"Every Cat, Every Day Benefits from Winn-Funded Research"

Are you waiting to hear about Winn's 2018  Grant Review?
It's here on March 16th!

Winn Feline Foundation is poised to have the largest grant review in its 50 years. What a wonderful way to celebrate our 50th Anniversary!

Thank you to our generous donors, both individual and corporate partners, for supporting cat health and believing in Winn's mission.

Our announcement of which grants are funded will be delivered in the coming month. We can't wait to tell you how these critical studies will provide #Cures4Cats.

A recent article in the New York Times describes why scientists like to study dogs and ignore cats. Winn Feline Foundation is your advocate for cat health to be sure cats are no longer overlooked or treated as second-class citizens. #FelinesFirst

Akamatsu the Cat by Ian Christopher Goodman
The New York Film Festival
Travels the Country
Winn is named a beneficiary of the Festival.

Winn Feline Foundation is thrilled to be named the beneficiary of the The NY Cat Film Festival™ which premiered to a sold out theater in New York City in December and is now traveling the country. A portion of proceeds of the festival tickets will go to the Winn Feline Foundation. 

The NY Cat Film Festival™ is an exploration through film of the fascinating felines who share our lives, creating a shared audience experience that inspires, educates and entertains. For far too long, felines have been the "invisible" part of the human-animal bond and it's time to shine the spotlight on these magnificent creatures and the humans devoted to them.

For more information about the festival, locations and tickets, please visit  https://catfilmfestival.com/.

2018 Cures4Cats Day
Mark your calendars!

October 20th is Winn's 2018 Cures4Cats Day. 

The third Saturday of October is scheduled to be our annual day  of awareness dedicated to highlighting Winn-funded research. Winn supports the critical need for evidence-based medicine, early-stage biomedical research and health answers involving cats. 

Join us in celebrating Winn's 50th anniversary and improving cat health and welfare.

You can order a 50th anniversary book through our website.

Veterinarian well-being
From VetVine.com

Depression, psychological distress, and suicide rates are higher in veterinarians than the general population. But why? What is it about their day to day that can leave them feeling so bad? What should pet owners know about their role in this, too? 

Last Call: Veterinary Student Scholarships Available!
Scholarship Opportunities for 2018 and 2019 Graduates 

This is a reminder that Winn and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) are partnering again to provide a two scholarships for  veterinary students enrolled in an accredited veterinary college or school in the United States or Canada. 

The two $2500 awards are based upon academic achievement, financial need, leadership, and dedication to and excellence in the study of feline medicine, health and welfare. One $2,500 scholarship is available for a veterinary student with a feline practice interest and the second $2,500 scholarship for a veterinary student with a clinical scientific research interest. 

Deadline for the return of the 2018 Scholarship application is March 23, 2018.
Please share this information with eligible veterinary students since the deadline is soon. 

Call for Abstracts
For 2018 American Association of Feline Practitioner's Conference

The AAFP invites practitioners, academicians, and researchers passionate about advancing feline medicine, to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation during the 2018 AAFP Annual Conference. Oral presentations  can include pearls of practice, novel approaches, highlight innovative work or techniques, include video demonstrations, or consist of other significant contributions or findings to practicing feline medicine that would be useful and interesting to conference attendees.  For more information and to submit an abstract, click here.

AmazonSmile, You and Winn
3X your impact!

From March 12-31, Amazon is tripling the donation rate on your first smile.amazon.com purchase! Go to  smile.amazon.com/ch/23-7138699   and Amazon donates to Winn Feline Foundation Inc.

A Tip to Leave a Loving Legacy
For March 2018

Durable powers of attorney can be an important part of your estate plan.  Wills are testamentary instruments, meaning they take effect upon your death.  A power of attorney is a legal document in which you (as principal) allow your agent (called the attorney in fact) to act on your behalf in specified matters while you are still alive. Traditional powers of attorney are terminated when you die or become incompetent. A durable power of attorney either becomes effective (springing) or remains effective if you later become incompetent . .. 

Winn has information available about planning for your estate and leaving a loving legacy on our website. There also monthly planning and tax tips going back through 2015. You can view our Planned Giving page here.

For any questions, please contact info@winnfelinefoundation.org

Honored Donors, $100 or more
For February 2018

Winn sends a giant 
THANK YOU to all our generous donors for February.  The list was again too long to display in an email content block.

The table of our February Honored Donors is linked here

You make a difference in the lives of cats!

Thank You!

What's Ahead

March 15th - 16th: Winn Feline Foundation board meeting & 2018 grant review.

March 18th - 24th:  National Poison Prevention Week

March 23rd: Deadline for Winn/AAFP veterinary scholarships application

March 28th: Respect Your Cat Day