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Whew, I have to rest for a minute. I've been chasing that silly red dot and I'm bushed for the moment.
When not entertaining me with exercise and play time, my human has been organizing and moving a few of my extra personal items to a central location. What is she up to now?

First she pulled my extra transport carrier off the top shelf in the laundry room, prepared a small bag of my food, added a few of my favorite special treats and the extra, hated harness, then replaced the towel with a new one, put in a new catnip toy, a small dish and, finally, a bottle of fresh water. Very suspicious. I'm not due to visit my veterinarian so this activity bears close observation.

She better not be taking a trip and planning to drop me off with one of her so-called cat-friendly friends. Last time she tried that maneuver it did not turn out well - but that's another story for another time.

Hmmm. Now I'm really curious. My human went to all that effort and trouble and has now put the extra carrier with all my stuff in the closet next to the front door.

I am going to check this out in detail - Oh my there goes the red dot! 

Memo to cat owners:
Emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, severe storms or flash floods can often occur without warning. 
Having an action plan and taking a few minutes to prepare for an emergency evacuation can be critical, especially when it comes to your cat(s).
  • Keep a carrier with fresh food & water, medications and other necessities easily accessible.
  • Make sure other family members know where the emergency carrier is kept and your veterinarian's name and contact information.

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They say the test of literary power is whether a man can write an inscription. I say, "Can he name a kitten?"

-Samuel Butler  
Author and Writer 
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn-Funded Research ~ July, 2016
The 38th Annual Symposium...

The 38th Annual Winn Symposium was held June 30th at  the start of the CFA Annual meeting, Red Rock Casino, Resort  & Spa in Las Vegas. 

A successful symposium, the room overflowed with almost 
90 people in attendance to hear Dr. Leslie Lyons speak on 
Genetics & Precision Medicine and Dr. Nicholas Dodman 
present information about Compulsive Disorders of Cats. The audience appreciated the insights the speakers brought to the event.

To download each speakers' notes and access the audio 
podcast recordings from the Symposium, go to Winn's Symposium web page.

The transcripts for the audio will be available at a later date.

We missed you...look for us next year in Chicago.
AAFP 2016 in Washington, D.C. 

Registration is now open for the 2016 American Association of Feline Practitioner's (AAFP) Conference which will be held in Washington, DC from Nov. 3-6! This year's theme is Feline Behavior and Respiratory Diseases. Be sure to check out the Feline-Pre-Conference Day Sessions, Shelter Track, and highly-anticipated Lunch & Learns!

Winn will be there as an exhibitor and is a proud sponsor of Dr. Amy DeClue as one of the speakers! Please join Winn at AAFP in our nations' capital...

Twenty distinguished speakers will be present on feline topics ranging from inter-cat aggression to the coughing cat, as well as problem prevention or even how to create effective behavioral treatment plans. These sessions will provide the latest information in feline medicine that attendees can bring back and implement at their practice. View the Agenda here.

For more information visit or view the full conference brochure.
2016 Winn Media Appreciation Award

Steve Dale holding BlogPaws' Check
Dr. Arnold Plotnick of Manhattan Cat Specialists in New York City is the 2016 recipient of Winn's Media Appreciation Award.

Not only is Dr. Plotnick a prolific writer and blogger about cat health, he and his hospital are supporters of Winn's Pet Memorial Program.

Steve Dale, Winn board member and media contact, accepted the award and plaque on behalf of Dr. Plotnick at the annual BlogPaws conference in June. BlogPaws also took the opportunity to recognize Winn Feline Foundation with a $1000 check.

A wonderful interview with Dr. Plotnick is available through Good News for Pets where he talks about this honor and his writing.
A New Animal Health Studies Database!
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has launched the Animal Health Studies Database (AHSD) as a resource for researchers seeking animals to participate in clinical studies and for veterinarians and animal owners seeking options for treatment.

This is an incredibly valuable resource for veterinary medicine and animal lovers. This type of database has been long needed and now it is here.

The only other database for veterinary studies until now was the Veterinary Cancer Trials website which focuses on cancer in cats and dogs. 

All fields of veterinary medicine and all species of animals in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain are covered in this new health database.

Garden State Cat Club Show
July 16-17

One of Winn's largest and longest supporters has been the Garden State Cat Club of New Jersey.

This weekend the club will celebrate its 80th anniversary with the 2016 CAT EXPO.

If you are looking for lots of cats and are in the area of the Garden State Exhibit and Convention Center in Somerset, NJ, please visit the CAT EXPO.

Dr. Jessica Quimby

Searching for answers to chronic kidney disease in cats

A purrfect example of where the new Animal Health Study Database can help Winn-funded researchers is in the following  article. Dr. Jessica Quimby currently has a clinical trial underway at Colorado State University on the use of the appetite stimulant, mirtazapine, as a transdermal application for cats with chronic kidney disease.

This clinical trial, W15-018, was funded by Winn Feline Foundation in 2015. The information from this study could help improve the lives and appetites of many cats with CKD.
Important Planned Giving Tip for July

When organizing your estate plan please be aware there are different kinds of estates. 

Your Probate Estate consists of assets which are distributed under the terms of your Will (or intestacy if you have no Will), usually under court supervision. 

Your gross or taxable estate consists of the total of your Probate Estate plus any non-probate assets plus other interests passing to another on your death.  Non-probate assets may include property held in joint tenancy; assets placed in trust; retirement plans, IRA's, annuities, life insurance, payable-on-death bank accounts, transferable-on-death securities accounts and other assets not distributed by your Will.  Real estate may be part of the Probate Estate if held as tenant in common or may be non-probate if held in trust or owned in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship. 
You should keep in mind that changes to your Will do not usually affect non-probate assets.  Care must be taken to assure proper distribution of the non-probate assets in your estate; updating your Will alone may not be enough .

For any questions, please contact

Mammary Gland Tumors in Cats

Tumors of the mammary gland (breast cancer) are the third most common tumor type seen in cats and roughly 85% are malignant. 

Learn more about the signs of this cancer and how it's treated.

Ain't No Stopping Us Now
2016 Bria Fund Raffle

The annual fundraiser for the Bria Fund has just started.

Read the details of how you can help defeat FIP. Working together, we can do it.

Honored Donors for June 2016

Holly Aglialoro Dr. Marcus Brown Carole Behrmann
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Garden State Cat Club of NJ, Inc. Dr. Arnold Plotnick Carmen Geshell
Lorraine Shelton Dr. Wendy Simpson Dr. Larissa Taylor
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