Vickie Fisher John Kennedy Brittani Schafroth
Dr. Marcus Brown Susan Gingrich Dr. Daniel Watson
Tori Eames Crown Family Philanthropies Meisha Geisert
Holly Aglialoro Cat Hospital of Tucson KC Cat Clinic
Willowrun Veterinary Hospital Dr. Ann Brownlee Dr. Renee Rucinsky
Dr. Wendy Simpson

A Special Thank You to the 
Estate Trust  of Debra Jaskierna

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National Cat Health Month

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February 17: World Cat Day

March 6-8: Winn at Western Veterinary Conference

March 10: 2017 Winn Annual Research Grant Review
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