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Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin
Volme XXIV Issue 2April 2011
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President's Message
WHSGCA Upcoming Dates
WHSGCA Change Name
College Showcase
College Report
WHSGCA Minutes
Summer Clinic Information
Spring Clinic Recap
Odds & Ends
WHSGCA Board Members
Brian Scrobel-Brfld. Central      
Boys & Girls All State
Hospitality Tent & Rankings
Dick Kyes-Onalaska
1st Vice President, Communications
Boys All-State Chair
Andrea Wieland-Milton
2nd Vice President,
Treasurer, Girls All-State

Ken Barrett-Viterbo College
College Representative

Brian Bobinski-GB Notre Dame
Boys & Girls All-State Committee
Ed Carlson-Portage

Garth Gerstenberger-Tomahawk
Summer Clinic
Peggy Gierhart-Mad. Edgewood
Girls All-State Chair

Tonya Gnewikow - Tomah
Girls All-State

Mark Johnson-Reedsburg
Membership Chair 

Bob Lehninger-Wis. Lutheran Boys All-State, Hall of Fame

John Lonergan-Hartford
Coach Approach, Boys All State
Steve O'Brien - Homestead
Boys All-State Committee

Tony Pritchard-Menomonee Falls
Web Site

Mark Rechlitz-Yahara Hills
PGA Representative

Bob Sullivan-Big Foot
Academic All-State

Dave Taebel - Stoughton

Dirk Willis-Kohler
College Showcase, Rankings


President's Message:


Spring is here. Lush green, where there had been gray. Cool mornings give way to warm afternoons. Trees are coming to life and the Masters has come and gone!

This was my mother's first winter in Florida as a snowbird since my father passed. The only catch...She asked me if I would drive her down and drive her back. With my designation as the #1 son, I accepted this assignment (not knowing her return date was during the Masters).

Let me make one this clear to all of you; I love my mother, and I challenge anyone, to be a bigger Packer fan than me. I love sharing my summers with the Brewers and going to Badger football and basketball always makes me feel younger. BUT there is only one event all year that I "tune out" the rest of my life, and that is The Masters...A Tradition Like No Other".

Our journey started on Thursday April 7th in Ft. Myers at 4:00am (3:00am Wisconsin time) and after 5 hours and 1 potty stop we crossed the Florida / Georgia state line. No big deal, my "type A" personality just wanted me to keep making good time so I came be back for our first high school match (The Hartford Invite). As we were nearing Macon, the freeway sign read Atlanta left lane and Augusta right lane. The light bulb went off in my head (I am only 90 minutes away from the holy grail of golf, Augusta National). So I put my turn signal on and I moved into the right lane when my mother said...WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I safely move back into the Atlanta lane and continue our trek (with tears).

Two more Augusta exits came and went and well as my dream of going to the Masters. I regained my focus and we continued to make great time. We had a short stay in a very questionable motel in Indiana and drove the last 5 hour though the familiar cold spring rain storm and made it to Menomonee Falls (in record time).

My mother dropped me off at my house, I gave her a hug and a kiss and I ran into the house to start my DVR feast of uninterrupted Masters Coverage. I started with the Par 3 event. It started with an introduction promo called "coming come" As I watched the intro, I couldn't help but smile knowing I just spent my first Masters with my mother. This woman knows more about the Brookfield Central golf team than she knows about Bobby Jones, Magnolia Lane, Rae's Creek and the Hogan Bridge. But I will never forget the 2011 Masters.

Welcome home Mom.

In an effort to show how easy coaching golf can be I share 2 quick ideas.

With the help of Tony Pritchard and Steve O'Brien, we held a Spring Clinic for high school golfers. We held a 2 hour clinic with Mark Hansen, David Roesch and his good friend Mark Wilson. This clinic was aimed at course management and golf psychology. It was a great clinic that had 85 golfers (sad that there were only 45 at the coach's clinic). Work with other coaches in your area and develop a clinic, a camp or a rules clinic. "If you host it...They will come" Think outside the box.

My daughter get lessons from 3 pros (psycho dad), David Roesch (full swing) Chuck Wood (short game) and Eddie Teresa (putting). I go to all of the lessons...not to spy on Morgan, rather to add to my faults and fixes folder in my brain. I am always getting great idea "fixes" from her lessons. Ask the local pro if you can watch some lessons.

Have a great spring. We have some huge announcements this please, spread the good news.

Fins Up


WHSGCA Upcoming Dates:
Boys All-State Selection Meeting:  Sunday, June 19 @ 6:00 at "The Bull"

Summer Board Meeting:  Monday, June 20 @ 9:00 at "The Bull"

Coaches Scramble:  Monday, June 20 @ 1:00 at "The Bull"


Summer Clinic:  Tuesday, June 21 at "The Bull"

Wisconsin High School Golf Coaches Association - No More!

The WHSGCA has now officially changed its name to the Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin, Inc.  Our name-change was necessary to complete our IRS Application of Form 1023, so we could become tax exempt under the rules of a 501(c)3 organization.  When we receive this status, you all will be able to write off your membership fees and clinic fees as charitible donations--as we are well-aware that many schools are no longer paying for these extra coaching necessities.  So, please do not be alarmed when you see an email or a form from the "GCAofW"--it is still your same golf coaches association--just with a new name!  And, of course, with a new name, comes a new logo.  We will be rolling out a new logo and website in the coming weeks.  As these changes occur, we will keep you all informed.  Please help spread the word!

College Showcase

The Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin


The purpose of the College Showcase Tournament is to bring golf recruits and college coaches together.  The Showcase Tournament is open to all golfers and provides a unique opportunity to have their games evaluated by college golf coaches. For the golf coaches, the Showcase Tournament allows them to efficiently recruit multiple golfers and focus their evaluations on specific players and golf skills that they feel are most important to their programs.

The one day Showcase Tournament allows Wisconsin recruits to gain valuable exposure to college golf coaches from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin and others. 

Your day at the Straits will start with the use of the PGA Championship locker rooms, two hours of range time, a golf skills challenge, lunch, an Adidas golf shirt, a TaylorMade showcase numbered hat, a NCAA, NAIA and Jr. College coach's round table discussion and 18 holes at the beautiful Irish Course at Whistling Straits.

COST $150.00 or $190.00 if your coach is not a member of the Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin

**  WISCONSIN PGA points for this event will be 200 points for the winner (Boys & Girls)



Registration is open on a first come basis to all Wisconsin golfers looking to play college golf. It is not required, however it is recommended that the boys should have a USGA index of 7 or lower and girls should have a USGA index of 14 or lower. Your high school golf coach should be a member of the WHSGCA.

SCHEDULE  for July 7th 2011

8:30 - 9:30 Registration PGA Championship Locker Room

9:30 - 11:30 Golf Skills Challenge, Launch Angle and ball speed measurements and Range time

11:30 - 12:00 Box lunch in The Barn

12:00 Split Tee Start 18 Hole Medal Play Event                                                               

5:30 Coaches Round Table and Recruiting Seminar

6:30 Coaches Round Table and Recruiting Seminar

7:30 Awards


The refund/cancellation policy is that you receive $100.00, if you cancel at least 30 days prior to the Showcase Tournament, after which there would be no refund. Credits toward a future events will be considered on an individual bases. In the event that the Showcase Tournament is canceled because of weather conditions refunds will not be issued.

College Report by Ken Barrett - Head Women's Golf Coach -Viterbo University


          What a fabulous service the coaches association is providing for all of us.  On July 7th, 2011 college potential players will have a tremendous opportunity to show off their talents at Whistling Straits CC.  High school coaches can use this event to motivate both present and future players.  College coaches can get a first hand look at players they will hope to recruit for future team.  Let's see how we all might benefit.


           High School Players ---  You get spring and all of June to sharpen your game and prepare to show off your golf skills.  You will be provided with first hand knowledge of colleges that are interested in your talents.  You and your parents will be able to meet college coaches and you will have an opportunity to ask questions about college golf expectations.  If you are sure that college golf is something you really want to do, then this is the place to start the journey.


          High School Coaches ---  What a great way to show your present and future players that college golf has a place for them.  Come out and help run the event.  The coaches association needs workers for the showcase to happen.  Volunteer your time and let your players (and their parents) see you showing a genuine interest in their future.  Encourage your best players to participate and watch the excitement for this event grow.


         College Coaches ---  WIN -WIN - WIN for us --- An opportunity to see the best high school players in our state perform on one of the best courses in the nation.  I can imagine why any college coach would miss the chance to be there for this event.  I know that I am marking my calendar and bringing my assistant coach along too so we can see every player that might be interested in our school.  We'll bring information about our school and the college majors we have to offer. I suspect all levels of college golf will be represented.  I'm guessing all will have materials about the strengths of their schools.  In the past my first meeting with high school players has been during the fall season and for some at the state high school tournament.  Meeting players two months earlier and learning about their college plans will allow me to find the players that "fit my program" the best.  Other college coaches will be looking for the right "fit" also.


        This is a golden opportunity for all of us.  Let's work to make sure this happens.  High School Coaches are the first link to success.  Encourage your best players (that have a desire to play college golf ) to sign up early.  Best of luck in the coming season and throughout the summer and fall .

Minutes of March Board Meeting


WHSGCA Spring Meeting


Trapper's Turn Golf Course


The meeting was called to order by President Scrobel at 6:40 p.m.


Present:  Gnewikow, Taebel, Carlson, Lonergan, Sullivan, Barrett, O'Brien, Pritchard, Wieland, Scrobel, Kyes, Bobinski, Gierhart


Absent:  Gerstenberger, Willis, Johnson, Lehninger


A motion was made by Lonergan and 2nd by Gnewikow to accept the minutes from the fall meeting.  Motion carried 13-0.


There were several resignations from the board:  Bob Mand, Jerry Allen, Gary Swanson, and Jackie Gunderson.  A motion was made by Carlson and 2nd by Wieland to accept all board member resignations.  Motion carried 13-0.


The board then discussed replacements for the resigning board members.  We are looking for passionate golf coaches that are willing to make a sacrifice and willing to serve on the board for a number of years.  Current board members will look for possibilities as we talk to coaches during the season.  Each member will bring back a list of possible candidates to the summer meeting.


The treasurer's report was presented by Treasurer Wieland.  Current Balance is $9679.43.  We are currently on budget.  Andrea is also working on the tax-exempt status of the organization.  In order to achieve this, we will need to disband the current organization (WHSGCA) and start with a new organization.  The new organization will be called The Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin (GCAW).  A new account will be set-up at M & I Bank.  Tony is checking on the current amount in the PayPal account.  Andrea also said that we need to keep the membership similar to previous years to keep the account balance in good standing.   A motion was made by Taebel and 2nd by Bobinski to accept the treasurer's report.  Motion carried 13-0.


A motion was made by Lonergan and 2nd by Sullivan to officially change the name of the new organization to The Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin (GCAW) and to allow any financial costs associated to facilitate the changeover including but not limited to web site, logo, artwork, etc.  Motion carried 13-0.


New logo ideas need to be submitted to Brian Scrobel by 4/22/11.


Dave Taebel gave a report on current membership benefits.  He has information from Bushnell that will be handed out at the Spring Clinic.


The membership report was given by Ed Carlson.  Current membership is at 212 which is ahead of last year's membership.  A motion was made by Barrett and 2nd by Taebel to accept the membership report.  Motion carried 13-0.


The Board then discussed the GCAW College Showcase golf tournament.  Dirk and Brian and Steve have been meeting to discuss the details.  The date of the tournament will be Thursday July 7 at the Irish course at Whistling Straights.  The players will tentatively be able to use the PGA Championship locker room.  Currently Taylor Made and Adidas are being considered for sponsorship.  Each player will receive a hat with an identification number that will match the number in the biography book that each college coach will receive.  The player will also receive a sponsor shirt.  There will be approximately 2 hours of skills challenges that will be organized by Todd Wagner.   Lunch will be provided prior to a tee-time start.  The boys will play at about 6800 yards while the girls will play at approximately 5900 yards.  After the 18 holes the players will be able to participate in a college coach round table discussion where topics about college golf will be discussed.  Coaches will be charged $50 and will receive a welcome gift, the bio book, and lunch.  If they decide to participate in the round table discussion their fee is waived.  Coaches from NCAA divisions 1, 2 and 3 as well as NAIA and junior colleges have been contacted.  These coaches are from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, northern Kentucky and northeastern Missouri.  The WPGA will award 200 points to both the boy and girl champions so it is weighted like a mid-major.  We will charge the players $200 unless their coach is a current member of GCAW then the discount price is $150.  John Lonergan has volunteered to put together the biography booklet.  All board members need to be at Whistling Straights on the 7th of July to help.  A motion was made by Kyes and 2nd by Bobinski to have John make the player booklet for the tournament and have available up to $500 for his time in creating the booklet.   Motion carried 13-0.  We also decided that the flyer will be sent to current coaches via email, then to current coache via snail mail, and we will post on our web site.  A motion was made by Wieland and 2nd by Taebel that the GCAW will sponsor a College Showcase Golf Tournament on July 7 at the Irish Course at Whistling Straights.  Motion Carried 13-0.


The due date for the Coach Approach is April 8.  Please get all materials to John by that date.


A motion was made by Barrett and 2nd by Taebel to elect Chuck Menzel of Green Bay Preble into the Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin Hall of Fame.  Motion carried 13-0.  Also accepted were Coachman's Golf Course and Steve Hlavacek of Stoughton as Friends of Golf.  Mark Reichlich was elected as PGA Friend of Golf.  The Media Friend of Golf went to Rob Hernandez and the Portage Register.


Tony Pritchard presented the Website report.  Tony is still investigating a change of location of our current website to Wissports.  We currently have Facebook and Twitter pages.  Tony will continue to explore advertising so that we can change to the Wissports location.


The summer clinic is set at the Bull.


Ed Carlson will do a cost analysis on offering a Staff Membership in the hopes of attracting more members.  He will come to the summer clinic with 3 proposals.


A motion was made by Lonergan and 2nd by Pritchard to adjourn the meeting at 10:15 p.m.


2011 Summer Clinic Information
Monday & Tuesday, June 20 & 21
Location:  "The Bull" in Sheyboygan

Mark your calendar for Monday and Tuesday June, 20th & 21st.  Those are the dates for this years summer clinic to be held at "The Bull" at Pinehurst Farm.    For the second year in a row the Summer Clinic has expanded to a two day event!  Day one consists of a 18 hole scramble followed by a coaches networking/social time.  Day two will consist of our annual meeting, coaches clinic and 18 holes of stroke play.  The option is available to only participate in one of the two days. 

Due to this years venue the summer clinic is filling up fast.  If you have not already registered please visit our website at and send in the registration form.   To reserve your spot at this summers clinic register today!!

Garth Gerstenberger
Tomahawk High School
Math Teacher & Golf Coach
Spring Clinic Recap by Ed Carlson

On Saturday, March 26th The Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin hosted its annual Spring Clinic at Trapper's Turn Golf Club in Wisconsin Dells.  There were 40 coaches in attendance from all around the state.  


The clinic started with President Brian Scrobel giving an overview on what our association has been working on the past few months.  Tom Shafranski of the WIAA then gave a presentation on the points of emphasis and rule changes for the upcoming season.  


The next segment was a question/answer panel discussion with coaches that have developed and grown successful golf programs in their schools.  John Lonergan (Hartford), Dave Taebel (Stoughton), Tonya Gnewikow (Tomah), Jay Christanson (Mukwonago), and Mike Sobotta (Arcadia) did an outstanding job of giving those in attendance ideas and suggestions on how to improve their programs.  Many coaches came up to me after the clinic and said how much they enjoyed this chance to learn from their peers.  It something that will definitely be continued in future clinics.


The next segment of the clinic was our keynote speaker.  Mr. Todd Wagner, The Director of Golf at Kohler Academy put on a very informative and interactive presentation.  His points of emphasis were "What Are The Three Key Characteristics Of A Successful High School Golf Program?" and "Can You Get Your Tee Shot In Play/Can You Get Up And Down?"  What made Todd's presentation so outstanding was the way he was able to use his expertise on swing mechanics/teaching points and connect and make them applicable to high school coaches.  


The final segment of the clinic was a rules overview conducted by Mr. Bill Linneman, the WSGA Director of Rules and Competitions.  This segment was very useful as Mr. Linneman gave us a rules refresher and update of the changes, and he also provided those in attendance with important information and guidelines on what needs to be done before hosting an invitational or WIAA series event.  It was very interesting to hear Mr. Linneman's thoughts on the issues that continue to come up in many of our events as well as the WIAA series.  


In closing, the Spring Clinic was a very successful event and all in attendance came away with a variety of things that will make us a better coach and improve our golf programs.  It is hopeful that more of our association's coaches will attend this clinic in the future.  If you have some suggestions or would like to provide some input on how to increase the attendance of coaches in future years, please email me at:


Odds & Ends

If you have an interest in helping at the U.S. Amateur at Erin Hils this August, go to:


Steve O'Brien of Homestead High School will forward the Coach Approach to parents and alumni of his golf program.  Good idea for all of us.



Questions or concerns, please contact one of the board members listed above.

Wisconsin High School Golf Coaches Association