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Across the bed (waking and startling my human, ha ha), down with a thud and skittering, sliding my claws on the hardwood floor, down the stairs as fast as I can go, back up the stairs (with the accompanying clump, clump just for the full effect), up the scratching post, over to my computer viewer, back to the bed and, as a grand finale, a loud screeching meow just to be sure I've been noticed.

Cats just hate to be ignored, unless, of course, we want to be. 

Me-Yow! I lost a claw!

Memo to cat owners:
Cats can hide pain better than most pets and with pain being an indicator of a hidden injury or the effect of a disease, paying close attention to your cat's behavior is warranted. 

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She sits composedly sentinel, with paws tucked under her, a good part of her days at present, by some ridiculous little hole, the possible entry of a mouse.

- Henry David Thoreau  
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Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn-Funded Research ~ September, 2016
Cat Friendly Practice® Program

Winn Feline Foundation is proud to announce that Winn has endorsed the 
American Association of Feline Practitioner's  Cat Friendly Practice® program.

The AAFP created the CFP program in 2012 to make a difference in feline medicine and better the lives of cats.

The program provides clinics with the tools to integrate a feline perspective in both the physical environment of the practice and the way medical care is delivered. The CFP program centers on setting the standards of care, educating veterinary practices about what their feline patients need, decreasing the stress of the veterinary visit, and making sure that once the cat is at the veterinary clinic they receive the best quality of care that's appropriate to the cat.

Both organizations are dedicated to excellence and improving the health and lives of cats.

Be sure to visit the Winn booth at the AAFP conference in Washington, D.C. Nov. 3 - 6.
Fix By Five Months 

"When should I spay or neuter my cat?" is a frequent question asked by cat owners.

Winn Feline Foundation actively supports the recommendation by Marian's Dream to have kittens spayed or neutered by 5 months of age.

Winn board members Dr. Glenn Olah, Steve Dale, and Dr. Brian Holub participated in a roundtable of veterinary experts to develop specific recommendations on when to spay or neuter cats. View the document from the Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization.

Steve Dale recently interviewed Dr. Lauren Demos, President-Elect of the AAFP, regarding the Fix by Five focus group. 
An article in Veterinary Practice News by Steve offers additional information.
"Ain't No Stopping Us Now" 
Bria Fund Raffle for FIP Research

Our annual raffle to raise money for next year's Bria Fund studies is underway.  Donations made through the raffle are only used for FIP research. We have many more prizes and variety than in past raffles. There is something for everyone. Entering is easy:
  • Donate to the Bria Fund via the Winn Feline Foundation
  • Look at the prizes and pick your favorites
  • Complete the raffle form selecting a prize number for each $5 donated
  • Patiently wait until the end of the raffle to hear if you won or donate and enter again before October 31, 2016
  • Prize winners and prize donors will be notified by the second week in November. 
Just a taste of the super prizes available:
  • $100 Gift Certificate for Jackson Galaxy items
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • $100 Tahitian Vanilla Gift Pack
  • $50 VISA Gift Card

Donation details for a gift to the Bria Fund.

Please share news of the raffle with other cat lovers. Great progress has been made since the Bria Fund was started. Continuing FIP research depends on all our support. 
For more information about the raffle contact Thank you! 

Other Ways to Give, (1)

Holly Aglialoro wanted to do something special in memory of her special cat, Augustus.

Augustus had recently passed away abruptly from heart disease, specifically hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Holly reached out to Winn on how to remember Augustus while making a difference for other cats. Through a significant gift to the Ricky Fund for HCM Research at Winn, Winn will select a 2017 research project to be named for Augustus.

Learn more about Augustus' story.

Donna Garrou and Quasi

Other Ways to Give, (2)

Donna Garrou approached Winn about how she could help fund research on cancer, especially small cell lymphoma, in cats.  Her cat, Quasimodo, developed low-grade small cell lymphoma. Donna, through her determination and ingenuity, developed a medical device as an aid for his required esophagostomy feeding tube. The tube was needed to maintain nutrition and weight for healing.

Donna's major gift will raise awareness and funding for other significant health issues in cats -
feline alimentary lymphoma, IBD, and pancreatitis. Also, a 2017 research project will be named for Kitty Kollar and Quasimodo.

Learn more about Quasimodo's story.
Kitty Kollar™ Customers Care 
The Kitty Kollar™ was the result of the challenge Donna Garrou found in dealing with the bandaging associated with the esophagostomy feeding tube for her cat, Quasimodo.  In 2009, she developed the Kitty Kollar, an esophageal tube collar that resolved the issues of security, cleanliness and comfort.

Dr. Margie Scherk, a well-known feline specialist, says about the use of the Kitty Kollar, "Kitty Kollars are a wonderful means to improving cat parent acceptance of life-saving feeding tubes. They are attractive and comfortable rather than off-puttingly medical. In addition, Donna Garrou will provide the perfect size (length and width) for an individual patient. The Kitty Kollar website provides useful information to help people learn how to cope with and use feeding tubes. Because of these collars, veterinarians have the chance to help more people help their cats to recover."

Donna and Kitty Kollar customers are raising money and awareness through the Kitty Kollar website about inflammatory disease and lymphoma of the alimentary tract in cats.

The concerns from cat owners about these too frequent chronic and often life-threatening health issues for cats led Lacey Finn to establish a website about the needs for IBD Kitties. Winn, Kitty Kollar and IBD Kitties will continue to raise awareness for the need for research on this critical health issue for cats.
Planned Giving Tip for September

You may own property or other assets that pass directly to your heirs on your death and bypass your Will or Trust.  For example property held in joint tenancy (sometimes called joint tenancy with right of survivorship) will pass to the surviving tenants upon your death.  

Assets that let you name a beneficiary, such as life insurance, annuities, IRAs, pensions, etc., generally will pass to the designated beneficiary directly, regardless of your Will.  

Make sure you advise your attorney about all of your assets when preparing your estate plan.  

For any questions, please contact

Antiviral Therapies for Feline Herpesvirus

Treatment options for cats infected with feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-I) have come a long way in recent years. A recently published review article on this topic is the subject of this VetVine specialty update. 

View the video presentation regarding the various treatment options.

Final Summary for Grant 

Evaluating Compounds for Activity Against Feline Coronavirus

Read the details of the Winn funded project evaluating the use of protease inhibitors for the treatment of feline infectious peritonitis. One protease inhibitor is being used in a clinical trial at University of California-Davis for treatment of naturally occurring cases of FIP.

Honored Donors for August 2016

Holly Aglialoro Dr. Marcus Brown Sarah Addley
Dr. Alison Bradbury Kathleen Elkins Fidelity Charitable
Dr. Josephine Fike Dr. Kathryn Christensen Susan Gingrich
Karen Holbrook Sarah Hoover Dr. Bayly Janson-LaPalme
John Kennedy Manhattan Cat LLC Vani Naryanan
Kevin/Diana Santiago-Kiley Dr. Arnold Plotnick Dr. Raj Singh
Lorraine Shelton Dr. Wendy Simpson Dr. Larissa Taylor
Robert/Dr. Vicki Thayer Alan/Jane Stiner The Cat Hospital of Kamloops/ Dr. Sandy Jamieson
Michael Warren Dr. Daniel Watson Denise Weakley
Charlotte Wood Kansas City Cat Clinic/ Dr. Eliza Sundahl Dr. Renee Rucinsky

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