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So many things to say, so little time!

I just returned from my 6-month follow-up visit to the doctor. My numbers looked good - almost as good as I look - according to the report presented to my human from my wonderful veterinarian.

Say, did I tell you about my super-duper veterinary technician? 

What a happy human! Not only is her love for all cats always on display, there is no doubt I'm her favorite. No doubt whatsoever. She always has a soothing and calming tableside approach plus her skills in rubbing my head and massaging my belly are unsurpassed. She is also terrific in establishing a rapport with my owner.

There is a rumor that she even likes dogs but I don't believe that for an instant.
Too bad there isn't a way to give a paw print of approval to such a valuable member of my health team.

Memo to cat owners:

But there is a way to honor your fabulous veterinary technician! Winn's newest program, Honor Your Technician, provides a way to say more than a heartfelt thank-you. You can read about the program in the section alongside Winnie Sez.

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The everlasting cat!

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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn-Funded Research~October, 2016
It Is Miller Trust Grant Review Time

Winn Grant Review Meeting, March 2016

The Winn Grants Committee and Board Members met by teleconference October 14 for the Miller Trust grant review. 

Eighteen grant proposals were discussed and evaluated. The funding available for the review was almost $125,000. Several projects were chosen to receive grant awards through Winn from the George Sydney and Phyllis Redmond Miller Trust. One project was also funded from specific donations to Winn Feline Foundation. The grants committee and Board of Directors are excited about the approved projects and their impact on the future of cat health.

Winn will begin notifying the principal investigators and the 
Miller Trust about the approved grant awards shortly. A public announcement regarding the approved research grant awards will be made by early December.

This November Is Special!

It will soon be November and this means Thanksgiving, Catsgiving and Giving Tuesday (November 29) all rolled into one.

Winn supporters who donate $25 or more during November and type Magnet in the promo code box on Winn's secure donation page will receive the delightful Winn magnet (shown above) to display on their car or other locations. 

Show your Winn pride by donating to improve cat health!  
Honor A Technician This Week or Anytime
October 16th-22nd is National Veterinary Technician's Week, a special week to recognize the important role performed by veterinary technicians. 

Winn established the Technician Honor Roll one year ago as a complement to the Veterinary Honor Roll. If you have a special Veterinary Technician (CVT, RVT, LVT) you would like to recognize, this program gives you a way to show your appreciation.

For a donation of $100 or more, Winn will send a beautiful framed certificate and a letter to the technician naming the donor. In addition, their name will be listed on the  Technician Honor Roll page on Winn's website. 

Cat lovers and veterinarians can recognize a special technician today.

What Can We Learn From Skin?

The results of a Miller Trust grant (MT14-018), funded through Winn, were recently published in Veterinary Dermatology.

Dr. Rodriguez-Hoffman's study at Texas A&M looked at the fungal microbiota (mycobiota) found on the skin of healthy and allergic cats. Next generation (genetic) sequencing was used to characterize these fungal organisms in a range of cats.

A more detailed summary of the study can be found at Winn's 
Will you be in Washington DC for the AAFP Conference?

Winn will be there with our exhibit booth and lots of information about Winn and our programs.

If you are a Pet Memorial program hospital, please stop by to receive a gift from Winn as a Thank You for your support. 

There will be a drawing for a Jamie Perry print plus information on a number of ways you can support future cat health studies.

Join us at the AAFP conference in Washington DC from Nov. 3-6. See you there!
Planned Giving Tip for October

When making charitable donations be on the alert for scams.  If you are unsure, ask to see their IRS tax determination letter or go to and use the "EO Select Check" tool.  Be aware that some scammers use names deliberately similar to known and respected organizations.  If you are unsure to whom you are giving you should follow up to be sure you are donating to the right organization. 
When donating online ensure the web address is secure.  It should start with "https" and match the charity to which you are donating.  Never give out your credit card number, bank account number or any personal information over the phone un less you know with whom you are dealing.

For any questions, please contact

A New Donor Tree Level

Winn's Board of Directors has approved a new donor recognition level for our Donor Tree located at the Cat Fanciers' Association headquarters in Alliance, OH.

An engraved "star" will be part of the Donor Tree display for those donors with a cumulative donation level of $25,000 or more.

The Bria Fund Raffle is leaping toward the finish line.

Help the Bria Fund for FIP research reach their goal of 100 new donors and win a prize.

Learn more at Winn's Current Fundraising Events webpage.

Together we can fund research to find answers on how to save our kittens and cats from such a devastating disease like feline infectious peritonitis.
Honored Donors for September 2016

Holly Aglialoro AmazonSmile Foundation Dr. Marcus Brown
Catherine Carter Combined Federal Campaign Linda Dey
Kate Fliearman Leigh Fliearman Lorraine Fluharty
Gene/Liz Gentino Kylie Gillium
Deborah Jesson Rex/Donna Johnson Cyndi Julkowski
Carol/Melvin List Greg Lynch Susan Moore
Steven Ortley Camilla Owen Chrisandra Parisi
Dr. Arnold Plotnick Dr. Meghan Romito Linda Sampson
Lorraine Shelton Dr. Wendy Simpson Dr. Raj Singh
Carol Stevenson Dr. Larissa Taylor Robert/Dr. Vicki Thayer
Samantha Thompson Dr. Daniel Watson Rachel Zimmer

Thank You!

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