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2017 Holiday Photos
View the winners along with all the photos

Thank you to all the participants who submitted lovely photos of their cat companions for the holiday. Selecting our winners was not easy. 
View all the photos.

Best of Show in Holiday Attire (individual) - Dong Dong

Best of Show in Holiday Attire (Group) - Norman, Baldar, and Walter

Most Humorous - Diesel (Black and White)

Special Mention - Anastasia (recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 21)

Special Mention (Runner Up) - Sheldon O' Cooper and friend

Research News
Upcoming Grant Review and Progress Reports

The 2018 Winn grant review will be held on March 16th; we have received 46 research grant proposals covering a broad range of cat health issues. New research in feline shelter medicine, a New Investigator Award in feline genetics and many other critical cat health studies will be evaluated and selected for funding during the review. The new awards will be announced in April.

Interim progress reports and final health study results are arriving. Nonconfidential summaries are made available to study sponsors before 
they  are released publicly. Afterward, they are posted online in our progress section of the  Cat Health Library online. Winn-funded final reports and/or publications are are noted and summarized for Winn's  Cat Health News Blog. Sign up for our blog to be delivered to your emailbox.

Happy Birthday!
Luna's First

One of Winn's more popular Facebook posts was Debra Robert's blog post for Luna's first birthday, post-FIP treatment.

Join Debra in reading her blog post outlining Luna's first year, the challenges and the hope for an FIP-free cat world.

Winn's Bria Fund supports FIP research to #EndFIP.

Planned Giving/Tax Tip
For January 2018

Tax changes are coming in 2018.  But most people are not done with their 2017 returns, due April 17, 2018.  You can start now to make things easier for you at tax time.  

Watch your mail and inbox and make sure not to miss any tax documents sent you by third parties.  Make a list of documents you needs to complete your return, such as W-2s, 1099s, mortgage interest statements, ACA documentation and the like.  Gather up your financial records, receipts or other tax information accumulated during the year so they are together.  Be sure to have documentation for any sales of stocks, bonds or other assets during the year, including your purchase price or other tax basis.  

If any documentation is missing try to get copies now, don't wait until your return is due.  Starting your homework now may help make things less stressful when preparing your return later.

For any questions, please contact info@winnfelinefoundation.org

Honored Donors, $100 or more
For December 2017

Winn had many honored donors of $100 or more for this past month. The list was too long to display in an email content block.

The table of our December Honored Donors is linked  here. A $10 Starbucks card will be drawn from those who can name one donor each whose last names begins with the letter C, K, and V. Send your entry to VThayer@winnfelinefoundation.org to win.

Winn sends a giant THANK YOU to all our generous donors for December and all of 2017. You make a difference in the lives of cats.

Thank You!

What's Ahead