April 2019
Our mission is to develop and advance the workforce of Southeast Minnesota.
Meet Marleen Lundberg
Area Manager, SE Minnesota
Job Seeker Services/Department of Employment and Economic Development
Rochester, Minnesota

SE MN Workforce Development Board (WDB) Member since 2018

Why did you decide on a career in the Services Sector and what brought you to this line of work?
It was actually a long, twisty path. My undergraduate degree was in chemistry, and I started my career in a small, environmental analytical lab. What I found was that there was not enough human interaction in that field to satisfy my need to be around people. I spent several years in the manufacturing sector working in the printing and coating industries. I worked with the processes developing formulas, raw material testing, manufacturing engineering, and a lot of trouble shooting of systems. When the recession hit, I lost my job. Jobs were difficult to find at that time, so I substitute taught and found that I loved teaching. Also along the way, I completed a MBA, which gave me a different perspective, complementing my science background. During the summer of 2012 after almost 1-1/2 years of being unemployed, I interviewed for a temporary State of Minnesota position in the WorkForce Centers. I was offered the opportunity to join the Services Sector.

April Business Highlight
Preston, Minnesota
TheDogLdy is a full service dog spa offering numerous services to fur babies of small breeds. Located in Preston, Minnesota and opened in January 2018, owner Kristy Richards states dog grooming services are in high demand in rural areas. Without her business in Fillmore County, many of her customers would have to travel well over 60 miles round-trip for pet services.

Kristy has over 35 years in the pet grooming industry. She started her profession at the age of 18, after having been trained by a seasoned dog groomer for only one week. Previously, she operated a dog grooming business in North Dakota for 20 years and prior to that, she managed a Petco. She reports enjoying being her own boss so she can make her own decisions and set her own schedule.

Services offered at TheDogLdy include grooming, doggie daycare, and any other special requested service. Kristy is customer service driven and wants to help pet owners care for their dogs so they can be healthy and feel their best. Kristy is also community service orientated. Every Tuesday evening is Toenail Tuesday at TheDogLdy. Free toenail trims are provided, with any donations going directly to the new, local veteran’s home. 

Kristy’s mother, Kay, creates painted portraits of customer’s pets, as well as other artwork that is for sale in the lobby. Find TheDogLdy on Facebook or visit them at www.thedogldy.com to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Submitted by: Tami Sheff, Career Planner, WDI
Welcome, Ivy Ainsworth
Intake Specialist/MIS
Workforce Development, Inc.
Faribault, Minnesota

A big, warm welcome to our newest team member in the Faribault office. Ivy started working as our new Intake Specialist/MIS on February 4th. She joined us from the Community Action Center of Northfield, another nonprofit organization serving the people of Rice County.
Ivy has been a great addition to the team. She enjoys travel (especially Bingo and wine tasting weekends at Minnesota wineries) and collects Sioux pottery and artwork. She is a Jersey Girl and has that East Coast humorous personality. She loves the clothing store Maurice’s, and adds to her closet and boot rack every chance she gets!
Fast Facts From the Field
Services Sector Employment
Professional business services are a robust part of Minnesota's economy. From lawyers, accountants, architects, and engineers to advertising experts, technology consultants, and scientific researchers, Minnesota is both a great place to find all types of business assistance and to provide it.

Source: MN Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)
The sector contributed nearly $23 billion to the state's gross domestic product in 2017.
The professional business services sector in Minnesota employs 177,855 people - up 26 percent between 2010 and 2017.
The median wage for
architects and engineers is
$36.26 in SE MN
(with 3,390 jobs) compared to $36.61 Statewide
(with 53,780 jobs).
Holly: A Success Story
Focusing on the Positive Despite Barriers
When I first met Holly, she indicated that she had made a lot of poor choices in her past; she didn’t stick with jobs, was unreliable, and dropped out of college because she was having too much "fun" to go to classes. Holly is now proud to report that she has been clean and sober for three years. An unplanned pregnancy was the turning point when Holly made the conscious decision to focus on the positive. This attitude helped Holly find a job quickly. She just completed her 90-day review at her customer service/cashier job and got the maximum raise allowed by her company. Feedback from management, co-workers, and customers focuses on her positive attitude, willingness to pitch in and do extra if needed, and her smile. Holly is a pleasure to work with and her story is one of the reasons I like coming to work.

Submitted by: Ramona Redig, Career Planner, WDI
Spotlight on Community Business Partners
A Partnership Shaping the Way We Serve Youth... Literally!

Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) and Northfield Tackling Obstacles & Raising College Hopes (TORCH)
Northfield, Minnesota

In partnership for more than five years, Workforce Development, Inc. (WDI) Faribault Office, Northfield HCI, and Northfield TORCH have been able to serve over 100 at-risk youth through the Youthprise grant. The three-year grant provides programming for at-risk youth, ages 14-24, in Red Wing, Faribault, and Northfield. The initiative has been assisting youth with things such as the cost of driver's education and paying for work experiences. The partnership between these agencies is crucial to successfully serving the youth in our area and is leading to other great opportunities for further collaboration among the agencies. Having been so successful and in order to reach even more youth, there are multiple efforts underway to extend the grant. How great is that? Way to go, Team Faribault!

WDI Youth Career Planner, Paul Stanton, has been the primary contact for the Youthprise grant.

Submitted by: Sonji Davis, Area Manager, WDI

Meet Scott Tuchtenhagen
Vice President, Jones, Haugh & Smith, Inc.
Owatonna, Minnesota
Jones, Haugh & Smith, Inc. (JHS) is an engineering and land surveying firm, licensed in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Kansas. JHS was founded in 1945. They maintain offices in Albert Lea, Austin, and Owatonna, which allow their team to provide exceptional service throughout the region. After nearly 75 years in business, their dedicated staff of engineers, land surveyors, and technicians continue to offer a practical and personalized approach to serve their client’s needs.

Scott Tuchtenhagen started working at JHS, Inc. the day after graduating from Albert Lea High School in June 2000. After working a couple of summers, an owner suggested the tech program at RCTC. Scott enrolled and eventually transferred to St. Cloud State University. Fifteen years and a couple of tests later, Scott became a Minnesota Licensed Land Surveyor. Scott is now the Vice President of JHS, Inc. and operates the Land Surveying Department in Owatonna. In January of 2019, Scott took his oath of office as the part time Steele County Land Surveyor.

What are key qualities a person would need to poses to work at Jones, Haugh & Smith, Inc.? Good communication and computer skills, file management, technology enthusiast, and have the ability to work in all elements, indoor or outdoor.

What is a challenge for you in your position? Spending a lot of time retracing a boundary description that was drafted over 100 years ago. It can be a lot like putting the pieces of a puzzle together and maybe even a bit of a treasure hunt, sifting through old records at the Recorder’s Office or finding old survey notes from the 1850’s.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?  Having a lot of variety in my daily workload! I might be surveying a boundary in the woods with the deer in the morning and kicking up dust on a five story construction project in the afternoon. The next day, I might find myself being the mediator between two disgruntled neighbors arguing about who owns which side of the hedges on a residential lot. Most of the time in surveying, you are helping people solve problems. I always enjoy finding an old stone that was set by the original surveyors.

What type of training or education is needed for your career field?  For licensure, the State of MN requires a four year degree, but more options are available for technicians--including two year education or on-the-job training.

What advice would you give a person interested in this career field?  Apply to a local surveying or engineering firm for summer employment to experience aspects of the work before attending training.  

Submitted by: Desirae Dyke, Career Planner, WDI
Congratulations, Mary Eberlein
Workforce Development, Inc.
Red Wing, Minnesota

Career Planner, Mary Eberlein, participated on a committee at the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) to rewrite the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) Employment Services Manual. Mary was an active member of this committee for a year and a half. She was recognized by the committee members for the many hours of work, thought, and attention she gave to the project to rewrite and redesign the manual. They stated, “It is a better product because of your participation.” The committee also thanked Mary for bringing her perspective from working in Greater Minnesota to the project because, “We often get stuck in our ‘Metro Bubble,’ and Mary’s insights and experience brought a greater depth to our discussions.”
The MFIP participants WDI works with will be better served thanks to Mary’s participation on this committee. Thank you Mary!

Submitted by: Pam Erickson, Career Planner, WDI
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