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Hurricanes, floods, has been a tough summer for all our friends and family in the path of these disasters. This month Winnie asked that we repeat an earlier "Winnie's Corner" talking about having an extra carrier by the front door.

"When not entertaining me with exercise and play time, my human has been organizing and moving a few of my extra personal items to a central location. What is she up to now?
First, she pulled my extra transport carrier off the top shelf in the laundry room, prepared a small bag of my food, added a few of my favorite special treats and the extra, hated harness, then replaced the towel with a new one, put in a new catnip toy, a small dish and, finally, a bottle of fresh water. Very suspicious. I'm not due to visit my veterinarian so this activity bears close observation.
She better not be taking a trip and planning to drop me off with one of her so-called cat-friendly friends. Last time she tried that maneuver it did not turn out well - but that's another story for another time.
Hmmm. Now I'm curious. My human went to all that effort and trouble and has now put the extra carrier with all my stuff in the closet next to the front door.
I am going to check this out in detail - Oh my there goes the red dot!  

Memo to cat owners:

Emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, severe storms or flash floods can often occur without warning. 

Having an action plan and taking a few minutes to prepare for an emergency evacuation can be critical, especially when it comes to your cat(s).
  • Keep a carrier with fresh food & water, medications and other necessities easily accessible.
  • Make sure other family members know where the emergency carrier is kept and your veterinarian's name and contact information.

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A cat is always on the wrong side of the door.

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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn -Funded Research~October, 2017
Honoring Veterinary Professionals

As part of Winn's year-long 50th anniversary celebration, we are offering a special 
2 for 1 opportunity to recognize the veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are integral health care partners during your cat's lifetime.

Make a $100 donation to Winn between October 15 - 21 and place the names of two veterinary professionals on our Honor Rolls. 

Recognize your two favorite veterinarians, your two favorite vet technicians, or one of each.  

The name of each individual will be added to the appropriate Honor Roll on Winn's website and each individual will receive a letter of notification and a beautiful framed certificate suitable for proud display in the veterinary hospital.

Make your donation today!  Use the promo code: Honor
Countdown to Cures4Cats Day

Celebrating 50 years of accomplishments and advancing feline medicine.

October 21st will be the initial Cures4Cats Day, held at the American Association of Feline Practitioners annual conference in Denver. Merck Animal Health is sponsoring a presentation by 
Dr. Margie Scherk highlighting 50 years of advances in feline medicine.

In addition, to help celebrate Cures4Cats Day, the printed 
version of Winn's 50th anniversary book will be available at 
the conference. Further, copies will also be available  at 
The New Culture Club cat show November 11 and 12 in 
Portland OR, plus CFA's International Cat Show November 18 and 19 also in Portland OR.

Winn wishes to thank all the contributors of articles, content, images, and editors whose hard work went into the final product. A special thank you to Jamie S. Perry whose amazing cat art graces the cover and for Merck Animal Health who sponsored the book's design and printing. A final thank you to all our donors whose support helps "Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn-funded research.

You can download an electronic copy and/or order a physical copy of the book online.

Advancing Feline Shelter Medicine

Due to a generous grant from PetSmart Charities, Winn Feline Foundation and PetSmart Charities are collaborating to provide grant opportunities for feline shelter medicine.

Winn is a leading funder of cat health research worldwide. PetSmart Charities is the leading funder of animal welfare in North America. The findings will provide better health outcomes and lead to finding lifelong, loving homes for shelter and free-roaming cats.

Winn thanks PetSmart Charities for this exciting opportunity! The grant proposals will be due in December and the grant review will take place in March, 2018. Stay tuned for more information about our collaboration with PetSmart Charities.

Getting help as a pet caregiver...

A pet's behavior problem can have an emotional impact on the caregiver and its family. 

Where can pet owners find support for their pet and for themselves? 

In addition to veterinary behaviorists, professionals experienced in the human-animal bond can provide great support to the pet parent.

Design Contest: Cures4Cats

Reminder: Winn Feline Foundation is calling all creative cat lovers everywhere to enter our contest and submit an original creative design for our new initiative,  Cures4Cats .

We are very excited about our new Cures4Cats Day and all the activities planned for Winn's 50th Anniversary. Winn knows that there are many creative cat lovers, and we are looking forward to your design submissions!

Important Planned Giving Tip 
for October

Tax reform is a top legislative topic currently under discussion in Congress.

There are several changes being proposed under which your charitable donation today may produce a greater tax benefit than waiting to donate in future tax years.  
(1) Itemized deductions may be capped in the future. Since charitable contributions are included in your itemized deductions, your tax benefit may decrease.  
(2) If income tax rates are lowered in future years the amount of your net tax benefit from a charitable donation may decrease.  (3)  If the standard deduction is increased, some taxpayers may no longer itemize their deductions.  Those taxpayers may lose their charitable deduction completely.  

A charitable donation today benefits the charity now and may give you a tax deduction this tax year.  The same tax benefits may not be as available to you in future years.
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Honored Donors for September 2017

A special Thank You 
to all of Winn's generous donors 

Holly Aglialoro Anonymous Patrick Bowers
Dr. Marcus Brown Cara Campbell Hoisak Cat Hospital of Tucson/Dr. Minta Keyes
Dr. Kathryn Christensen Combined Federal Campaign Feline Environmental Enrichment
Susan Foster Garden State Cat Club on NJ, Inc. Norman Grey
Susan Gula Marie Harzinski Karen Hay
Lena Gubarev Sessalee Hensley Hildebrand Charitable Fund
Roger Jeanson Shareen Lee Cheryl Loberg
Robert/Dr. Vicki Thayer Greg Lynch Rosalinda Magalona
Dr. Kym Mitchell Abby Moller Music City Cat Fanciers
Camilla Owen Ragdoll Fanciers' International MaryAnne Schafer
Lorraine Shelton Dr. Wendy Simpson Dr. Christine Ratti
Nadine Rund Dr. Daniel Watson Deborah Russell
Dr. Larissa Taylor Lorraine Shelton Dr. Raj Singh
Kelly Stratil Dr. Ann Brownlee KC Cat Clinic
Dr. Renee Rucinsky Mrs. Morgan Sundberg Timea Szeli
Irene Turner Dr. Dean Vicksman Zoltan Voisanszky
Dr. Daniel Watson Dr. Drew Weigner/The Cat Dr.

Thank You!

On the Calendar 

October 21 - Cures4Cats Day

October 19-22 -

October 27 - National Black Cat Day

October 29 - National Cat Day

November 3 - Aeris, The Movie (about FIP in cats) 
screening at the Lincoln Center in New York City

Thank you for your continued support.

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