July, 2015
Vol. 3,   Issue 1

Woodson Expands

Surveying Specialists

Detention Basin Design

Arizona ASCE Report Card: C

Catching Up With Mark and ASCE

Growing Staff
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New Staff
The Woodson staff is growing. In the last 2 years we've added 6 positions, including 3 professional engineers and 2 senior designers.  Most recently Woodson created a new position - Marketing Manager - that was filled by Rusty Tweed in April, 2015.  Rusty most recently was  at Willow Bend Environmental Education Center and prior to that he was at Lowell Observatory. Please feel free to email or call him at (928) 774-4636 ext 16.
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Woodson Expands With Prescott Office

Headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona, Woodson Engineering & Surveying now has offices in Flagstaff, Winslow and Prescott. Associate Principal Rick Schuller , PE, said "the expansion became necessary as we are doing more work in the Prescott area.  This gives us a physical space to conduct satellite operations out of this local office - having a local meeting space where we can sit around the table with our clients and team members is really helpful." For example, Sandy Phillips, PE, is currently the Project Manager on several drainage projects for the City of Prescott.
Surveying Specialists

Woodson's surveying team is led by Jim Folkers, RLS, who has over 40 years of surveying experience throughout Arizona. Jim has been a resident of Flagstaff since he was 6 months old, when his family moved here. His degree is in Aquatic Biology and Chemistry, but his surveying work experience during college led to better opportunities after college so he chose to remain in the field.

His team includes both Chris Hull (left) and Ryan Begay (right), who are also responsible for many of the great project photos featured in Woodson's newsletters, facebook page and more. Chris is also a registered land surveyor and has been at Woodson for 15 of his 19 years in this profession. The team specializes in boundary and cadastral surveys, subdivision layouts, parcel splits, topographic surveys, as-built surveys, ALTA surveys, construction staking and right-of-way services and research.
Detention Basin Design

Photo - Sirisha Kalluri
Major earth-moving is underway along US Highway 89 north of Flagstaff.  "It is always exciting to see designs become reality" Sirisha Kalluri, PE, CFM, explained on a recent visit to the site. Sirisha specializes in drainage, floodplain studies and storm water management, all essential skills when confronting a complex project such as the Copeland Basin. The basins that Sirisha and her colleagues at Woodson designed will detain the flows generated from the Shultz Fire burn area and release them at a slower rate, to protect US Hwy 89. Grant Evans, designer for the project added that "the design was constrained by the box culvert that allows storm water to flow under US Hwy 89. We had to design our basins to release flows at a rate that the existing box culvert could handle."

Photo  - Surveying equipment; Copeland Basin; San Francisco Peaks
Arizona's Infrastructure Report Card, 2015

The American Society of Civil Engineers has issued its report card on the state of Arizona's infrastructure and the news is not good. Although still better than the nation's report card, which received a D+ in 2013, Arizona's grade of C leaves lots of room for improvement.  We recognize that civic leaders everywhere are faced with extremely tough budget decisions everyday.  Our own Mark Woodson understands this well as a result of his service as a Flagstaff Council Member for 3 years.  Routine maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure assets is an effective strategy that can help save dollars in the long run.  How is your community's infrastructure system doing?  Do you have an effective system in place for operations, maintenance and monitoring?  Give us a call - we can help you take care of your infrastructure, just like you would want to take care of your family, home, and your own health. See the full report.

Image - Arizona's Infrastructure

Catching Up With Mark and ASCE

Photo - Mark Woodson

As the National President-Elect of the American Society of Civil Engineers Mark has visited with ASCE Chapters across North America. "My favorite part of this is meeting with the student chapters at engineering schools and departments."  Recently I also toured the SaskPower Carbon Capture and Storage Facility at Boundary Dam (pictured below) with the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers. The world's first and largest of its kind reduces green house gas emissions by two-thirds."  You can follow Mark's travels at his ASCE facebook page.

Photo - SaskPower Carbon Capture and Storage Facility at Boundary Dam