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Uh-oh. It must be that time of year again.

My human is back from errands and struggling trying to bring a tree through the front door.
You would think after last year's disaster, she would have learned.

I couldn't help myself. It really wasn't my fault.
Trust me.

The little humans (not so little anymore) and their joy and enthusiasm got me so excited that I started running around the house at top speed with them close behind. I jumped into the tree to escape but was caught by the beads and pulled the tree over!

Decorations, ornaments, and presents went everywhere as I panicked and continued to run with the beads trailing behind me. Need I say more?

Wait! What's this? Well maybe she did learn a thing or two. This year's tree is much smaller and will be up on a table and mostly out of reach. This might be a challenge I can't resist...
Memo to cat owners:

Christmas trees and holiday decorations are sometimes irresistible to our curious feline friends. Certain types of decorations and plants can be poisonous. Tinsel can be swallowed and cause all sorts of serious digestive problems. 
Read about how to enjoy the holidays with your cat.

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Quote of the Month

God Rest Ye Merry, 
 Kitty Cats

God rest ye merry, 
kitty cats,
Let nothing you dismay
Remember, lots of yummy food
Is served on 
Christmas Day
To save us all from hungry tummies,
Hip, hip, hip hooray!
Oooh, tidings of catnip and joy,
Catnip and joy.
Oooh, tidings of catnip and joy.

-Laurie Laughlin
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn -Funded Research ~ December, 2017
Your Impact! 

Announcing the 2017 Miller Trust, Bria Fund 
and Sponsored Research Grant Awards 

Miller Trust Grant Awards

Investigation of the Pharmacokinetics of Gabapentin Sedation in Cats with and without  Chronic Kidney Disease
Principal Investigators: Jessica M. Quimby, The Ohio State University, Karen Van Haaften, University of California-Davis
BARF (Biomarkers of Aerodigestive disorders involving Reflux, with Fluoroscopy): a novel strategy for diagnosis of reflux in cats 
Principal Investigators: Megan Grobman, Carol Reinero, University of Missouri
Allogeneic Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Cats with Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
Principal Investigators: Craig and Tracey Webb, Colorado State University
Early Intervention Using Autologous Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Cats with Chronic Gingivostomatitis: A Randomized, Controlled and Blinded Study 
Principal Investigators: Boaz Arzi, Dori Borjesson, Frank Verstraete, University of California, Davis
Quantification and evaluation of long-term cortisol in the hair and nails of cats: novel, noninvasive measures of chronic stress in cats 
Principal Investigators; Elena Contreras, Mike Lappin, Colorado State University;  (New Feline Investigator Grant Award - In memory of 
Fred Jacobberger)
Bria Fund
Developing a safe and effective combined anticoronaviral therapy (CACT) for cats with FIP
Principal Investigators: Bryan Murphy and Niels Pedersen, University of California-Davis
Generating an attenuated feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) vaccine by inactivating EndoU 
Principal Investigator: Gary Whittaker, Cornell University
Sponsored Grants
TI mapping and calculation of extracellular volume fraction in cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging 
Principal Investigators: Ryan Fries, Jonathan Stack, University of Illinois; Anonymous Sponsor
Development of Cat Genetic Resources for Standardized Genetic Testing 
Principal Investigator: Leslie Lyons, University of Missouri; 
Wisdom Health Sponsor

In total, almost $443,000 in grants have been funded by Winn in 2017. We cannot thank our supporters enough for making this happen!

Genetic Testing Project

Wisdom Health, a partner with TICA (The International Cat Association) in offering genetic testing services, has sponsored an exciting project (MTW17-014) by Dr. Leslie Lyons at the University of Missouri. 

While genetic testing for cats is now commonplace, most labs lack the standards and expertise to properly interpret their results. The goals of this Winn funded grant are to provide DNA controls for all traits and diseases to the testing laboratories for quality control purposes and to provide a standardized template for reporting consistent and accurate results.

Winn is pleased to also partner with Wisdom Health for a future New Feline Investigator Grant Award in 2018 in the area of feline genetic research. 

Our Holiday Photo Contest is now in session...
Remember our Design Contest too!
Send a photo of your cat in a holiday setting and/or holiday attire to us by December 24th. 
Is your cat "Best of Show in Holiday Attire" or  
"Most Humorous Holiday Spirit"

One way to know is by sending us a photo and joining in our holiday celebration of cats and their humans.

Enjoy viewing your photo along with all the others in our photo gallery during the Holidays! Send along a story about what the holidays mean to you and your cat for additional mention.

Our judges will select the winners for a $50 Amazon Gift Card in each category. 

Get in the cat spirit this holiday season! Send your photo and/or story to  .

Remember our Design Contest for Cures4Cats too!

Calling all creative cat lovers to design a Cures4Cats image! Information can be found at our website along with our 
image release forms. 

A gift to the CFA Foundation

Board member, George Eigenhauser, and Executive Director, Dr. Vicki Thayer, present a hard copy of Winn Feline Foundation's new 50th Anniversary book to Karen Lawrence of the CFA Foundation.
The CFA Foundation includes the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, Ohio. 

Learn More
Winn's 50th Anniversary Book

Winn's soft cover 50th anniversary book is available to order (shipping charges may apply).  

The cover art is "No Place Like Home" by Jamie Perry and the book will be the one place you will see this original image. 

Merck Animal Health is the proud sponsor of our anniversary book.

Use AmazonSmile to Winn!

Consider Winn as your charity of choice when you give this year. Working together, we can find answers to help cats with FIP, HCM in cats, amyloidosis, cancer, CKD, and many other diseases.

There's still time...
Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Winn Feline Foundation Inc.

Consider Matching Gifts for Your Holiday Giving Season

Your donation can have double the impact for FIP, heart disease, or other types of Winn-funded research. You can check your eligibility on our  Matching Gifts page. Or you will have the option to check your eligibility and apply at the end of the donation process. 

Make your gift go farther!

Planned Giving Tip for December

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                *Pay your taxes this year including property taxes and other tax payments which may be payable next year. 

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You should review your tax situation and may any necessary changes before year's end while there is still time. 

For any questions, please contact

Honored Donors for October 2017

Donation of $100 or more.

A special Thank You to all of Winn's generous donors .

Holly Aglialoro AmazonSmile Foundation Anonymous Donors (2)
Lindsay Bates Dr. Anna-Lena Berg Dr. Marcus Brown
Dr. Ann Brownlee Jerry/Tamerl Bulovas William/Ellen Castillo
Diane Castor Dr. Kathryn Christensen Peter Cohen
Cat Hospital of Tucson/Dr. Minta Keyes Kelly Conaty Christine Cook
Steve Dale Dr. Angela Dreher Fidelity Charitable
Lori Findlay Lorraine Fluharty Linda Foote
Susan Gingrich Debra Glennon Dr. Susan Goodman
Dr. Katherine Knutson Lisa Kuta Susan MacArthur
Patricia Gordon Claudia Hagelberger Rebecca Harrison
Kathleen Hedge Jan/Karen Henson Marjorie Hoskinson
Dr. Kristine Hoyt Dr. Raymond Hudgell Pat Idleman
Jan Jackson John Kennedy Robert Kern Jr.
Matthew Klipper Katherine Knutson Jill Kristin
Elise Lalonde Sharyn Laterza-Pinto Stephanie Lienbach
Roberta Litzinger Ginsberg Ramona Marek Brian Mazur
Jay Mazur Sharon McComb Molly McMullen
Theresa McSorley Sean Menzies Kris Moen
Eileen Moyer National Birman Fanciers Arthur Newkirk
Camilla Owen Jennifer Purdon Dr. Alicia Rambo
Dr. Christine Ratti Ellen Rhodes Craig Rhodes
Dr. Dale Rubenstein Dr. Renee Rucinsky Deborah Russell
Niusha Saremi Prital Shah Erin Shores
Dr. Wendy Simpson Dr. Raj Singh Dr. Nancy Soares
Margo Sommerfeld Dr. Nicole Steinbeck Carol Sullivan
Michele Taylor Dr. Marybeth Temples Dr. Fionnula Teuber
M. Thalman Robert/Dr. Vicki Thayer The San Francisco Foundation
Nancy Vehrs Dr. Daniel Watson Drs. Tracy/Craig Webb
Claus/Susanne Wehnert Willowrun Veterinary Hospital; Drs. Smith & Langdon Lena Gubarev
Rosalinda Magalona Lorraine Shelton Dr. Larissa Taylor
Richard/Amy Weavil Paul Wyman

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